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Care Team

CU Blood Cancer Care Team

​​​Our comprehensive approach to patient care involves a team of specialists to address all of the patient needs before, during and after treatment. Each of these specialists brings a defined set of expertise to the patient care team. Working together, our team addresses the whole patient including medical, dietary, financial, psycho-social and overall quality of life needs. At the CU Blood Cancer and BMT Program, each of our specialists work exclusively with Blood Cancer patients.  This means that all of our team members are highly experienced and capable of developing a plan of treatments that will lead to the best possible outcomes.  In addition to the people below who you may meet along your journey, we also have multiple specialists included in our diagnostic team who meet with all of the care providers on a weekly basis.

Our Doctors

Our Dieticians

Patients receiving chemotherapy may experience many treatment-related side effects such as nausea, vomiting, poor appetite, taste changes, dry mouth, mouth sores, or changes to your bowel habits.  To support patients through this process, the University of Colorado BMT program provides a full range of nutrition counseling services.  Our board certified specialists in clinical oncology nutrition are here to help keep your nutritional health at it’s best during and after your treatments.  This service is provided as part of our comprehensive care program, at no extra cost.  If at any time during your treatment you would like to meet with one of our specialists, please contact JJ Barten at (720)848-8086 or by emailing