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GIM Research - Primary Health Care Delivery


John Steiner, MD, MPH, is a professor in GIM with a secondary appointment in the Department of Preventive Medicine and Biometrics. He is the director of the Colorado Health Outcomes Program (COHO), which conducts and evaluates interventions to improve the quality of health care and population health ( COHO has an annual budget of over $5 million, with 15 investigators (including several GIM faculty members), 30 staff, 10 primary care research fellows, and 9 Clinical Faculty Scholars. His research interests include the design and evaluation of practice-based interventions, with a special emphasis on primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease and strategies to improve the quality of care for disadvantaged and medically underserved populations.

David R. West, PhD, has extensive expertise in the design and successful implementation of large, multi-year mixed methods (quantitative and qualitative) studies to evaluate the effectiveness of public health programs and initiatives at local, state, and national levels. As the President of the Colorado Patient Safety Coalition, Dr. West continues to pursue his research interests in the field of patient safety within the context of the primary care practice. In his current faculty position as the Director of the Office of Program Evaluation for the Department of Family Medicine – and as the Associate Chair for the Department of Medicine, Dr. West successfully manages many large scale research and evaluation projects, including two awarded to Dr. West as the Principal Investigator by the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and one awarded to Dr. West as the Operations Manager for a national research network funded by the federal Agency For Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). Dr. West also serves as the Principal Investigator for multiple state and foundation-sponsored evaluation contracts.

Thomas MacKenzie, MD, Head of General Internal Medicine at our Denver Health Medical System affiliate, has been developing and evaluating interventions to communicate clinical trial evidence to patients and reduce the inappropriate use and prescribing of antibiotics among patients and providers. Along with Allan Prochazka, MD, he is also involved in a number of initiatives to promote smoking cessation with new pharmaceutical and behavior change therapies.

Laurie Shroyer, PhD, Professor of Medicine based at the Denver VA Medical Center, is a health services researcher whose interests include risk-adjusted outcomes, as well as processes and structures of care; cost-effectiveness analyses; diagnostic test performance; and the responsible conduct of clinical science research.

Karen Chacko, MD, Practice Director of the Anschutz Outpatient Pavilion, is working on improving ways in which patients access and communicate with their primary care providers, both during and outside of formal clinic visits. She and Larry Feinberg, MD, have also been examining the historical evolution of physician preventive health care practices over a 30-year period.

Daniel Barry, MD, recently completed a study on patient-physician concordance in expectations for timeliness of care for a variety of medical conditions.

Joel Witter, MD, is using national and institutional administrative data to study HIV prevalence in urgent care centers as well as physician adherence to JNC-VII guidelines in the treatment of hypertension.

Rita Lee, MD, is currently evaluating the impact of educational interventions on improving physician-patient communication and GLBT health care.

Adam Abraham, MD, is focusing his clinical research efforts on patient behavior change, particularly in relation to physical activity and adherence to healthy diet.

Henry Fischer, MD, investigates opiate prescribing patterns in primary care settings.

Philip Mehler, MD, studies the medical complications of anorexia and bulimia, including QT dispersion in anorexia.


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