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Dr. Everson's Research Lab

Research Team

Gregory T. Everson, MD
Primary Investigator

Jennifer DeSanto, RN
Chief Study Coordinator

Lauri Filar
Study Coordinator

Andrea Herman, RN
Study Coordinator

Steve Helmke, PhD
Lab Researcher

Halley Isberg
Study Coordinator

Shannon Lauriski
Lab Researcher

Seda Ozdemir
Lab Researcher

Rita Lerner
Data Analyst

Michelle Jaramillo
Administrative Assistant

Our laboratory is interested in new and emerging therapies for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C and chronic hepatitis B.  As a result, our team conducts a large number of clinical trials funded by pharmaceutical companies, government grants and contracts, and private foundations.  Examples include studies maintenance therapy with peginterferon to prevent disease progression in patients with chronic hepatitis C (HALT-C), collaborations with companies developing new antivirals for hepatitis C (Vertex, Roche, Wyeth, Bristol-Meyers-Squibb, Intermune, Human Genome Sciences) and hepatitis B (Gilead), and drugs for combating cytopenias induced by antiviral therapy (GSK, OrthoBiotech).  We are also studying pre-transplant antiviral strategies for prevention of post-transplant recurrence of hepatitis C (LADR-A2ALL).

An additional significant interest is development and implementation of methods for measuring hepatic function in man.  Currently we are using multiple quantitative tests of liver function (QLFTs) to study hepatic function in chronic hepatitis C patients enrolled in the HALT-C trial.  We have correlated these tests to other measures of disease severity and are developing models for use of QLFTs that could translate into clinical practice.  We are also using QLFTs to define the magnitude of functional loss after right lobe donation in the setting of LDLT.  This study is a key sub-study of the NIH-sponsored A2ALL study.  Additionally, we are examining hepatic functional impairment in patients with chronic hepatitis C and minimal fibrosis.

One test that we have developed in my laboratory, that shows great promise as a clinically relevant function test is the cholate shunt.  The following figure demonstrates the relationship of cholate shunt to hepatic fibrosis.


The test demonstrates progressive rise in shunt (worse function) as the amount of liver fibrosis increases.  The relationship is not linear, but exponential, indicating that at higher stages of fibrosis there is a greater decline in function or increase in shunt for a given increase in additional fibrosis.  This is the functional equivalent for the clinical phenomenon we term “decompensation” or “falling off the table” or “wheels falling off the wagon”.

The test also shows promise for predicting risk of decompensation and for tracking change in hepatic function over time.  This test is likely applicable to all patients with liver disease, not just patients with chronic hepatitis C.

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