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MET 1:

Contact: Nicholas Birdsey
                                      TYPE I DIABETES
            RESEARCH STUDY
                                                                      COMIRB # 11-0693
Principal Investigator:  Irene Schauer, MD
Adults with type 1 diabetes are needed for a research study of the effects of an FDA-approved medication on metabolism and blood vessel function
You may be eligible to participate in this research study if:
¨  You have type 1 diabetes
¨   You are 25-59 years old
¨   You exercise vigorously less than four times per week
¨   You have normal blood pressure
           The research study includes:
¨  Physical exam and blood draws
¨  Assessment of body composition, insulin sensitivity, blood vessel function
¨  Muscle biopsies
¨  Taking an FDA-approved drug (metformin) or placebo for 6 weeks on two separate occasions.
Compensation is provided.
To learn more about the research study or to find out if you are eligible to participate, please contact:
Nicholas Birdsey
COMIRB approved:
                                                                                    24-May-2013 – 23-May-2014