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The Primary Care Internal Medicine Residency Program is a primary care training program preparing graduates for careers in clinical practice.

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Center for Health Promotion

Ambulatory Health Promotion

The Ambulatory Health Promotion (AHP) is a population health management collaboration between University of Colorado Health and University Physicians, Inc. The purpose of AHP is to enhance the delivery of preventive and chronic disease services by providing proactive outreach to select University of Colorado Health (UCH) patients to help them be up-to-date with preventive care guidelines. We currently have the following established outreach programs: 

  1. ​Preventive Services Program – the purpose of this program is to outreach to patients who are overdue for guideline-based recommended services, including health maintenance visits, cervical cancer screening, diabetes/lipid screenings, immunizations, breast cancer and osteoporosis screenings. 

  2. Colorectal Screening Outreach and Reminder Programs - the purpose of these programs is to outreach to patients overdue for colorectal screening. 

  3. Diabetes Management Outreach Program – the purpose of this program is to outreach to diabetic patients who are not meeting their recommended diabetic care goals, as determined by the American Diabetic Association.

  4. Transitions of Care Program - the purpose of this program is to prevent hospital readmissions and improve patient care. 

Please click onAHP Program Descriptions 6.5.2015.pdfAHP Program Descriptions 6.5.2015.pdf

to see​ a detailed description of our programs.