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Primary Care Resident Research Projects and Publications

Resid​​ent ​Begun/Presented ​Title/Topic ​Faculty
​Murphy, Erin Abstract accepted at SGIM National April 2018 Pregnancy intention screening is negatively impacted by staffing transitions in a primary care internal medicine clinic ​Dr. Carol Stamm
​Frank, Mike ​Poster presentation at SGIM National, April 2018 ​Nobody makes me bleed my own blood. Nobody!: Evans Syndrome in Lupus and its implications ​Dr. Sarah Stella
​Grillo, Elijah ​April 2018 ​Investigating the effectiveness of a pre-internship bootcamp program for graduating 4th year medical students ​Dr. Matthew Rustici
​Welzenbach, Matt ​December 2017, Poster presentation at SGIM National April 2018 ​When Battle’s Sign Isn’t From Trauma: Discoid Lupus Masquerading as Skull Fracture ​Dr. Jennifer Adams
​Ochoa, Katie; Johnson A ​December 2017 ​Spherocytosis: A Journey of Hemolysis and Congestion ​Dr. Ingrid Logo
​Moore, Alia ​Editor's Choice, Women's Health Issues Sep/Oct 2017 ​Barriers to Single-Dose Levonorgestrel-Only Emergency Contraception Access in Retail Pharmacies ​Dr. Carol Stamm
​Macke, Laura ​Oral presentation at SGIM Regional 2017 ​Vertebral osteomyelitis after UTI: local seeding via an unfamiliar plexus ​Dr. Matt Hoegh
​Somes, Elizabeth ​December 2017 ​Assessing Healthcare Team Member Perspectives on Advance Care Planning Dr. Hillary Lum
​Terasaki, Dale  ​Oral presentation at Association for Medical Education and Research Abuse (AMERSA) November 2017 ​University of Colorado Addiction Medicine Consultation-Liaison Service: Descriptive Analysis and Attitudes among Inpatient Staff ​Dr. Patricia Pade
​Walker, Jabob ​September 2017 ​Cardiovascular consequences of hypogonadism in men ​Kerrie Moreau, PhD
​Murphy, Erin ​August 2017 ​Residents’ views on areas for self-improvement: is self analysis accurate and how does it change over time? ​Dr. Karen Chacko
​Kennedy, Laura Accepted for publication in Pain Medicine "Those conversations in my experience don’t go well”: A qualitative study of primary care provider experiences tapering long-term opioid medications ​Dr. Joe Frank
​Kant, Rebecca 

Abstract accepted, poster presentation at National AGS in May 2017

Episodic Home-based  Care at Home: Use of an Independent Mobile Healthcare Team ​Dr. Hillary Lum
​Carroll, Casey JAMA Intern Med. Published online April 24, 2017 Polypharmacy in the Elderly — When Good Drugs Lead to Bad Outcomes: A Teachable Moment ​Dr. Ahmed Hassanin
​Uptown Residents ​Abstract accepted at SGIM National April 2017 ​Residents (Sherman L, Soiseth N, Terasaki D)Title: Implementation of a Pharmacist-Delivered Asthma Education and Management Program in a Resident Teaching Practice at a Community Hospital ​Dr. Elisabeth Ihler
​Murphy, Erin ​Poster presentation at SGIM National April 2017 ​Initial challenges in implementing screening tool for pregnancy intention in a primary care internal medicine clinic - Erin Murphy, Rebecca Petersen, Daniel Topp, Christine Gilroy, Carol Stamm ​Dr. Carol Stamm
​Gelman, Amanda ​March 2017 Addressing Partner Violence and Reproductive Coercion in Native Health Settings ​Dr. Elizabeth Miller
​Ramaswami, Anandi ​February 2017 Assessing Perceptions of Spanish-speaking Patients on the Hospital Discharge Process ​Dr. Mark Earnest
​Sawyer, Lisa ​November 2016 ​Identifying Local Triggers for Palliative Care Consultation in the Medical Intensive Care Unit ​Dr. Jeffrey Spence
​Kennedy, Laura ​Abstract accepted at the Palliative Care Research Day Nov 2016 ​Changing standards and difficult conversations: Provider perspectives on discussing tapering long-term opioid therapy with patients in a primary care clinic
​Bolton, Drew ​Workshop presentation at SGIM Regional Oct 2016 ​There’s an App for That Emerging Opportunities
for Digital Health Technology in General Internal Medicine
​Dr. Scott Joy
​Kennedy, Laura ​September 2016, Poster presentation at SGIM National April 2017 ​The Decision Point: Patient perspectives on initiating chronic opiate therapy ​Dr. Joe Frank
​Frank, Mike ​Published on Aug 2016 in Journal of Smoking Cessation Tobacco Use Among People Who Have Been in Prison: Relapse and Factors Associated with Trying to Quit ​Dr. Ingrid Binswanger
​Petersen, Rebecca ​July 2016 ​Pregnancy Intention in a Multidisciplinary Primary Care Practice: Every woman, every time ​Dr. Carol Stamm
​Wirth, Sarah ​Poster won in the Clinical Vignette category at ACP National May 2016 Norwegian scabies masquerading as plaque psoriasis: A common misdiagnosis ​Dr. Gerard Salame
​Jorgenson, Joel - Chief Resident ​Poster presentation at SGIM National May 2016 ​Show me the data: where is the NNT?

