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Primary Care Residency Alumni Contacts

Help us find missing Alumni contacts! We are looking for contact information of those whose names are not underlined in the right table. Please email us if you have any information.


Welcome to Primary Care Residency Alumni

General Internal Medicine, University of Colorado School of Medicine

We hope you will be able to stay connected with former classmates and learn about upcoming alumni activities and events. To get involved, please click here and enter your contact information. Thank you for visiting the UC Denver PC Alumni website!

Class of 2015

Michael Albrecht, University of Kansas
Austin Baeth, University of Iowa
Camille Chan, Emory
Robin Chand, University of Washington
Kelly Evans, University of South Dakota
A. Meaghan Hayes, University of California San Diego
Mailee Hess, University of Washington
Joel Jorgenson, Northwestern
Steven Mack, Tulane
Alia Moore, University of Nevada School of Medicine
Alyssa Nash, University of Colorado
Renna Short, University of Washington
Allison Wolfe, Wake Forest

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