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SGIM Annual Meeting (Archive)

General Internal Medicine


~Wednesday, April 24th, 2013~

Eva Aagaard, MD
Workshop: "TEACH precourse"

Adam Tsai, MD (with Allan Prochazka)
"Frequency of Laboratory Testing Among Gastric Bypass Patients"

Ingrid Binswanger (with William Sabol, Elizabeth Carson, Patrick Krueger, and Shane Mueller)
"Smoking-Attributable Mortality Among State Prisoners in the United States: 2001-2009"

Tanner Caverly, MD
"Framing Effects Change Clinician Risk Perceptions More Than Important Changes to a Risk's Time-Frame and Outcome"

~Thursday, April 25th, 2013~

Hannah Hall
"Apical Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, a BENIGN Form of Heart Disease?"

Meredith Niess
"Pre-Operative Chest Radiography: Old Habits Die Hard"

Meredith Niess
"Fatality Due to Reactivation Hepatitis B in an HIV Positive Patient"

Kristin Dalton
"Multiple Myeloma Masquerade"

Eva Aagaard
Workshop: "Teaching in the Ambulatory Setting"

Rachael Dirksen (with Shulman B, Teal S, and Huebschmann AG)
"Barriers and Facilitators of Contraceptive Counseling by General Internal Medicine Faculty and Internal Medicine Residents"

Anunta Virapongse, MD
"Multidisciplinary Longitudinal Approach Toward Patients with High Admission Rates"

Eric Young, MD
"Decline in Internal Medicine Residents’ ACLS Experience in the Modern Training Era"

Larissa Nekhlyudov (with Linda Overholser, Kimberly Peairs and Emily Tonorezos)
"Update in Care of Cancer Survivors"

Robert Burke
"Effect of a Hospitalist-Run Post-Discharge Clinic on Adverse Post-Discharge Outcomes"

Amy Huebschmann (with Johnson L, and Dunn AL)
"I’m Not Sweating My Hair Out – Overcoming Barriers to Physical Activity in African American Women"

Susan Calcaterra (with Brenda Beaty, and Ingrid A. Binswanger)
"The Role of Social Support in Drug and Alcohol Use Among Former Prison Inmates"

Mim Ari
"Limited Health Literacy is Common in Former Prison Inmates"

~Friday, April 26th, 2013~

Rachel Swigris (with Anjali Dhurandhar, Jessica Campbell, Douglas Reifler, Therese Jones)
Writing Workshop: "The Power of Stories to Heal"

Laura Hurley
"National Physician Survey Regarding Adult Vaccine Delivery: Missed Opportunities and a Call for a Systematic Approach"

Ingrid Binswanger
"Overdose History and Willingness to Use Naloxone Among Former Prison Inmates"

Robert Burke and Greg Misky
"Identifying Keys to Success for Reducing Readmissions: Using the Ideal Transition in Care"

Jacinda Nicklas
"A Web-Based Lifestyle Intervention to Decrease Postpartum Weight Retention in Women with Recent Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: The Balance After Baby Pilot RCT"

Sarah Wakeman (with Ingrid Binswanger, Emily Wang, Alexander Walley, and Aaron Fox)
Workshop: “Patient-Centered Care for Recently Released Prisoners”

Brandon Combs
"Attending to Our First Obligation: The Do No Harm Project"

Joseph Frank
Abstract Session C1: "Lipkin Finalists"

Joseph Johnson
"Community-based Care Coordination to Overcome Fragmentation of Services in Aurora, Colorado"

Scott Joy (with Erin Marcum, Jon Manheim, E. Kelly Griffey, Katie Arvidson, Sharon Kahn-Kahn)
"A Checklist to Optimize Transitional Care Management between Hospitalists and a Patient Centered Medical Home"

Scott Joy (with Lynn Haley, Leanne Clark, Michael Masse, Katey Morris, Alyssa Nash, Meghan Hayes, Steve Mack)
"Creating an Intensive Care Management Team and Identifying High Risk Patients in an Academic General Internal Medicine Practice"