​Dr. Allan Prochazka

​Uptown Residents ​Poster presentation at SGIM National May 2016 ​Uptown Clinic Residents (Branden Comfort, Ben Capper, Erin Conlin, David Elwell), Title: A Resident Led Quality Improvement Project to Review YouTube Videos Related to Diabetes Education with the Intent to Create a Playlist to Use for Patient Education During the Patient Clinic Visit ​Dr. Scott Joy
​Schmitz, Karen ​April2016 ​Lipid Monitoring for Patients on Stain Therapy - Clinical Practice and Utility ​Dr. Brandon Combs
Reidy, Melissa ​March 2016 ​Case series and review of the literature on interstitial pneumonia with autoimmune features ​Dr. Aryeh Fischer (Division of Rheumatology)
​Hoffman, Mariah ​October 2014 and February 2016 ​KS outcomes in Rural Zimbabwe ​Dr. Tom Campbell
​Peng, Mandy ​November 2015 ​Health literacy and RA disease activity questionnaires ​Drs. Joel Hirsh and Lisa Davis
​Belani, Hrishikesh ​August/November 2015 ​Effect of chronic doxycline use on chlamydia rates in young adults: a retrospective cohort study ​Dr. Aran Nichol
​Gelman, Amanda ​September 2015

​Urban Peak Mindfulness Project

​Scott Harpin, PhD, MPH
​Gelman, Amanda ​August 2015, Oral presentation at SGIM National May 2016 ​ A qualitative assessment of anti-abortion attitudes among low-income women undergoing abortion ​Dr. Sonya Bomero (UPMC)
​Harrison, Jordan ​July 2015 ​Older Adult Mortality After Release from the Criminal Justice System ​Dr. Ingrid Binswanger
​Libbon, James ​June 2015 ​Improving the Transition of Care Process for Veterans Admitted at Outside Hospitals ​Dr. Robert Burke
​Short, Renna May 2015​, Abstract accepted for an oral presentation at ID Week October 2015 ​A retrospective cohort study of the incidence and characteristics of GC/chlamydia Infections in the HIV population at Denver Health, 2012-present. Abstract title: Prevalence of Gonorrhea and Chlamydia Infections among HIV-infected Men by Anatomic Site and Presence or Absence of Symptoms ​Dr. Sarah Rowan
​Harrison, Jordan December 2014​ ​Isolated and frail: A new analysis ​Drs. Ronica Rocks and Skotti Church
​McNulty, Caitlin October 2014​ Clinical correlates of IgE binding to linear epitopes of the major peanut allergens​ ​Dr. Stephen Dreskin
​Ramaswami, Anandi SGIM Regional 2014, Innovation Poster Presentation 1st Place ​Primary Care Progress Colorado: Empowering Interprofessional Learning through Community-Campus Partnership ​Dr. Joseph Johnson
​Libbon, James ​SGIM Regional 2014 ​Transitions of Care: An Analysis of the Logistic and Mental Process Involved When Transitioning From Inpatient to Outpatient follow Up Care With and Without an integrated HER ​Dr. Scott Joy
​Baeth, Austin ​August 2014 ​​The Desire for Long-Distance Travel in Adults with Advanced Illness Dr. Stacy Fischer​
​Murphy, Ed ​June 2014, Published October 2014 ​Doubts About Treating Hypogonadism Due to Long-term Opioid UseWith Testosterone Therapy: A Teachable Moment ​Dr. Rick Miranda
Moore, Alia Feb 2014, Reproductive Health Conference Sep 2014, SGIM 2015 National

