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Recent Publications (Selected)

General Internal Medicine

Faculty​ Publications​
Eva Aagaard, MD​
Guerrasio J, Cumbler E, Trosterman A, Wald H, Brandenburg S and Aagaard EM.  Determining Need for Remediation through Postrotation Evaluations. J Grad Med Educ. 2012 Mar;4(1):47-51.

DelaCruz S, White K, Johnson D, and Aagaard EM. End of Life Decisions: Using Lectures, Small Groups and Standardized Patients to Develop Communication Skills. Journal of Palliative Care Medicine. J Palliative Care Med 2:104.

Castiglioni A, Aagaard EM, Spencer A, Nicholson L, Karani R, , Bates CK, Willett LL, MD, Chheda SG. Succeeding as a Clinician Educator: Useful Tips and Resources. Journal of General Internal Medicine: Volume 28, Issue 1 (2013), Page 136-140.

Strickrath C, Aagaard EM and Anderson M. MiPLAN: A Learner-Centered Model for Bedside Teaching in the Modern Era. Acad Med. 2013 Jan 23.

Caverzagie KJ, Iobst, MD WF, Aagaard EM, Hood S, Chick D, Kane GC, Brigham TP, Swing SR, Mead LM, Bazari H, Bush RW, Kirk LM, Green ML, Hinchey KT, Smith CD. The Internal Medicine Reporting Milestones and the Next Accreditation System. Ann Intern Med. 2013;158(7):557-559. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-158-7-201304020-00593

Stickrath C, Noble M, Prochaza A, Anderson M, Griffiths M, Manheim J, Sillau S, Aagaard EM. Attending Rounds in the Current Era: What Is and Is Not Happening. JAMA Internal Medicine- published last month

Elwell D, Junker S, Sillau S and Aagaard E. Refugees in Denver and Their Perceptions of Their Health and Health Care. Accepted for publication, Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved.

Aagaard EM, et al. Early Feedback on the Use of the Internal Medicine Reporting Milestones in Assessment of Resident Performance Journal of Graduate Medical Education. Accepted for publication, Journal of Graduate Medical Education- to be published in Sept issue.
​Joseph Alisky, MD, PhD Daniel Wells, Joseph Alisky, Charles E. Ray Jr. Mental Status Changes Postchemoembalization: The Role of Inflammatory Respons. 2013 Thieme Medical Publishers 10.1055/s-0033-1342965 0739-9529
Ingrid Binswanger, MD, MPH​
Binswanger IA, Nowels C, Corsi KF, Glanz J, Long J, Booth RE, Steiner JF. Return to drug use and overdose after release from prison: A qualitative study of risk and protective factors. Addiction Science & Clinical Practice. 7; 3 (15 March 2012).

Binswanger IA, Redmond N, Steiner JF, Hicks LS. Health Disparities and the Criminal Justice System: An Agenda for Further Research and Action. Journal of Urban Health. 2012 Feb; 89(1):98-107.

Binswanger IA, Mueller S, CB Clarke, Cropsey KL. Risk Factors for Cervical Cancer in Criminal Justice settings. Journal of Women’s Health. 2011; Dec; 20(12):1839-45.
Binswanger IA. Improving Health Outcomes During the Transition from Prison to the Community: A Pilot Patient Navigation Study. Robert Wood Johnson Physician Faculty Scholars Program Annual Meeting, San Diego. November 30, 2011.

Binswanger IA, Nowels C, Corsi KF, Long J, Booth RE, Kutner J, Steiner JF. From the Prison Door Right to the Sidewalk, Everything Went Downhill: A Qualitative Study of the Health Experiences of Recently Released Inmates. International Journal of Law and Psychiatry. 2011; Jul-Aug;34(4):249-55.

Binswanger IA, Blatchford PJ, Yamashita TE, Stern MF. Drug-Related Risk Factors for Death after Release from Prison: A Nested Case Control Study. Society for General Internal Medicine 34th Annual Meeting. Phoenix, Arizona. May 6, 2011.
​Ethan Cumbler, MD, FACP Cumbler E, Castillo L, Satorie L, Ford D, Hagman J, Hodge T, Price L, Wald H.  Culture Change in Infection Control: Applying Psychological Principles to Improve Hand Hygiene. J Nurs Care Qual 10.1097/NCQ.0b013e31829786be
Mark Earnest, MD, PhD​
Misky, G, Manheim J, Zehnder N, Nguyen V, Swenson PF, Klem P, Trujillo T, Earnest MA, Health Care Disparities in the Acute Management of Venous Thromboembolism Based on Insurance Status in the U.S. The Journal of Thrombosis and Thrombolysis. 2011, 32(4) 393-8.
Long J, Lee R, Federico S, Battaglia C, Wong SF, Earnest MA, Developing Leadership and Advocacy Skills in Medical Students through Service-Learning. Journal of Public Health Management and Practice – In Press.

