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Acute Care for the Elderly


​Ethan Cumbler, MD
​Heidi Wald, MD​

The UCH ACE service is comprised of two inpatient teams caring for the hospitalized elderly >75 years of age. Each team is staffed by a physician faculty member, second year Internal Medicine resident and Internal Medicine intern.

The ACE service is designed to be an innovative, interactive, and fun educational experience using non-traditional teaching methods with a primary emphasis on the learners’ experience.  The objectives are to:​

  1. ​Improve the individual physicians’ ability to recognize and treat patients at the intersection of vulnerability and an acute illness.
  2. Compensate, using specific physician actions, for a medical system poorly suited to meet the needs of the geriatric inpatient.
  3. Demonstrate a vibrant example of how hospital systems can be improved to benefit vulnerable patients.
The goals of the Acute Care for the Elderly Service rotation are to gain competence in the evidence-based management of geriatric conditions commonly admitted to the hospital and to gain expertise in the interdisciplinary care of complex geriatric syndromes. This is accomplished with a patient- and family-centered approach with individualization of care based on understanding of the unique physiology, pharmacodynamics, and psychosocial issues of the elderly.  
An overriding goal is emphasize the fundamental concept of balance in the medical care of the elderly with a focus on quality of life and on care tailored to the patient’s goals and priorities.


  • Communication between physicians and patients – A multifaceted QI project.
  • Improving efficiency and patient/family experience with transition to Skilled Nursing Facilities. 
For more information about the ACE Service, please contact​