Scott Joy (with Eric Martin, Carly Byrne, Oswaldo Hernandez, Gerardo Caldera Rosales, Lucy Llamas)
"Creating a Checklist to Use During Team Huddle Times to Optimize Practice Efficiency and Care Management in an Academic Patient Centered Medical Home"

Ingrid Lobo
"A Shared Medical Visit Model for Weight Loss: A Pilot Study"

Manisha Bhide
"Abdominal pain and Neuropathy"

Manisha Bhide
"A Snake’s Kiss can be as Deadly as his Bite"

Joseph Frank
"Clinical Update in Pain Medicine"

Tanner Caverly, MD
"Clinicians and Numbers: Usability and Validity of a Measure of Critical Risk Interpretation (CRIT)"

~Saturday, April 27th, 2013~

Judy Zerzan (with Carolyn Clancy, Gene Rich, Sen. Irene Aguilar)
Workshop: "Entering the Belly of the Beast: Physicians in Government"

David Williams (with Eva Aagaard)
"The Impact of Limited Team Continuity on Medical Students: A Survey-based Evaluation of Team Fragmentation’s Effects on Third-Year Medical Students During their Inpatient Internal Medicine Clerkship"

Sarah Stella
"Eye Images Improve Hand Hygiene Compliance in an Emergency Department"

Danielle Loeb (with Ingrid Binswanger)
"Treating Complex Patients in Primary Care: Physician Offer a New View of Competing Demands"

Ian Kronish (with Bruce Rollman, Beth Cohen, Danielle Loeb, and Lauren Peccoralo)
"Update in Psychiatry for the General Internist"


* Hospital Medicine Presentations/Publications *

Jeannette Guerrasio

“Why does this Resident Score Poorly on Tests?  A Method to Diagnose the Problem and Implement Solutions”

Greg Misky (with Bob Burke)

“Identifying Keys to Success For Reducing Readmissions: Using the Ideal Transition in Care Framework”

Read Pierce
Presenting a workshop on educational programs for residents aimed at training future leaders of health systems improvement. 

“A New Foundation for Clinical Leadership--Teaching Residents Health Systems Operations”

Anunta Virapongse

“Multidisciplinary Longitudinal Approach Toward Patients with High Admission Rates”

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012


Eva Aagaard, Chad Stickrath, Mel Anderson, Melissa Deloughry (MS3), Megan Griffiths (MS3), and Allan Prochazka “Maximizing Teaching Effectiveness: Predictors of Learner Satisfaction with Teaching on Rounds”

Thursday, May 10th, 2012


Nia Mitchell “Innovative Care Delivery Model to Address Health Disparity in Underserved Population”

Judy Zerzan “Effects of Medicaid Drug Policies on Prescription Fills for People Diagnosed with Mental Illness in Colorado and Oregon”

Kelly White and Karen Chacko “Expanding Primary Care Residency Training Medical Care in Underserved Communities”

Reuven “Rudy” Kimmerling “Approaching the grave $4 at a time”


Mark Earnest TBA

Danielle Loeb “Competency-Based Mental Health Curriculum for Internal Medicine Residents: addressing challenges and building skills”

Friday, May 11th, 2012

SGIM Mid-Career Education Mentorship Award Presented to Eva Aagaard, MD
This award recognizes those medical educators who display “equal or greater emphasis on the professional development of his/her trainees than on self-promotion or advancement”


Linda Overholser “Implementation and Evaluation of an Innovative Childhood Cancer Survivor Follow-up Clinic: TACTIC”

E. Cumbler, J. Guerrasio, J. Youngwerth, J. Zerzan, S. Ross, S. Brandenburg, E. Aagaard, H. Wald “Competency Based Test of Inpatient Geriatric Management Skills”

Brandon Combs, Tanner Caverly, Wendee Gozansky, Steve Ross and Dan Matlock “The Utility of Repeat Bone Densitometry in Women on Treatment for Low Bone Mineral Density”

Tanner Caverly, Dan Richlie, Allan Prochazka, Maggie Cook-Shimaned, Jennifer Woodward, and Chad Stickrath “Risk-benefit Discussion Prior to Computed Tomography Imaging ? Infrequent and Ineffective?”

