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Young Hospitalist Academy

                                                   2014 HISP participants enjoy a hike during a                                                                                        leadership training retreat in Rocky Mountain National Park.

The Young Hospitalist Academy (YHA) is seeking exceptional candidates from across the United States that wish to develop the skills necessary to become leaders who can improve the dysfunctional American healthcare system.

The 21st century is an extraordinarily exciting time for the healing professions. Advances in science, technology, and models of collaboration promise continued acceleration of discovery and improvement in human health.  However, our current health delivery systems require radical reinvention.  In the United States, providers only deliver care based on well-vetted scientific guidelines 55% of the time.  The type, intensity, and cost of care for managing a given disease varies widely across the countryPreventable harm from care delivered in our hospitals kills more people each year than breast cancer and HIV combined.  The Institute of Medicine estimates that the healthcare industry wastes $750 billion per year because our complex care systems fail to perform at an optimal level.  Though the field of hospital medicine has been actively addressing these challenges for more than a decade, teaching about systems improvement remains underrepresented in most medical school curricula.

The YHA is a comprehensive medical student program aimed at providing young leaders with the clinical and non-clinical skills to transform health systems. We offer 2 complementary opportunities for medical students:

  1. The Health Innovations Scholars Program is an intensive summer training program for pre-clinical medical students who wish to develop skills necessary to lead innovative transformation of the American healthcare system. The Scholars Program emphasizes mastery of advanced skills from improvement science, policy, finance, business, engineering, and leadership.

  2. The Hospital Medicine Sub-Internship is a month-long clinical elective for fourth-year students that introduces future physicians to the field of Hospital Medicine. The clinical experience focuses on the development of clinical skills necessary for hospitalist practice and the application of quality, safety, efficiency and systems change tools at the bedside.  


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