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Scholarly Activity

Hospital Medicine Group


The University of Colorado Hospitalist group is fast becoming a national leader in scholarly activity.  The group includes and supports fellowship trained researchers in General Internal Medicine, Geriatrics, Health Outcomes and Bioethics who are poised to become independently funded researchers but recognizes that many academic hospitalists have neither the training nor interest to become full time funded researchers. 

However, the cornerstone of academics is the advancement of the science of medicine and our hospitalist group steadfastly holds scholarly achievement as a pillar of our mission.  As such the group offers the three components needed to successfully achieve scholarly success:  time for scholarly effort, project money and mentorship.  This success of this formula can be seen in the progress our group members are making. 


The groups’ research initiatives are lead by Dr. Heidi Wald who is fellowship trained in Geriatrics and Health Outcomes.  Early group work was aimed at documenting the role hospitalists do and should play in health systems.  Ongoing work is more focused on developing teaching models for hospitalists and non-hospitalists alike as well as improving patient care through patient safety and quality improvements.

The following provide a sample of areas of current research focus:


Transitions of Care

  • Developing better models for transitions of care for medical patient.
  • Evaluating the effects of cognitive dysfunction on transitions of care.



  • Developing a safer more efficient model of care for elderly patients.
  • Lessening the use of sedative medications in the geriatric-age population.
  • Assessing the impact of Medicare prescription drug costs for Americans.


Healthcare Systems

  • Reducing the incidence and harm from Foley catheter use.
  • Improving the medication reconciliation process in hospital inpatients.
  • Improving glycemic control in medical inpatients.


Perioperative Medicine

  • Improving glycemic control surgical patients.


Palliative Medicine

  • Validating a prediction tool for end of life prognosis.


Education Research

  • Developing teaching models for quality improvement and hospital.