Ingrid Binswanger, Danielle Loeb “General Internist conceptualization of the complex patient: a qualitative study”

Adam Tsai “Development and Effectiveness of Group Weight Loss Visits in a Federally Qualified Health Center”

Elizabeth Paesch, Karen Chacko, Lisa Laycock Willet Furman McDonald, Saima Chaudhry, Andrew Halvorsen and Vineet Arora “What is on the Horizon?: Residents Forecast the Consequences of the Latest Duty Hour Reform”

Darlene Tad-Y “An Experiential, Longitudinal Interprofessional QI Curriculum for Hospitalist Residents”

Robert Hudon and Rachel Swigris “A Small Reward Can Change the Wards: How mentored deliberate practice transforms academic medicine”

Eva Aagaard “Mentoring in Academic Medicine: The Perspective of the Mentor”


Eva Aagaard and SGIM Education Committee “Make Your Work Count Twice: Scholarship Opportunities for Clinician-Educators”

Saturday, May 12th, 2012


Tierney Sparks “A Case of Multifocal Osteonecrosis and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome”

Adam Abraham, Alison Landrey and Rachel Swigris  “A Painful Journey”

Ingrid Binswanger “Patient navigation for former prison inmates: A pilot randomized controlled trial”

Susan Calcaterra “Comparative Overdose Death Rates between Illicit and Prescribed Substances”


Douglas Olson, Don Brady, Rita Lee, Richard Greene “Teaching the sexual history: the first step in eliminating LGBT health disparities”

Chad Stickrath, Mel Anderson and Eva Aagaard "i PLAN" to Teach with the Assistance of Our Patients”

Jeannette Guerrasio and Eva Aagaard “Identification & Remediation of the Struggling Medical Learner”

General Internal Medicine

General Internal Medicine

General Internal Medicine

General Internal Medicine

General Internal Medicine

General Internal Medicine

General Internal Medicine

General Internal Medicine

General Internal Medicine

General Internal Medicine


Larissa Nekhlyudov
The Many Faces of Generalism: General Internists’ Role in Caring for Patients with Cancer in the Medical Home

Judy Zerzan
Making the Most of Your Mentor: A Guide to Becoming a Successful Mentee

Anjali Dhurandhar (co-author Jennifer Tamblyn)
Transforming Challenges into Healing: Reflective Writing to Enhance Empathy and Prevent Burnout

Ingrid Lobo (co-authors Nivi Mahidhara and Kim Davis)
Group Visits: Moving Beyond the One on One office Visit


~ Wednesday, May 4th, 2011 ~

Danielle Loeb (Elizabeth Bayliss  - second author / Ingrid Binswanger – mentor and last author)
Physician Perspectives on the Role of Mental Illness in the Care of Complex Patients - “It makes everything more difficult!”

Michelle Nikels (Suzanne Brandenburg – mentor)
Multisource Evaluations of Residents from the Viewpoint of the Evaluators

Rita Lee
Moving into Team-Based Care: First Steps towards the Patient-Centered Medical Home in a University-based Practice

Adam Tsai
A Randomized Pilot Trial of a Full Subsidy versus a Partial Subsidy for Obesity Treatment

Jennifer Adams (co-authors - Carolyn Nowels, Karen Corsi, Jeremy Long, John Steiner, Ingrid Binswanger)
HIV risk after release from prison: a qualitative study of former inmates

Rachel Swigris (co-authors - Michael Craine, Debra Sorensen, Ravi Gopal and Jessica Campbell)
Burnout in Internal Medicine Residents is Associated with Decreased Wellness and Lack of Mindful Awareness

Ingrid Lobo (co-authors Amy Huebschmann, Danielle Loeb and Vahram Ghushchyan)
Are Health Care Professional Advising a Low-Fat Diet to Patients with Diabetes or Diabetes Risk Facets?

