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Inpatient Hospitalist Oncology

​Dimitriy Levin, MD  Director  
​Dimitriy Levin, MD

The Oncology Service is comprised of two teams.  Both services admit and care for patients with known or suspected active solid tumor malignancies.  Medical Oncology 1 is composed of a hospitalist attending and an Internal Medicine resident and Intern while Medicine Oncology 2 is composed of a hospitalist attending and an advanced practice fellow. 

Both teams attend daily multidisciplinary rounds with a Medical Oncology attending and fellow, the Palliative Care team, and an Oncology social worker, case manager, pharmacist and nutritionist. 

The goal of the Oncology service is to provide expert care and superior outcomes to our cancer patients.  Additionally, there is a robust curriculum taught daily by hospitalist faculty that emphasizes medical oncology and palliative care topics. 

The Hospitalist Oncology service uses an innovative educational delivery model know as ‘discovery rounds.’  In this model, faculty and learners review the electronic record, talk with consultants and see all patients together in order to provide the highest quality care while also giving immediate, directly-observed feedback on a learner’s clinical decision making and interaction with the patient and the care team. 

This method encourages learners to try out new communication techniques with immediate post-encounter feedback by the attending.



Service data tracking inclusive of patient dispositions, diagnoses on admission, readmissions, Palliative Care and Hospice consults, and actual vs. predicted lengths of stay rates.


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