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Five Questions for Jennifer Caspari

Forging connections with hospital patients begins with communication

​The psychological wellness of cancer patients often can influence health outcomes. At the University of Colorado Hospital, Jennifer Caspari spends much of her time building relationships with patients, especially those involved with stem cell transplants, to help their recovery. Her work involves everything from providing general psychological support to assisting with non-pharmacological pain management.
“One thing I love about this area of work is that I often have the opportunity to follow patients and families over a long period of time and create deep and connected therapeutic relationships,” she says. “What personally draws me to the work is the human connection and being a presence in the room through some very challenging events. I view my role as one that goes beyond specific techniques and psychological interventions: I come into a room and do my best to form connections and relationships.”

One of her recent projects at the hospital turned the focus on non-professional caregivers, who often spend much of their days caring for a sick spouse or relative.