Lee R, Battaglia C, Long J, Wong S, Federico S, Earnest MA, Interprofessional Education in Leadership and Advocacy, Medical Teacher, Accepted Nov 2011.
Earnest MA, Wong S, Federico S, Physician Advocacy – What Is It and How Do We Do It?  Academic Medicine, 2010, 85(1), 63-67.
​Jeanette Guerrasio, MD
​Guerrasio J. Garrity MJ. Aagaard EM. Medical students and physicians referred for remediation: Demographics and outcomes. Acad Med. Accepted. 10/12

Guerrasio J. Teaching Those Who Need Us Most: Remediation of the Struggling Medical Learner. Irwin, PA: Association for Hospital Medical Education; 2013.
Amy Huebschmann, MD​
Huebschmann AG, Regensteiner JG, Kohrt W: Exercise Attenuates the Premature Cardiovascular Aging effects of Type 2 Diabetes. Vascular Medicine. 16(5):378-390, 2011. PMID: 21893560

Huebschmann AG, Crane LA, Belansky ES, Scarbro S, Marshall JA, PhD, Regensteiner JG. Fear of Injury with Physical Activity is Greater in Adults with Diabetes Mellitus compared with Adults without Diabetes Mellitus. Diabetes Care. 34(8):1717-1722, 2011. PMID: 21700920
Huebschmann AG, Mizrahi T, Soenksen A, Beaty BL, Denberg TD. Reducing Clinical Inertia in Hypertension Treatment: a Pragmatic Randomized Controlled Trial. Journal of Clinical Hypertension. 2012 (In Press) PMID: Pending

Huebschmann AG, Kohrt WM, Regensteiner JG.  Exercise Attenuates the Accelerated Vascular aging effects of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.  Vascular Medicine, 2011.  (In Press)

Braun PA, Huebschmann AG, Kim CA, Lezotte DC, Shupe A, Dabelea D.  Effect of Maternal Birthplace on Gestational Diabetes Prevalence in Hispanic Women in Colorado.  Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health.  2010 Jul 18.  PMID: 20640918.
​Kristin Manteuffel Jensen, MD, MSc Jensen KM, Taylor LC, Davis MM.  Primary Care for Adults with Down Syndrome: Adherence to Preventative Healthcare Recommendations.  Journal of Intellectual Disability Research  10.1111/j.1365-2788.2012.01545.x

Jensen KM, Davis MM. Health Care in Adults with Down Syndrome: A Longitudinal Cohort Study. Journal of Intellectual Disability Research 10.1111/j.1365-2788.2012.01589.x

Jensen K, Cooke CR, Davis MM.  Fidelity of Administrative Data When Researching Down Syndrome.
Jean Kutner, MD, MSPH​
Kutner JS, Wheeler JL, Abernethy AP. Clinical Research. In: Cote TR, Kinzbrunner BM. The Hospice Medical Director Manual. Glenview, IL. American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine. 2012

Kutner JS, Smith MC. CAM in Chronic Pain and Palliative Care. In: Moore RJ ed. Handbook of Pain and Palliative Care: Biobehavioral Approaches for the Life Course. New York, Springer, 2012.

Fischer SM, Sauaia A, Min S, Kutner JS, Advance Directive Discussions: Lost in Translation or Lost Opportunities? J Palliat Med. 2012 (in press)

Reither J, Nowels D, Nowels CT, Motz-Storey L, Mellis BK, Keech T, Matlock DD, Kutner JS. We’re Hands-On: Exploring a Supplemental Approach to Hospice Care Provision. Journal of Hospice and Palliative Nursing. 2012; 14(6): 1-7.

Kutner, JS. A Significant Milestone for Palliative Care: Imperative for Dissemination and Implementation Research. J Palliat Med. 2011; 14(11): 1194 – 1195.
Danielle Loeb, MD​
Loeb DF, Ghushchyan V, Huebschmann AG, Lobo IE, Bayliss EA. Association of treatment modality for depression and burden of comorbid chronic illness in a nationally representative sample in the United States. Gen Hosp Psychiatry. Nov-Dec 2012;34(6):588-597.
Lobo IE, Loeb DF, Ghushchyan V, Schauer IE, Huebschmann AG. Missed opportunities for providing low-fat dietary advice to people with diabetes. Preventing chronic disease. Oct 2012;9:E161
Loeb DF, Bayliss EA, Binswanger IA, Candrian C, deGruy FV. Primary care physician perceptions on caring for complex patients with medical and mental illness. J Gen Intern Med. Aug 2012;27(8):945-952.
Dan Matlock, MD​
Flint K, Matlock DD, Lindenfeld J, Allen LA. Frailty and the selection of patients for destination therapy left ventricular assist device. Circulation Heart Failure, 2012 (in press)

Matlock DD; Peterson PN; Wang Y; Curtis JP; Reynolds MR; Varosy P; Masoudi FA. Variation in Use of Dual Chamber Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillators: Results from the NCDR. Archives of Internal Medicine 2012 (in press).

