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Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes Newsroom

The Latest Research, Community and Medical News Updates



Study Examines Efficacy Of Common Diabetes Drugs

Dr. Rasouli compares the relative effectiveness of 4 commonly used glucose-lowering medications when combined with meformin to see which combination is most effectavie at lowering blood glucose levels.

Faculty Spotlight: Robert Eckel

CU Department of Medicine’s 35-Year ‘Utility Player’ Recognized as Outstanding Clinical Investigator

Colorado Diet participants find they can achieve "State of Slim"

The Colorado Diet concentrates on changing lifestyle instead of focusing only on austere menus.

Denver's Top Doctors in the 5280 magazine

Drs. Bessesen and McDermott listed as Denver's Top Doctors in the 5280 magazine!

Metabolic Disease

Appropriate metabolic regulation is essential for good health and well-being.

Endocrine Function and Related Neoplasms

The endocrine system is a complex mode of communication between the body’s tissues.


DOM Newsroom

Dr. David A. Schwartz Named to NuMedii Advisory Board as IPF Expert

Earlier this week, NuMedii, Inc. announced the official formation of an Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) Advisory Board.

Vitamin D Supplements May Make Arteries Healthier

“Looking at vitamin D earlier in life -- before there’s a lot of cardiovascular disease on board -- could be an encouraging improvement,” said Robert Eckel, director of the University of Colorado Hospital's Lipid Clinic.

E. Coli Cases Linked To Romaine Lettuce

“Don’t just put them under the sink for a few seconds. I often will put it in a bowl and let it soak so I know the surfaces have been touched by the water. Then, I drain it and repeat that a couple of time,” said Michelle Barron.

Trump's firing sets back AIDS prevention efforts

“I am fearful that the people who are appointed will be in line with the current philosophy of the administration,” said Lucy Bradley-Springer.

Opinion California will regret legalizing marijuana if its experience is anything like Colorado's

Letter to the editor by Ellen L. Burnham, an associate professor and pulmonary disease specialist at the CU School of Medicine.

Columbine survivor battles colon cancer with hope

“It’s very unusual for a 31-year-old to be diagnosed with colorectal cancer,” said one of Rund’s doctors, Wells Messersmith, a Gastrointestinal Oncologist at UCHealth. “For the most part, this is a disease of elderly patients.”

State rules affect survival of immigrants with kidney failure

“No one should have to give up their life because access to life-saving dialysis is restricted,” said lead researcher Lilia Cervantes, a physician at Denver Health and associate professor of medicine at the CU School of Medicine.

Flu sends three times more people to hospital

“You're feeling fine, you’re feeling fine and then ‘boom,’” said Michelle Barron, the Medical Director of Infection Prevention and Control at University of Colorado Hospital.

7 Heart Health Mistakes Even Smart People Make

“In general, I tell people to take 30 minutes a day to do something mindful. It could be yoga, meditation or prayer—whatever it takes to cast off the stresses that accumulate,” says Andrew M. Freeman, cardiologist at National Jewish Health.

How a Wild New Year's Eve Affects Your Body, Plus How to Bounce Back Afterward

“One big meal isn’t what causes people to be overweight,” says Holly Wyatt, who runs the metabolism and obesity clinic at the CU Anschutz Health and Wellness Center.

Denver Health’s 4-Tier Focus on Super-Utilizers

A deeper understanding of the patient population leaders to more effective and efficient care

Survey: Physicians rate weight-loss medications, surgery less effective than lifestyle in obesity management

“Physicians should understand that reductions in metabolism, as well as neurohormonal changes that increase appetite, tend to occur when patients lose weight,” said Adam Gilden Tsai

School of Medicine physician receives top honor

Michael Holers, MD, honored by the American College of Rheumatology

Is it time to retire cholesterol tests?

Cardiologist Robert Eckel of the CU School of Medicine, who was also on the American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association committee, agrees. “I don't see apoB changing the playing field very much,” he says.

El Paso County needle exchange appears dead after hitting Board of Health roadblock

“What we have to do is take the risk necessary and realize this is a benefit to this community,” said Erik Wallace, who leads the CU School of Medicine’s Colorado Springs Branch.