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Hospital Medicine Services (HMS)

Teams 1, 2, & 3

Brian Wolfe, MD  
​Brian Wolfe, MD​

The Hospital Medicine Services (HMS) teams are general medicine teaching services that manage and care for observation and inpatient floor and step down patients. The HMS 1 & 2 teams are each staffed by a physician faculty member, NP or PA faculty member, and an advanced practice fellow. 

HMS receives patients from the Emergency Department (ED), direct admissions from the clinic, outside hospital transfers, intensive care unit inpatient transfers and inpatient intra-service transfers.  In addition, the HMS service admits/observes all patients that require an inpatient admission/observation after receiving a scheduled Interventional Radiology (IR) procedure (most commonly a transarterial ch​emoembolization procedure (TACE) or a gastroenterology advanced endoscopic procedure).  

The HMS is the cornerstone of the HMG Advanced Practice Fellowship (APF). The goal of the APF is to develop NPs and PAs that will have the medical knowledge and, most importantly, the clinical decision making skills and experience to care for complex medical inpatients.  The teams are structured like medical ward teams with a physician supervising and NP or PA faculty member who are both supervising and teaching an advanced practice fellow.  Teaching occurs daily on rounds and during afternoon teaching sessions. 

Overview – Team 3

The HMS 3 team is structured similarly to HMS 1 & 2 with the primary difference being that they carry a smaller daily service such that they can be more active admitting during the afternoon hours.  The daily rounds structure, supervision and teaching opportunities are the same as on HMS 1 & 2.


Transitions of care project facilitated by Christine Jones, MD.

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