Crystal Medina (co-author Eva Aagaard)
Student Health Refugee Education Collaborative (SHREC)

Susan Calcaterra
Increasing Rates of Psychostimulant-Related Deaths

~ Thursday, May 5th, 2011 ~

Ingrid Binswanger (co-author Brie Williams)
The Mortality Risk for Older Adults Released from Prison

Mitra Razzaghi (co-author Rita Lee)
WISH: Improving Women’s Health through Service Integration and Education

Henry Fischer (co-authors Susan Moore, David Ginosar, Andy Steele, Josh Durfee, Art Davidson, Jeff Berschling, and Tom Mackenzie)
Promoting Chronic Disease Management through Mobile Technology

Ravi Gopal (co-authors Traci Yamashita, and Allan Prochazka)
Research without Results: Inadequate Public Reporting of Clinical Trial Results

Rachael Dirksen
Contraceptive Counseling in the Perimenopausal Woman

Anjali Dhurandhar (co-author Richard Miranda)
A Case of Misdiagnosis: Strongyloides Infection

Brie Williams
The Mortality Risk for Older Adults Released from Prison

Brie Williams (co-author Ingrid Binswanger)
Confined to Ignorance: The Absence of Prisoners from National Health Data

Nia Mitchell
Twenty percent of Tennessee Medicaid recipients who participated in Weight Watchers lost 5% or more of their initial weight

~ Friday, May 6th, 2011 ~

Ingrid Binswanger
Drug-Related Risk Factors for Death after Release from Prison: A Nested Case Control Study

Alison Landrey (co-author Dan Matlock)
Shared Decision Making in PSA Testing

Chad Stickrath (co-authors - Mel Anderson, Allan Prochazka, Megan Griffiths, Melissa Deloughry, and Eva Aagaard
Attending Rounds: What is Not Happening?

Danielle Shimek (co-authors - Chad Stickrath, and Allan Prochazka)
Interventions to Improve Attending Rounds in Medicine: A Systematic Review

Emily Wang
Effect of Providing Tailored Primary Care on Health Care Utilization and Return to Jail Among Recently Released Prisoners: A Randomized Controlled Trial

~ Saturday, May 7th, 2011 ~

Manisha Bhide
Fatal S. bovis Endocarditis with no colon lesion

Town Hall Meeting on Violence

Case Presentation:
Danielle Loeb, MD (University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine) is a general internist who will present a case from her practice of a patient who has potential for violence.

Photo SGIM

Photo SGIM


Karen Chacko, MD
Using ABIM PIMs for QI and Research

Adam Tsai, MD
Adding Value; an Evidence-Based Approach to Addressing Obesity

Rachel Swigris, DO and Anjali Durandhar, MD
Walking Softly and Carrying a Big Pen


~ April 28 ~

Kelly White, MD
Implementation of a Multisource Feedback Tool in the Third Year Medicine Clerkship

Scott DelaCruz, MD
End of Life Decisions: Using Lectures, Small Groups and Standardized Patients to Develop Advanced Communication Skills
Dying Wish: Effects of a Documentary Film on Medical Student Knowledge, Attitudes, and Skills Regarding Nutrition at the End of Life

Eva Aagaard, MD
Measuring Resident Progress: Competency Milestones in Internal Medicine

~ April 29 ~

Linda Overholser, MD
Managing Late and Long Term Effects of Childhood Cancer Treatment

