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How to Learn More About Your Cancer and Transplant

Pre-BMT Education Class

For those having a bone marrow transplant. Learn about the transplant process, meet your transplant team and prepare for treatment.  Occurs 4th Tuesday of the month, 2-4 pm.  

Seek Medical Information

Seeking medical information can sometimes reduce fear and help people regain a sense of control. This can be done through library and electronic research, talking to doctors, connecting with former transplant survivors, and by calling different transplant-related and cancer-related organizations that have knowledgeable people who can respond to your questions and concerns.

Our team can provide you with a number of resources for up-to-date information about your cancer type, treatment, and long-term effects.

If you are seeking medical information on the Internet, please be aware that there are many sources of inaccurate and outdated information that appear to be legitimate. Always check that information is coming from a reliable source and ask a medical professional to help you evaluate the information, if needed.

Also be aware that many people with the same type of cancer have very different treatments and outcomes based on the fine details of their diagnosis and other factors that are often not discussed in non-scientific information.

Contact a Survivor

Contacting someone with a similar diagnosis or who has undergone treatment you plan to undergo, can be helpful. The First Connections Program can establish a peer support opportunity. You can also ask a member of the blood and marrow transplant team to put you in touch with one of the hundreds of people who have been through a stem cell transplant or treatment for a blood cancer at University of Colorado Hospital.

American Cancer Society Resource Navigator

Monfort Family Foundation Cancer Resource Center
The Cancer Resource Center (CRC) is staffed by our resource navigator who can help you find the information you are seeking regarding your cancer. This center is designed to help families get information about all aspects of their treatment.

At the CRC, you will find:

  • Information related to specific cancer types
  • Support groups and educational classes at our facility and in the area
  • Lodging and transportation services information
  • Audio/visual materials for use during your treatment at University of Colorado Hospital
  • Topics include: stress release, guided imagery, stories, spirituality, and relaxation
  • Tours of University of Colorado Hospital for new patients and caregivers
  • “Lemonade Tours” of the hospital for the children of cancer patients