Matlock DD, Destination Unknown, Technologies and the Left Ventricular Assist Device. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. 2012 (in press).

Matlock DD, Nowels CT, Masoudi FA, Sauer WH, Bekelman DB, Main DS, et al. Patient and cardiologist perceptions on decision making for implantable cardioverter-defibrillators: a qualitative study. Pacing Clin Electrophysiol. 2011 Dec;34(12):1634–44. PMID:21972983

Matlock DD; Kutner JS; Emsermann C; Al-Khatib S; Sanders GD; Rumsfeld JS; Dickinson LM; Masoudi FA. Regional Variations in Physicians’ Attitudes and Recommendations Surrounding Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillators. J Card Fail 2011 17(4):318-24. PMID: 21440870
Linda Overholser, MD​ Overholser, L;  Zittleman, L;  Kempe, A;  Bublitz-Emsermann, C;  Froshaug, D;  Main, DS;  Felzien, M;  Westfall, JM.  "Use of Colon Cancer Testing in Rural Colorado Primary Care Practices,"  J Gen Intern Med.  2009 Oct;24(10):1095-1100.

Rim, SH; Zittleman, L;  Westfall, JM;  Overholser, L;  Froshaug, D;  Coughlin, SS. Knowledge, Attitudes, Beliefs and Personal Practices Regarding Colorectal Cancer Screening Among Healthcare Professionals in Rural Colorado:  A Pilot Survey,"  J Rural Health.  2009 Summer;25(3):303-308.​
Judith Regensteiner, PhD​
Duscha BD, Robbins JL, Jones WS, Kraus WE, Lye RJ, Sanders JM, Allen JD, Regensteiner JG, Hiatt WR, Annex BH. Angiogenesis in Skeletal Muscle Precedes Improvements in Peak Oxygen uptake in Peripheral Artery Disease Patients.  Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 2011 Nov;31(11):2742-8
Murphy TP, Cutlip DE, Regensteiner JG, Mohler ER, Cohen DJ, Reynolds MR, Massaro JM, Lewis BA, Cerezo J, Oldenburg NC, Thum CC, Goldberg S, Jaff MR, Steffes MW, Comerota AJ, Ehrman J, Treat-Jacobson D, Walsh ME, Collins T, Badenhop DT, Bronas U, Hirsch AT; for the  CLEVER Study Investigators. Supervised Exercise Versus Primary Stenting for Claudication Resulting From Aortoiliac Peripheral Artery Disease: Six-Month Outcomes From the Claudication:  Exercise Versus Endoluminal Revascularization (CLEVER) Study.  Circulation. 2012 Jan 3;125(1):130-139. Epub 2011 Nov 16.
Creager MA, Belkin M, Bluth EI, Casey DE Jr, Chaturvedi S, Dake MD, Fleg JL, Hirsch AT, Jaff MR, Kern JA, Malenka DJ, Martin ET, Mohler ER 3rd, Murphy T, Olin JW, Regensteiner JG, Rosenwasser RH, Sheehan P, Stewart KJ, Treat-Jacobson D, Upchurch GR Jr, White CJ, Ziffer JA. 2012 ACCF/AHA/ACR/SCAI/SIR/STS/SVM/SVN Key Data Elements and Definitions for Peripheral Atherosclerotic Vascular Disease: A Report of the American College of Cardiology Foundation/American Heart Association Task Force on Clinical Data Standards (Writing Committee to Develop Clinical Data Standards for Peripheral Atherosclerotic Vascular Disease). J Am Coll Cardiol 2012 Jan 17;59(3):294-357. Epub 2011 Dec 5. (also published in Circulation)
Treat-Jacobson D, Lindquist Ruth, Witt D, Kirk L, Schorr E, Bronas, U, Davey C, Regensteiner, JG; The PADQOL: Development and Validation of a PAD-Specific Quality of Life Questionnaire.  Vasc Med, in Press 12/8/2011 
Jones WS, Duscha BD, Robbins JL, Duggan NN, Regensteiner JG, Kraus WE, Hiatt WR, Dokun AO, Annex BH. Alteration in Angiogenic and Anti-Angiogenic Forms of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor in Skeletal Muscle of Patients with Intermittent Claudication Following Exercise Training. Vasc Med (In Press)
Steve Ross, MD​ Ross SE, Radcliff TA, LeBlanc WG, Dickinson LM, Libby AM, Nease DE Jr.  Effects of Health Information Exchange Adoption on Ambulatory Testing Rates. J Am Med Inform Assoc 2013;00:1–6. 10.1136/amiajnl-2012-001608

