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Endocrine Grand Rounds: Fall 2016

​​This talk series is a highlight of the educational mission of our division. It is scheduled from September through June of every academic year and is held from 8–9 am on Wednesday mornings on the Anschutz Medical Campus in the Hensel Phelps West Auditorium of Research Complex-1 North, Room P18-1006. Current concepts and controversies in all areas of clinical and translational Endocrinology are presented, often in the context of a case presentation. 
These talks are given by our division faculty and fellows, in addition to faculty from other divisions both within and outside the Department of Medicine as well as visiting Professors from other institutions. The Fundamentals and What’s New Series has been incorporated into Endocrinology Grand Rounds starting in 2009. 
Each major subspecialty area of Endocrinology is covered across a 2-year cycle in a series of talks that includes basic concepts, pathophysiology, and highlights of recent advances in translational research and clinical care of the particular endocrine system being presented.

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​Date ​Speaker ​Institution ​​Presentation Title ​Location
​09/07/2016 Bryan Haugen, MD, and Joshua Klopper, MD, and Hilary Somerset, MD
​University of
Colorado School of Medicine​ and Kaiser Permanente
​NIFTP: When is a thyroid cancer not a thyroid cancer?
​​Hensel Phelps West

​09/14/2016 ​Endocrine Fellows: Richard Millstein, DO, and Sean Iwamoto, MD
University of Colorado School of Medicine ​Challenging Endocrine Cases: 1.  Hypocalcemia: A conundrum of a cause 2. No longer just idiopathic nor infantile:
Revisiting CYP24A1 mutation and hypercalcemia
​​​​Hensel Phelps West
09/21/2016 ​Lauren Fishbein, MD, PhD
University of Colorado School of Medicine Adrenal Incidentalomas: To follow or not to follow?  That is the question.
​​​​Hensel Phelps West
09/28/2016 Philip Zeitler, MD, PhD
​University of Colorado School of Medicine Type 2 Diabetes in Youth: Lessons from major clinical trials
​​​​Hensel Phelps West
10/05/2016 ​Clifford Rosen, MD ​Maine Medical Center Research Institute Very Novel Treatments for Osteoporosis
​​​​Hensel Phelps West
10/12/2016 Endocrine Fellows: Kelsi Lacock, MD, and Kenneth Tompkins, MD
​University of Colorado School of Medicine ​Challenging Endocrine Cases: 1. Consequences of Primary Ovarian Insufficiency beyond infertility 2.  Adrenocortical carcinoma: A common presentation of an uncommon disease ​​​​Hensel Phelps West
10/19/2016 Diana Jalal, MD
​University of Colorado School of Medicine ​Treatment of Diabetic Nephropathy: Where We Are Now? Hensel Phelps West
​10/26/2016 Kevin Lillehei, MD ​University of Colorado School of Medicine Diagnosis and Treatment for Parasellar Tumors
​Hensel Phelps West
11/02/2016 Endocrine Fellows: Richard Millstein, DO, and Matthew Wahl, MD ​University of Colorado School of Medicine ​Challenging Endocrine Cases: 1. Hypogonadism: to treat or not to treat 2.  Primary Aldosteronism Diagnosis and the role of Adrenal Vein Sampling
​​​​Hensel Phelps West
11/09/2016 Ursula Kaiser, MD ​Brigham and Women's ​Pubertal Disorders: A window into the Neuroendocrine Control of Reproductive Development and Fertility ​​​​Hensel Phelps West
11/16/2016 Richard Bergman, PhD
​UCLA ​New insights into hyperinsulinemic counterregulation
​​​​Hensel Phelps West
​11/23/2016 No Conference

​​​​Hensel Phelps West
​11/30/2016 Jennifer Morrison, MD, PhD
​Kaiser Permanente Challenges and Unanswered  Questions in the Management of Hashimoto's Thyroiditis​ Hensel Phelps West​
​12/07/2016 Clay F. Semenkovich, MD
Washington University
American Literature and the Challenges of Obesity and Diabetes ​​​​Hensel Phelps West
12/14/2016 ​​Endocrine Fellows: Sonalee Ravi, MD,  and Sean Iwamoto, MD ​University of Colorado School of Medicine
​Challenging Endocrine Cases:
(1.) Neonatal Graves Disease
(2.) I have had HIV for a long time. The diabetes is brand new.
​​​​Hensel Phelps West
​​12/21/2016 No Conference
​​ ​​​​Hensel Phelps West
​12/28/2016 No Conference

​Hensel Phelps West
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