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Subhajyoti De, PhD

Assistant Professor of Medicine
University of Colorado School of Medicine
Anschutz Medical Campus

Lab webpage:

BTech: IIT-Kharagpur, India (2005); PhD: University of Cambridge, UK (2005-08); Junior Research Fellow: University of Cambridge, UK (2008-10); Postdoctoral training: Harvard University, USA (2010-12)
Research areas:
•    Computational biology and bioinformatics
•    Cancer genomics and epigenomics
The goal of our laboratory is to understand the molecular basis of genetic and epigenetic abnormalities in different cancer types, and use that knowledge to improve personalized cancer diagnostics. Analyzing genomic amplifications and deletions from nearly three thousand cancer samples, we have recently reported that data on spatial proximity of regions replicating at the same time can be used to predict the mutational landscapes of cancer genomes (De & Michor. Nature Biotech. 2011). We also found that abnormal hypomethylation near G4s-rich regions is a common signature for many SCNA breakpoint hotspots. We propose a mechanistic hypothesis that abnormal hypomethylation in genomic regions enriched for G4s acts as a mutagenic factor driving tissue-specific mutational landscapes in cancer (De & Michor. Nature Struct Mol Biol. 2011).
We are applying a variety of genomics, bioinformatics and biostatistical approaches, and working in close collaboration with bench scientists, clinicians and biostatisticians to address scientific questions in related areas.
Selected awards:
2012   NCI Physical Sciences Oncology Center (PSOC) Young Investigator Award. Grant co-PI.

2011   NCI PSOC Young Investigator Award. Grant PI (2011-2012).

2010   Human Frontier Science Foundation Long-term Fellowship (2010-2013).

2008   Junior Research Fellowship, King's College, Cambridge (2008-2012). 

2005   LMB Cambridge scholarship from Cambridge Commonwealth Trust.

2000   Qualified to appear in Indian National Physics Olympiad (INPhO’2000). 

2000   Qualified to appear in Indian National Chemistry Olympiad (INChO’2000). 

1999   Qualified to appear in Indian National Mathematics Olympiad (INMO’1999).

1998   National Talent Search (NTS) Scholarship.

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