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Primary Care Electives

​Special electives offered to PC interns/residents:

Click the elective name for the brief description

Adult Urgent Care Clinic/The Southwest Family Health Center Urgent Care Clinic
Ambulatory Care Block at Veterans Hospital​
Complementary/Alternative Medicine and Nutrition
Dermatology (either Private Practice or in combination with Podiatry)
Exercise Treadmill/Stress Testing
Family Planning at TCH
HIV and Underserved Care
Indian Health Services (Ft. Defiance AZ, Shiprock NM, Whiteriver AZ, Zuni NM, Anchorage AK)
Kaiser Rotations
Palliative Care and Hospice
PC Selective: Community Health Month
Private Practice Offices
Private Practice - Cardiology
Rural Preceptorships
Systems-Based Practice
Urban Underserved Preceptorships
Women’s Health