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Hospitalist Training Program

The Hospitalist Training Program (HTP), which commenced in July 2004 and is the oldest continuously operating hospitalist training program in the country, provides a comprehensive and innovative preparation for residents seeking careers as hospitalists or hospital-based specialists. Because the program is designed to address gaps key gaps in most residency programs—specifically, clinical skills for hospitalist practice, intensive career mentorship, and systems improvement skill development-- our graduates are well prepared to function clinically as a hospitalist and act as leaders and change agents in improving healthcare systems. ​


The HTP is available to up to 12 residents per year, and accepts applications in the match as well as during the spring of intern year. The three-year program starting at the intern level trains participants to be outstanding hospitalists and also emphasizes leadership of projects to improve quality, patient safety, and hospital efficiency. In addition we also teach basic healthcare finance, business of medicine and leadership skills. Prospective residents apply as 4th year medical students through the NMRP Match.

For clinical training, the HTP builds on the backbone of the categorical track rotations, such that residents are integrated into the overarching residency program and graduate with expertise in both inpatient and ambulatory medicine. However, the HTP substitutes track-specific clinical rotations including inpatient neurology, consultative medicine, and one-on-one preceptorships with faculty hospitalists in place of other general medical inpatient rotations, in order to tailor training to the needs of future hospitalists. The HTP also includes immersion training in quality improvement, patient safety, high-value care, and hospital efficiency through mentored implementation of team-based quality improvement projects, led by HTP participants. Additional program features include an individualized mentorship program, a hospitalist-focused journal club, a monthly project conference that affords the housestaff the chance to utilize the key tools and tenets of hospital medicine, opportunities to publish and present work at regional and national conferences, and biannual retreats. 

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Applicants to the HTP, who possess excellent potential to become future healthcare executives and are interested in pursuing advanced leadership training during residency, are also eligible to join the Medical Leaders Program (MLP)—a three-year program starting at the intern level that is open to residents in any track (Categorical, Primary Care, HTP). Prospective MLP candidates who are interested in hospitalist leadership careers should apply to both the Hospitalist track (HTP) and the MLP as 4th year medical students. Desirable MLP candidates are offered positions contingent on matching into our residency program through any of the 3 established tracks (Categorical, Primary Care, Hospitalist). MLP residents who also are part of the HTP attend all curricular elements available through the HTP, and spend extra time throughout residency focusing in greater depth on hospital and health systems operations, healthcare finance, policy, clinical innovation, leadership, and management skills, alongside MLP participants from the Categorical and PC tracks. ​

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Hospitalist Training Program​ Faculty & Staff

Darlene Tad-y,​ MD

​Program Director, Hospitalist Training Program

Julia Limes, MD​ Assistant Program Director, Hospitalist Training Program​
Manny Diaz,​ MD  Co-​Director, Hospitalist Training Program - Medical Leaders Program
Emily Gottenborg, MD​ Co-Director, Hospitalist Training Program - Medical Leaders Program​
​Cayleigh Brown​​ Program Coordinator