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How you can help patients with blood cancer?

Blood cancers are among the most devastating diseases and often require long and costly treatment regimens.  The Blood Cancer Program at the University of Colorado offers two ways you can provide financial assistance to patients afflicted with a blood cancer.

Patient Assistance Fund

Although direct medical expenses are often covered by insurance policies, ​there are many other costs associated with blood cancer care that can represent a huge burden for patients and their families.  In some cases, patients are unable to work for months or even years, and require full-time care from a family member or spouse.  Your donation to the BMT Patient Assistance Fund can help to support the cost of many items like:

  • Transportation – simply getting to the doctor can be a major problem for some patients.  The patient assistance fund provides taxi vouchers and gasoline payments to help this important need.
  • Food – for patients supporting families, putting food on the table every day can also be a big problem.  We provide grocery gift cards to help patients and families meet this basic need.
  • Housing – as a regional medical center, we often care for patients who have come from long distances.  Because treatment can go on for weeks/months, an important need is having safe and convenient housing for patients and their families/caregivers.
  • Insurance co-pays and premiums – keeping up with the cost of insurance can also be a problem for patients, and we provide support for this important need as well.
  • Medications – many medicines required by cancer patients are costly and not fully covered by insurance.  Again, this is an important area of need for many patients, and one we seek to support.


Hematologic Malignancies Research Fund

In addition to providing outstanding care for patients with blood cancer, our Hematology team at the University of Colorado is heavily involved in research to develop improve therapies.  Our doctors, nurses, and scientists work together to create new drugs and bring them to patients with many different types of blood cancer.  Your donation can be directed to our research program, where any funds you provide will be used to support the development of the next generation of blood cancer treatments.  Examples of our research include:

  • New drugs to treat acute myelogenous leukemia.
  • Improved methods to perform bone marrow transplantation (BMT).
  • Better ways to identify and treat dangerous side effects of blood cancer.
  • Clinical trials to test improved therapies for leukemia, lymphoma, and multiple myeloma.

Regardless of whether you donate to the patient assistance or research fund, your donation will help our patients win the fight for survival through their cancer journey.  Give the gift of hope.