Danish U. Khan*, Katie A. Siek, Leah Haverhals, Steven Cali, Stephen E. Ross, and Jane Meyers*. Designing a Personal Health Application for Older Adults to Manage Medications. In First International ACM Conference on Health Informatics, pp. 10 pages, ACM, New York, NY, USA, 2010.

Siek KA, Ross SE, Khan DU, Haverhals LM, Cali SR, Meyers J. Colorado Care Tablet: the design of an interoperable Personal Health Application to help older adults with multimorbidity manage their medications. J Biomed Inform 2010; 43:S22-6.

Fontaine P, Ross SE, Zink T, Schilling LM.  Systematic review of health information exchange in primary care practices.  J Am Board Fam Med 2010; 23: 655-70.

Delbanco T, Walker J, Darer JD, Elmore JG, Feldman HJ, Leveille SG, Ralston JD, Ross SE, Vodicka E, Weber VD.  Open notes: doctors and patients signing on.  Ann Intern Med 2010; 20:153:121-5.
Lisa Schilling, MD​ Fontaine P, Ross SE, Zink T, Schilling LM. Systematic review of health information exchange in primary care practices. J Am Board Fam Med. 2010 Sep-Oct;23(5):655-70. Review.

Ross SE, Schilling LM, Fernald DH, Davidson AJ, West DR. Health information exchange in small-to-medium sized family medicine practices: motivators, barriers, and potential facilitators of adoption. Int J Med Inform. 2010 Feb;79(2):123-9. Epub 2010 Jan 12.

Tham E, Ross SE, Mellis BK, Beaty BL, Schilling LM, Davidson AJ. Interest in health information exchange in ambulatory care: a statewide survey. Appl Clin Inf 2010; 1:1-10.

Ross SE, Schilling LM, Fernald DH, Davidson AJ, West DR. Health information exchange in small to medium sized family medicine practices. Int J Med Inform 2010 Feb;79(2):123-129.​
Adam Tsai, MD​

Wadden TA, Volger S, Tsai AG, Sarwer DB, Berkowitz RI, Diewald L, Carvajal Ry, Moran CH, Vetter ML. Managing obesity in primary care practice: an overview and perspective from the POWER-UP study. International Journal of Obesity. 2013 Volume 13, Issue 2 (March/April 2013).

Tsai AG, Wadden TA, Volger S, Sarwer DB, Vetter M, Kumanyika S, Berkowitz RI, Diewald L, Perez J, Lavenberg J, Panigrahi ER, Glick HA. Cost-effectiveness of a primary care intervention to treat obesity. International Journal of Obesity. 2013 Volume 13, Issue 2 (March/April 2013).

Tsai AG. Tender Points. Patient Education and Counseling. 2013, in press.

Tsai AG, Wadden TA. In The Clinic: Obesity. Annals of Internal Medicine. 2013, in press.

Tsai AG. Increasing the Reach of Intensive Weight Loss Counseling: Capsule Commentary on Weinstock et al Weight Loss Success in Metabolic Syndrome by Telephone Interventions: Results from the SHINE Study. Journal of General Internal Medicine. 2013, in press.

Judy Zerzan, MD​ Zerzan JT, Linnebur S, OBryant C, Kutner J. Variation in pain medication use in end-of-life care. Journal of Palliative Medicine. In Press.

Egan A, Cumbler E,  Grout J, Guerrasio J, Zehnder N, Zerzan J. In the Literature. The Hospitalist. Aug 01, 2009.

Zerzan J. Duals, Drugs and Delivery Systems: Health Care Reform in DC. Public Policy and Aging Report. In press. ​
​Ali Zirakzadeh, MD ​Zirakzadeh A, Shuman C, Stauter E, Hays JT, Ebbert JO. Smoking and Methadone Maintenance. Current Drug Abuse Review; 2013 Mar 14; 6 (4) 32-40

Zirakzadeh. Hypertension and Nutrition. Nutritional Health: Strategies for Disease Prevention, 3rd Edition, Temple NJ, Wilson T, Jacobs DR;  Humana Press, Totowa, NJ; 2012