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Research & Scholarship

The HMG continues to be a national leader in research and scholarly dissemination.  Grant dollars continue to rise with members obtaining Federal R18 (AHRQ), K23 (NIA) and U54 (NINDS) grants in addition to Foundational, Societal and private funding.  The number and impact of publications have risen every year with members publishing in prestigious medical journals.  Additionally, group members continue to disseminate local, regional and national presentations including numerous Visiting Professorships. 
We began with the basics, creating the “Roadmap to Academic Success” that details concrete steps and milestones.  We have built a framework, not only to connect individual faculty members with a mentor within our group, but also to network with innovators and mentors outside our institution.  This includes the University of Colorado Hospitalist Scholars Collaborative, a research program for academic hospitalists of the four hospitals within our academic system, and the Innovations Collaborative Visiting Professorships in Hospital Medicine.  We are continuing to create novel structures to facilitate collaboration for research including initiating joint scholarship within each new LaunchPad (link) co-hort and at the service line level through the new Longitudinal Scholarship teams.  Additionally, each year we conduct a survey of faculty skills, needs, and desires in the creation of scholarship.  Along the way we have also built mechanisms to celebrate and share the successes of members of our group.  These include a scholarship display that highlights faculty work that is located in the HMG offices reception area along with screensavers highlighting these achievements on each HMG computer.