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Timothy Sannes, PhD

Timothy Sannes, PhD
University of Colorado School of Medicine
  • Psychologist, Clinical Psychology Services
  • Assistant Professor of Medicine
Contact information

Anschutz Medical Campus Cancer Pavilion
1665 Aurora Ct, Room 4321
Aurora, CO 80045

​Dr. Sannes began his academic career working at his alma mater, UNC-Chapel Hill (go Heels!). This led to a research fellowship studying mind-body medicine at the NIH in Bethesda, MD. During his doctoral training at the University of Florida, Dr. Sannes focused on the study of psychoneuroimmunology - to better understand the processes and mechanisms by which psychological states are related to health and disease. He also remained involved in clinical research during internship with ongoing collaborations at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. 

Since moving to Colorado, Dr. Sannes has been funded on both a PCORI grant examining the well-being of caregivers of allogeneic stem cell transplant patients as well as a T32 in Palliative Care and Aging. During this time, he won national awards from the Psychoneuroimmunology Research Society and the American Psychosomatic Society for his work. 

​​Since his time at the NIH, Dr. Sannes has been committed to the clinical care of cancer patients during graduate school; seeing patients as part of the bone marrow transplant, multi-disciplinary gastrointestinal oncology, inpatient rehabilitation and consultation-liaison services at UF. Following his graduate training at UF, he completed his clinical internship at the Puget Sound VA in Seattle, WA, immersing himself in physical rehabilitation, PTSD and primary care clinical teams. 

Dr. Sannes' extensive experience in palliative care allowed him to continue his interests in stress physiology, explore how to better engage caregivers and, importantly, how to interface with dynamic clinical teams in an effort to better support patients in meeting their goals of care.

Peer Reviewed Manuscripts
  • Sannes, T.S., Simoneau, T.L., Mikulich-Gilbertson, S.K., , Natvig, C.L., Brewer, B.W., Kilbourn, K., Laudenslager, M.L., Distress and Quality of Life in Patient and Caregiver Dyads Facing Stem Cell Transplant:  Identifying Overlap and Unique Contributions (in press; Supportive Care in Cancer)
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Peer Reviewed Book Chapters

  • Sannes, T.S. and Kluger, B.S. (in press). Caregiver Assessment and Support. Holloway, R., Kluger, B. and Creutzfeldt, C.J. (Eds.) Handbook of Neuropalliative Care.
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​Dr. Sannes remains engaged in teaching at the School of Medicine; primarily through individual mentorship to students with his affiliation with Behavioral Immunology and Endocrinology Laboratory (BIEL). This includes mentoring medical students and residents in their work in the BIEL, as well as serving on the dissertation committees of doctoral students at the University of Colorado Denver’s Clinical and Health Psychology program. He also lectures to various Grand Rounds across campus and teaches to the Palliative Medicine Fellowship Didactics series. ​