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The Primary Care Internal Medicine Residency Program is a top care residency training programs providing a curriculum for graduates in clinical practice, academic general internal medicine and specialties.

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Current Residents and Resident Bios

Primary Care Residents 2015 - 2016

Katie Hathaway, MD is a first year resident in the primary care track. She was born and raised in Austin, TX and majored in Humanities at the University of Texas at Austin. She spent a gap year working with a non-profit in Managua, Nicaragua, then went back to medical school at Baylor in Houston. She was drawn to the primary care track at UC Denver due to the supportive faculty, continuity clinics with strong Hispanic populations, and the unique HIV training track within the program, allowing for a separate HIV continuity clinic in second and third year. Not to mention, she wanted to experience the joys of living in Denver – a vibrant, young city with mountains less than an hour away and parks at every corner.

Alejandro Mora, MD is a second year resident in the primary care track. He grew up in Houston, TX (with a few stints in New York City and Bogota, Colombia) and attended college at Rice University where he majored in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Sports Medicine. After finishing at Rice, he moved to Galveston, TX to attend medical school at the University of Texas Medical Branch. After Alejandro’s interview at the University of Colorado, he knew that this is where he wanted to be. The entire program is incredibly supportive, and with the unique emphasis in primary care, the residents are able to incorporate their personal goals into a customizable education. And on top of all this, in his free time he has been enjoying life in Colorado to the fullest- hiking, mountain biking, camping, fishing, and trying out some of the many (delicious) restaurants and microbreweries in the area!

Alejandro Mora, MD

Primary Care Residents 

Caitlin McNulty, MD (right in the pitcure) is enjoying her third year as a resident in the primary care track. She grew up in Orono, Minnesota and attended the University of Wisconsin, Madison and majored in medical microbiology and immunology, and then went to the University of Minnesota for medical school. She found the University of Colorado's primary care program to be the perfect fit during her interviews, and loves her continuity clinic and the many electives available to primary care residents, as well as the diversity of care experienced at the 4 different hospital systems in Denver. Denver is an incredible city to live in, and she has enjoyed going out to dinner after spending the day hiking on her days off.

Penny Li, MD (left in the picture) is a third year resident in the primary care track. She grew up in the Pacific Northwest and studied Microbiology and Anthropology at University of Washington before heading to Oregon for medical school. She has always been interested in primary care and was drawn to the University of Colorado due to the strong training in both outpatient and inpatient care and the advantage of training in 4 different hospital systems. She has loved meeting fellow residents from all over the country. So far she has enjoyed working with amazing attendings and senior residents who have been very personable and supportive in her transition to internship. In her spare time she enjoys hanging out with her fellow residents and keeping in touch family and friends. She looks forward to exploring the outdoors more but has also found some great dance studios and international food markets to occupy her other interests.

Joel Jorgenson, MD is our new cheif resident. Originally from Nebraska, he completed medical school at Northwestern in Chicago. The University of Colorado primary care track was appealing because of the focus on creating great outpatient physicians. Already he has observed that the entire faculty and staff are genuinely excited about primary care and work tirelessly to help the residents achieve their goals. The program is unique in that the residents have their own dedicated primary care curriculum and a schedule that allows them to spend less time on the wards and more time working in the community. The icing on the cake is that the program is situated in the great city of Denver. When not at work Joel has been exploring the city's many parks and enjoying biking on the beautiful Cherry Creek Trail. When winter hits, he plans on spending the majority of his free time on his snowboard in the mountains.

Joel Jorgenson, MD - Primary Care Resident


Benjamin Capper, Georgetown University School of Medicine

Casey Carroll, University of New Mexico School of Medicine

John Conely, University of Minnesota Duluth School of Medicine

Michael Frank, University of Colorado School of Medicine

Elijah Grillo, Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University

Katherine Hathaway, Baylor College of Medicine

Emily Jensen, Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine (For email: Emily.2.Jensen)

Justin Jones, University of Texas Southwestern Medical School

Laura Kennedy, University of Colorado School of Medicine

Laura Macke, University of Minnesota Medical School

Erin Makela, University of Louisville School of Medicine

Maxwell Matson, University of Washington School of Medicine

Elizabeth Somes, Baylor College of Medicine

Dale Terasaki, University of Washington School of Medicine


Drew Bolton, East Virginia Medical School  (For Email: Andrew.Bolton)

Erin Conlin, Louisiana State University SOM

Amanda Gelman, University of Pittsburgh SOM

Caleb Graham, University of Mississippi SOM

Martina King, Duke University SOM

Andrea Ma, St. Louis University SOM

Alejandro Mora, University of Texas Medical Branch SOM

Ana Moreno, University of Washington SOM (For Email: Ana.L.Moreno)

Mandy Peng, New York University SOM

Anandi Ramaswami, University of Colorado SOM

Lisa Sawyer, University of Texas Medical Branch SOM

Laura Sherman, University of Colorado SOM


Hrishikesh Belani, University of Minnesota

Branden Comfort, University of Kansas

David Elwell, University of Colorado

Aaron Galbraith, Dartmouth Medical School

Christopher Griffith, University of Missouri (For Email: Christopher.S.Grifitth)

Jordan Harrison, Emory

Mariah Hoffman, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Penny Li, Oregon Health and Science University

James Libbon, University of Arizona

Caitlin McNulty, University of Minnesota

Michelle Neice, University of Washington

Rebecca Petersen, Baylor

Melissa Reidy, Medical College of Georgia at Georgia Health Sciences University

Karen Schmitz, Emory

Sarah Wirth, Loyola University of Chicago Stritch School of Medicine