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ClinImmune, Allergy & Clinical Immunology, Infectious Disease Flow Cytometry & Bioarchiving Facility

A ClinImmune Labs and University of Colorado Bioarchiving, Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Facility


                                       About Us


Flow Cytometry And Cell Sorting

Contract Research​

Clinical Research

Biorepository and Cell Banking​

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​Our flow cytometry core is ran by researchers with over 30  combined years of flow experience. Not only will we help with experiment and panel design, we're also a full service facility and can acquire your samples for you.

​Our experienced staff  provide clients with full service research outsourcing. We will perform sample preparation, staining, data acquisition and analysis. We have expanded capabilities available at our disposal to assist with all kinds of research activities. ​We are a  CAP certified facility and are ready to run your clinical research samples. ​Our Biorepository specializes in banking of density gradient separated human mononuclear cells from  peripheral and cord blood. Currently, we are in the process of FDA approval of MSC banking.



Contact Us

Director: Brent Palmer, PhD -

Phone: 303-724-7203

Technical Director: Charles Preston Neff, PhD -

Phone: 303-724-7196

Flow Core Staff:

Garrett Hedlund -

Phone: 303-724-7211

Sharon Sen -

Phone: 303-724-7196