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Peak Hospitalist Preceptorship

Patrick Kneeland, MD  Director  
​Patrick Kneeland, MD

The Peak Hospitalist Preceptorship (PHP) forms the cornerstone of the HMGs Hospitalist Training Program’s clinical experience.  The service believes that hospitalists are uniquely situated to create value in their healthcare environment and that provision of high value care is what differentiates the  “hospitalist-as-an-indispensable-healthcare-delivery-asset” from the “hospitalist-as-an-RVU-churning-commodity” . The Peak Hospitalist Preceptorship (PHP) is uniquely positioned to coach trainees around the provision of such high-value care.


Specifically, the PHP’s mission is:

  1. To provide Peak hospital care to every patient, every time.
  2. To provide an exceptional training experience for residents who are interested in becoming career hospitalists - either in academics or in the community.
  3. To utilize the unique service structure of the PHP to prioritize teaching that develops hospitalists that can reliably provide evidence-based care, eliminate preventable harm to patients, seek a deep understanding of the patient experience, and provide cost-conscious and waste-reducing care.
  4. Foster career mentoring relationships between residents and attending hospitalists.

Each month, 1-2 hospitalist and internal medicine residents are assigned to the service and run the daily service with one hospital medicine faculty attending.

The service focuses on the following core competencies:

  1. Exceptional care transitions and handoffs
  2. Exceptional team-based care as a driver for efficiency and preventing patient harm
  3. Consciousness of healthcare costs and strategies for lowering costs in the inpatient setting
  4. Awareness of the patient experience including sensitivity to patient harm and satisfaction
  5. Implementation of strategies that drive the reliable use of evidence-based practice
  6. Deliberate practice around improving a provider’s clinical efficiency
  7. How high-value care creation can drive exceptional care of vulnerable populations

For more information about PHP, please contact