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Endocrine Grand Rounds: Spring 2017

​​This talk series is a highlight of the educational mission of our division. It is scheduled from September through June of every academic year and is held from 8–9 am on Wednesday mornings on the Anschutz Medical Campus in the Hensel Phelps West Auditorium of Research Complex-1 North, Room P18-1006. Current concepts and controversies in all areas of clinical and translational Endocrinology are presented, often in the context of a case presentation. 
These talks are given by our division faculty and fellows, in addition to faculty from other divisions both within and outside the Department of Medicine as well as visiting Professors from other institutions. The Fundamentals and What’s New Series has been incorporated into Endocrinology Grand Rounds starting in 2009. 
Each major subspecialty area of Endocrinology is covered across a 2-year cycle in a series of talks that includes basic concepts, pathophysiology, and highlights of recent advances in translational research and clinical care of the particular endocrine system being presented.

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​Date ​Speaker ​Institution ​​Presentation Title ​Location
​01/11/2017 Peter A. Gottlieb, MD ​University of
Colorado School of Medicine- Barbara Davis Center
​Immunotherapy for Type 1 Diabetes: Are we there yet?
​​Hensel Phelps West

​01/18/2017 ​Endocrine Fellows: Kelsi Lacock, MD and Michele Glodowski, MD
University of Colorado School of Medicine ​Challenging Endocrine Cases: (1.)The Pain of Getting in Shape
(2.) Plasmapheresis in Thyroid Storm
​​​​Hensel Phelps West
01/25/2017 ​David D'Alessio, MD
Duke University GLP-1 As a Hormone: If and When ​​​​Hensel Phelps West
02/01/2017 Jane Reusch, MD ​University of Colorado School of Medicine Metformin: What's New? ​​​​Hensel Phelps West
02/08/2017 ​Neda Rasouli, MD ​University of Colorado School of Medicine Cardiovascular Outcome Studies and Diabetes: How to translate into practice? ​​​​Hensel Phelps West
02/15/2017 Endocrine Fellows: Matt Wahl, MD and Sara Gilbert, MD
​University of Colorado School of Medicine ​Challenging Endocrine Cases: (1.) Graves' Opthalmopathy and Radioactive Iodine-Should I be Concerned? (2.) A Case of Partial Androgen Insensitivity

​​​​​Hensel Phelps West
02/22/2017 Constantine A. Stratakis,MD,D(MED)Sci National Institute of Health(NIH) Genetics of pituitary tumors:a clinical and molecular update Hensel Phelps West
​03/01/2017 Jonathan M. Graff, Ph.D., M.D. UT Southwestern Medical Center Harnessing the power of stem cells to cure obesity and diabetes ​Hensel Phelps West
03/08/2017 Michael McDermott, M.D. University of Colorado School of Medicine Adrenal Insufficiency and Steroid Tapering Strategies ​​​​Hensel Phelps West
03/15/2017 Endocrine Fellows: Taylor Triolo, MD and Michele Glodowski, MD ​University of Colorado School of Medicine ​Challenging Endocrine Cases: (1.) Hyperglycemia in an infant with congenital heart disease
(2.) Hyperthyroidism and the heart
​​​​Hensel Phelps West
03/22/2017 ENDO 2017 Abstract Presentations University of Colorado School of Medicine ENDO 2017 Abstracts ​​​​Hensel Phelps West
​03/29/2017 Sarah E. Mayson, M.D. University of Colorado School of Medicine From features to patterns: Use of ultrasound in evaluation of thyroid nodules ​​​​Hensel Phelps West
04/05/2017 Samuel Klein, MD ​Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis Bariatric Surgery and Type 2 Diabetes Hensel Phelps West​
​04/12/2017 Endocrine Fellows: Kenneth Tompkins, MD and Matthew Wahl, MD University of Colorado School of Medicine Challenging Endocrine Cases: (1.) Medullary Thyroid Cancer: Genetics and Treatment Implications
(2.) A Case of Subclinical Cushing's and Consideration for Adrenalectomy
​​​​Hensel Phelps West
04/19/2017 ​​Monika Nuffer, PharmD ​University of Colorado School of Medicine
Supplements: another option in your toolbox? ​​​​Hensel Phelps West
​​04/26/2017 Matthew R.G. Taylor, MD, PhD
​​University of Colorado School of Medicine- Director, Adult Medical Genetics Program ​The Genetics Toolkit for the Endocrinologist ​​​​Hensel Phelps West
​05/03/2017 ​​Matthew D. Ringel, MD
​The Ohio State University College
of Medicine
Defining New Pathways for Progressive Thyroid Cancer ​Hensel Phelps West
​05/10/2017 ​Endocrine Fellows: Michele Glodowski, MD and Kenneth Tompkins, MD ​University of Colorado School of Medicine ​Challenging Endocrine Cases: (1.) An Uncommon Cause of Hypercalcemia (2.) Management of the transgender patient and specific safety concerns ​Hensel Phelps West
0​5/17/2017 James O. Hill, PhD ​University of Colorado School of Medicine- Department of Pediatrics and Medicine ​Is there ​any hope for reducing obesity rates in the population? ​Hensel Phelps West
0​5/24/2017 ​Edward Fisher, MD, PhD ​New York University Diabetes impairs atherosclerosis regression:mechanisms in mice ​Hensel Phelps West
​05/31/2017 Paul S. MacLean, PhD University of Colorado School of Medicine The ADOPT Core Measure Project: Taking Steps Toward Personalized Treatments for Obesity ​Shore Auditorium
Room 110
​H.David McIntyre, MD, FRACP Univerity of Queensland ​Beyond the OGTT: New Risk Engine Approach to Identify 'GDM' Mothers at Risk for Adverse Outcomes ​Hensel Phelps West
​06/14/2017 ​Dolores Shoback, MD ​University of California San Francisco ​An Update In Parathyroid Disease ​Hensel Phelps West
​06/21/2017 Senior Fellows QI Project- Kelsi Lacock, MD, Sean Iwamoto, MD, and Richard Millstein, DO ​University of Colorado School of Medicine QI Projects:
1. Preventing Re-admissions after pituitary surgery
2. Capturing obesity among transgender patients at UCH, VA, and DH
3. Does Prolonged Glucose to Insulin Time(GIT) Elicit Greater Hyperglycemia?
​Hensel Phelps West
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