Seeking Emergency Contraception in Denver, Colorado: A Health Impact Assessment

Dr. Carol Stamm
Hess, Mailee


SGIM 2015 National

Prevalence and risk factors for osteoporosis in adults with developmental disabilities
SGIM Poster Title: Low bone mineral density in adults with developmental disabilities
Dr. Kristin Jensen
Swanson, Leah Jan-14 Depression Management Screening Dr. Scott Joy
Johnson, Joseph Jan-14 Community-based care coordination in Original Aurora Dr. Karen Chacko
Changstrom, Brad December 2013, Am J Sports Med published online December 5, 2014 Epidemiology of Stress Fracture Injuries Among US High School Athletes, 2005-2006 Through 2012-2013 (DOI: 10.1177/0363546514562739) ​ Dr. Dawn Comstock
Gersh, Jill Sep 2013 and Jan 2014, Published Aug 2014, Journal of AIDS & Clinical Research Attitudes and barriers towards Pre Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) among HIV vaccine trial study participants – A survey of HIV vaccine trial participants Dr. Tom Campbell (Division of Infectious Diseases)
​Mack, Steve ​SGIM Forum 2013 (Ariticle) A General Internal Medicine Resident’s Appraisal of the MedicalHome: Innovation or Evolution?​
​Hess, Mailee ​SGIM Forum 2013 (Article) A Resident’s Perspective on the Colorado Patient-centered MedicalHome Project Fall 2012 Learning Collaborative
Guese, Mary AAIM Oct 2013 Abstract, Published in JGIM Jan 2014 Impact of 4+1 Block Scheduling on Patient Care Continuity in Resident Clinic Dr. Katie Heist
Lammers, Austin Oct-13 High Value Medicine Dr. Read Pierce
Liu, Pai August – September 2013 Changes in Perceived Stress, Sleep and Menopausal Symptoms in Response to Exercise in Sedentary Postmenopausal Women Dr. Karen Shea
Hoffman, Lindsay May-13 ICD Education, Expectations and Experiences Dr. Dan Matlock
Niess, Meredith SGIM 2013 National Abstract Pre-Operative Chest Radiography: Old Habits Die Hard Abstract only
Niess, Meredith SGIM 2013 National Abstract Fatality Due to Reactivation Hepatitis B in an HIV Positive Patient Abstract only
Johnson, Joseph SGIM 2013 National Abstract Community-based Care Coordination to Overcome Fragmentation of Services in Aurora, Colorado Abstract only
​Dirksen, Rachael ​SGIM 2013 National oral presentation ​Evaluating Internal Medicine Provider Barriers to Contraceptive Counseling Drs. Amy Huebschmann and Stephanie Teal
Hall, Hannah ACP National and SGIM 2013 National Apical Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, A BENIGN form of Heart Disease? Abstract only
Short, Renna ACP Associates Meeting 2013 Oral presentation CVA, MI and Vasculitic rash: A Unifying Diagnosis Dr. Brandon Combs
Hall, Hannah ACP Associates Meeting 2013 Oral presentation The Usual STEMI Presentation, or is it? Dr. Maria Frank
Lammers, Austin ACP Associates Meeting 2013 Oral presentation Taking the wind out of your sails in the middle of a perfect storm: A Tale of Dyspnea and Thrombus Dr. Rebecca Allyn
Nash, Alyssa ACP Associates Meeting 2013 Oral presentation Windshield Wiper Fluid: A Bad Way to Wipe Away the Pain Dr. Mim Ari
Hall, Hannah Feb-14 Depression management QI study: Collaborative Care in a Primary Care Residency Clinic Dr. Lynn Haley
Lo, Daphne UCC Pall Care Conference November 2012 Caregiving benefit, burden, and relationship quality in chronic heart failure Dr. David Bekelman
Martin, Eric Nov-12 Microbiology and outcomes of infected total joint arthroplasties at an academic medical center: a 5-year retrospective review Dr. Carla Saveli
Lammers, Austin SGIM 2012 Regional Poster Assessing Laboratory Cost at a University Medical Center Dr. Read Pierce
​Lo, Daphne SGIM 2012 Regional Poster ​Improving Symptoms and Quality of Life in Heart Failure Dr. David Bekelman
​Ari, Mim ​August 2012, Academic and Health Policy Conference on Correctional Health 2013 Evaluation and associations of limited health literacy in persons recently released from prison Drs. Ingrid Binswanger, Joel Hirsh
​Hiles, Megan ​April 2012 ​Faculty Preceptor Opinions of Longitudinal Integrated Clerkships Dr. Eva Aagaard
Sparks, Tierney SGIM 2012 National Poster presented A Case of Multifocal Osteonecrosis and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome Dr. Jennifer Adams
Landrey, Allison SGIM 2012 National Poster presented Prescribing Opiates in Resident Clinic: Clinic directors’ and residents’ perspectives on problems and potential solutions Drs. Rachel Swigris and Adam Abraham
​Kreso, Elma ​March 2012 ​Beyond the 6 Hour Bundle: A practical Approach to Assessing fluid responsiveness in Septic Shown Dr. Stephen Frankel
​Reither, Jonathan ​Published February 2012 ​We're Hands-On: Exploring a Supplemental Approach to Hospice Care Provision (JHPN-D-11-00073) Dr. Reither is the first author
​Niess, Meredith ​February 2012 ​Health Spending as an Impediment to a Healthy America Dr. Mark Earnest
​Turcotte, Roger ​January 2012 ​using DXR (an online clinical case simulator) to assess the clinical reasoning of medical students, residents, and attending physicians Dr. Jeanette Guerrasio
​Martin, Eric ​November 2011 ​Microbiology and outcomes of infected total joint arthroplasties at an academic medical center: a 5-year retrospective review Dr. Carla Saveli
​Hall, Hannah ​November 2011 ​Depression management QI study Dr. Christine Gilroy
​Dirksen, Rachael ​September 2011 ​Comparison of the prevalence of depression among postmenopausal women with and without Type 2 Diabetes Dr. Amy Huebschmann
​Sparks, Tierney ​July 2011 ​Residents as Medical Educators: Surveying the residency programs at The University of Colorado regarding opinions/experiences as medical educators. Developing a needs assessment for the development of the Residents as Medical Educators Elective. Dr. Suzanne Brandenburg