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Routine Educational Curriculum

Division of Cardiology Educational Curriculum

Listed below is the current educational curriculum. Note there are links that provide most schedules.

Core Lecture Series

This series of lectures are considered to be CORE Cardiology topics that are required for the cardiovascular fellows in training for preparation of their ACC Boards with information that is relevant to their educational development. These lectures are presented in special sessions that are noted in the various conferences listed below.

Cardiology Grand Rounds When

When: Fridays (September – May) 12pm -1pm
Host Location: UCD Academic Office 1, Board Room 7000 Teleconference
Locations: DHMC-Cardiology Conference Room VAMC: Rm.3c-126

Cardiology Grand Rounds strives to provide topical lectures with emphasis on latest techniques and advancements in the practice of Cardiovascular Disease. This is accomplished by presentations from our own Cardiology Faculty and nationally known visiting professors from premier academic medical centers throughout the United States. While the lectures are geared to our own Cardiology Faculty and Fellows in training, we welcome those who have special interests in any topics presented. Residents and nursing staff with career interests in cardiology are encouraged to attend as well as non-cardiology faculty with special interests in a particular topic presented. Additionally, enthusiastically extend an open invitation to our community cardiology physicians to attend any or all of our lectures.

Cardiology Research Conference

When: Mondays (September – May) 12pm – 1pm
Host Location: UCD Academic Office 1, Board Room 7000 Teleconference
Locations: DHMC-Cardiology Conference Room VAMC: Rm.3c-126

Cardiology Research Conference offers a forum where ongoing investigational research can be presented to provide the faculty and fellows in training with a better understanding of the research within our division and opportunities for new research and collaborative research efforts between our sites of practice. Bench research work presented especially provides the fellows in training with an excellent overview of opportunities for in depth work that can inspire new research career pathways. Presentations mainly focus on our own key research areas but other researchers with projects relative to cardiology also serve as invited speakers. Our own fellows in training with dedicated time in research present their ongoing work for review and suggestions by faculty for continuation and progress of their work. (

Echocardiography – Imaging Conference

Routinely held alternate Wednesdays 5:30 -6:30pm (September – May)
Academic Office 1-UCD Campus

This conference is designed to provide a curriculum that focuses in depth understanding of case studies interpretation to better prepare fellows for board examination in the areas of echocardiography and cardiac imaging. At the end of each conference year, the fellows take a MOCK ECHO & IMAGING Boards examination to help them assess their growth and skills over their fellowship training. In addition, all first year fellows receive “Hands on ECHO Training” under the direction of Dr. Salcedo and Doris Peterson Chief Stenographer who provide training on the basic operation and techniques of the equipment as well as recognition of the basic views.

Conference Calendar

CATH Conference

Routinely held: Tuesdays 12pm-1pm
Host Location: Academic Office 1, Rm. 5101 Teleconference
Locations: VAMC: Rm.5c-144 DHMC: Cardiology Conference Rm.

Presentations focus on recent case studies involving specialty procedures performed in the CATH lab including but not limited to angioplasties. Once a month fellows on CCU service at DHMC, VAMC, & UCH present blinded case studies from patients on their service who have undergone studies that are interesting for presentation and review discussion. (Click here to view a list of the current academic year topics/speakers)

EKG Conference

Alternate Wednesdays 5:30pm – 6:30pm (September – May)

This format offers review of arrhythmias for fellows to advance their ability in EKG interpretation. Additionally review of pacemakers and EP Studies information relative to fellows in cardiovascular disease is presented. Beyond this lecture series, fellows with career pathway interests in Electrophysiology are invited to attend the 7am daily presentations at UCH conference room. MOCK EKG Boards are held yearly for fellows to track their ongoing improvement in electrocardiography. (Click here to view a list of the current academic year topics/speakers)

Cardiology Journal Club

Cardiology Journal Club is routinely held once a month (routinely the 3rd week) on Monday evening. Various Cardiology Faculty host these evening sessions at their home with a light dinner provided. The Fellow presents an article for review. Then the statistical data is presented by one of our cardiology faculty in outcomes while a faculty discussant presents key points of the article for discussion.

Introduction to Cardiology

Limited series of presentations held in four two hour sessions. This course geared to our New Fellows in training, provides an opportunity for faculty to present key information imperative to assure educational informational overview on a variety of topics that are presented more in depth as fellow training continues. This helps the fellows gain a more rapid understanding of the basics of cardiovascular care while under the direct supervision of faculty on their clinical rotations.

Educational Oversight

The course curriculum is reviewed by the Cardiology Education Committee to assure course objectives are met. An annual meeting of the Cardiology Education Committee is held where the tabulated results and comments of the Educational Survey completed annually by the fellows is presented in a blinded format. This report serves to drive changes in the directives for the curriculum as well as new recommendations from ACC and ACGME. The Program Chair for this committee is Frederick Masoudi, MD, MPH. The Cardiology Education Committee consists of the Program Directors for the above named courses along with the fellowship directors from Cardiovascular Disease, Interventional Cardiology and Electrophysiology Fellowships. A fellow representative from each of these dimensions serves on the committee as well as three general members from cardiology faculty with representation from all practice sites. The Fellowship and Education Coordinator for Cardiology also serves as a member of this committee working with the Faculty Director to set the meeting agenda and assurance attendance of the meeting. The Coordinator is responsible for the annual survey going out to fellows from the New Innovations Program and tabulating the report for review. Additionally the Coordinator works with all conferences in the planning of the calendar year and announcements of conference notification and receives year end reports for record review by this committee and ACGME. There is a Course Faculty Director and in some instances a Fellow Helper to assist in planning and execution of the course planning. The Education-Fellowship Coordinator provides the yearly calendar block and locates and confirms conference room location as well as works with the teleconference staff to assure support and report problems for resolution in transmission of conferences. Each remote location is responsible for their support and finding suitable conference space.