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Community Resources and Assistance

Transplant is a highly expensive treatment and there are many costs associated with it.  Refer to the table which lists resources that may help with various expenses or offer other types of support.
Please contact the organizations for additional information as assistance availability varies among organizations.  If you feel you have further needs that are not being addressed on this list, please contact your social worker.
Applications for Resources 
Be The Match Transplant Support Assistance program is available to help patients and their families from diagnosis to survivorship with information and support services related to blood and marrow transplant.  In addition to financial assistance, Patient Services offers: personal telephone counseling, education, and resource materials.

Rocky Mountain Cancer Assistance and Raymond Wentz Foundation are two nonprofit organizations that provide financial assistance for the basic living needs of cancer patients receiving treatment in Colorado.  Assistance is for rent and mortgage, utilities, telephone, car payments and health insurance.

James L. Quint Foundation provides financial assistance to cancer patients who otherwise have no financial means to receive cancer treatment or pay for expenses incurred while receiving cancer treatment.