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General Internal Medicine

Research Faculty

​GIM's faculty have a wide range of research interests.  Each faculty member's Colorado PROFILE page lists research interests, federal funding, and recent publications.

Judy Regensteiner
​ Regensteiner PROFILE​
​​Jean Kutner ​ Kutner PROFILE
​Carmen Lewis ​ Lewis PROFILE
​Lisa Schilling ​ ​​Schilling PROFILE
​​Stacy Fischer ​ Fischer PROFILE
​Amy Huebschmann ​ Huebschmann PROFILE
​Lily Cervantes ​ Cervantes PROFILE
​Danielle Loeb ​ Loeb PROFILE
​Linda Overholser ​ Overholser PROFILE
​Joe Frank ​ Frank PROFILE
​Carey Candrian ​ Candrian PROFILE
​Eric Campbell ​ Campbell PROFILE
​David Bekelman ​ Bekelman PROFILE​
​Ingrid Binswanger ​ ​​Binswanger PROFILE​
​Susan Calcaterra ​ ​​Calcaterra PROFILE​