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Inpatient Medicine Wards

Emily Gottenborg, MD

The Inpatient Medicine Ward service is comprised of four teams that care for all general medicine patients <75 years of age that are admitted to the hospital. Each team is comprised of one physician faculty, one resident, one intern, and one patient resident liaison (PRL), which assist the teams in coordination of daily tasks and discharge transitions. Teams typically have medical students, sub-interns and pharmacy staff/students.

The mission of this service is to set the national standard for general internal medicine residency training in inpatient care and generate innovation for acute care education. 

The goals of the rotation are to gain competence in the evidence-based management of general medical illness commonly admitted to a tertiary referral hospital and to gain expertise in the inter-disciplinary care of the complex patient. The service strives to improve providers’ ability to recognize and treat acute illness requiring hospitalization with a team approach to clinical care and education and a focus on patient-centered care. 

For more information about the Inpatient Medicine Wards Service, please contact