Nichole Zehnder, MD and Mark Earnest, MD, PHD
Not All Care is Equal: Differences in Acute Care of Venous Thromboembolism Based on Insurance Status
Names: Vicky Nguyen, BA, Paul F Swenson, BA, Greg J Misky, MD, Nichole G Zehnder, MD, Mark A Earnest, MD, Karen Mellis, BS, Patrick Klem, PharmD, Toby Trujillo, PharmD, Jonathan Manheim, MD, Sharon Ledford, RN BSN

Danielle Loeb, MD
Sex after 50? Factors that Influence Sexual History-Taking Practices of Internal Medicine Residents

Adam Tsai, MD
The Time Burden of Overweight and Obesity in Primary Care Practice

Stacy Fischer, MD
"They are going to unplug Grandma": Myths from the current health care debate about Advance Directives
Communication Breakdowns in Advance Care Planning for Latinos: Documentation is Not Enough

~ April 30 ~

Nia Mitchell, MD
Determining the Effectiveness of Take Off Pounds Sensibly (TOPS), a Nationally Available Non-Profit Weight Loss Program

Ingrid Lobo, MD
A Shared Medical Visit Model for Improving Diabetes Care in an Academic Internal Medicine Practice: A Pilot Study

Ingrid Binswanger, MD
From the Prison Door Right to the Sidewalk, Everything Went Downhill, A Qualitative Study of the Health of Former Inmates

Gabe Brooks, MD and Ravi Gopal, MD
Reporting of negative randomized controlled trials in three major medical journals: effect of trial registration


Eva Aagaard, MD
Precourse: Career Success for Clinician Educators: Setting a Destination and Charting a Route.

Becky Hanratty, MD
Kidney function decline and incident chronic kidney disease in individuals with hypertension by race and ethnicity

David Bekelman, MD
Patients’ and Family Caregivers’ Views on an Outpatient Palliative Care Program for Chronic Heart Failure

Ingrid Binswanger, MD
Risk Factors for Death after Release from Prison

Jean Kutner, MD, MSPH
Support Needs of Informal Hospice Caregivers: A Qualitative Study

Susan Calcaterra, MD
Psychostimulants Involved in Death of Former Inmates

Rita Lee, MD
A Multi-Disciplinary Elective Enhances Advocacy Skills in Graduate Level Trainees
How Well Do Medical Students Assess Lifestyle Risks? A Communication Needs Assessment

Ingrid Binswanger, MD
Tuberculosis Testing in Correctional Officers: Results from a National Random Survey of Jails in the United States

Ravi Gopal, MD
Ambulatory Care Providers' work environment associated with poor quality of care and provider burnout.

Jessica Campbell and Ravi Gopal, MD
Lack of Decision Latitude and High Psychological Demands are associated with Internal Medicine Resident Burnout.

Danielle Loeb, MD
Brief Curriculum Modestly Improves Internal Medicine Resident Performance of Sexual History Taking

Karen Chacko, MD, Suzanne Brandenburg, MD, and Katie Heist, MD
Quality Improvement in a Resident Practice - Who are the Learners?

Adam Trosterman, MD
Perceived Competence of Medical Students Before and After Completion of a Sub-internship: A comparison of Internal Medicine with other Specialties

Allan Prochazka, MD(and Fink AS, Bartenfeld D, Nyierenda C, Henderson W)
Effect of Repeat Back on Patient Perceptions of Informed Consent for Surgery.

Jeanne Rozwadowski, MD
An outpatient adverse drug event trigger surveillance system: preliminary findings and framework

Henry Fischer, MD
Automated Diabetes Registry Tools to Enhance Patient Self-Management and Provider Performance Feedback

Judy Zerzan, MD
Explaining Variation in End-of-Life Opiate Prescribing Among Physicians: A Qualitative Study

Heidi Wald, MD
Audit and Feedback Can Reduce Urinary Catheter Duration in Postoperative Patients

Laura Hurley, MD
Herpes Zoster Vaccine: What is Interfering with Uptake?

Jennifer Adams, MD
Training Residents in Outpatient HIV Care: A Survey of Internal Medicine Program Directors  

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