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The Primary Care Internal Medicine Residency Program is a top care residency training programs providing a curriculum for graduates in clinical practice, academic general internal medicine and specialties.

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Primary Care Electives

​Special electives offered to PC interns/residents:

"The Refugee Health elective involves a broad overview of treating new refugees. This elective is based out of the Colorado Refugee Wellness Center in Aurora and includes conducting routine health-screenings of new refugees, triaging, assessing, and treating any urgent medical needs, and precepting medical students. The most fascinating aspects of the rotation are outside of the clinic, however. You have the opportunity of meeting refugees at the airport, accompanying them as they go to various social service appointments, and doing home visits. Although this may seem beyond the scope of providing medical care, you get a unique, enlightening perspective of how refugees interact with their new environment and culture. Moreover, you gain some insight into how their new homelife may influence their health. Also, the clinic staff are wonderful, the patients have amazing stories, and the responsibility of being part of the refugees' first introduction to the American health care system is humbling. Overall, this rotation was excellent and if I had the chance to do it again, I'd do it in a heartbeat." Robin Chand, M.D., Class of 2015

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Adolescent Medicine / Family Planning at TCH
Adult Urgent Care Clinic (AUCC)
Ambulatory Care Block at Veterans Hospital
Complementary/Alternative Medicine and Nutrition
Dermatology (either Private Practice or in combination with Podiatry)
Exercise Treadmill/ Outpatient Cardiology / Cardiac Imaging
HIV Elective
Indian Health Services (Ft. Defiance AZ, Shiprock NM, Whiteriver AZ, Cherokee NC)
Kaiser Rotations
Palliative Care and Hospice
PC Selective: Community Health Month
Private Practice Offices
Rural Preceptorships
Systems-Based Practice
Urban Underserved Preceptorships
Women’s Health