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Welcome to the Integrated Department of Immunology at the University of Colorado - School of Medicine and National Jewish Health.

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T Cells Development and Function



Rafeul Alam, MD/PhD - Mechanism of activation of Src family kinases in T cells

Willi Born, PhD - Role of dendritic cells in gamma/delta T cell development.

Rebecca O'Brien, PhD -
The role of the TCR in gamma/delta T cell responses.

Susan Boackle, MD - Role of complement receptor 2 in antigen presentation and T cell tolerance.

John Cambier, PhD - GP 120 induced CD4 signaling of cell death

Leonard Dragone, MD/PhD - The role of Src-like adaptor (SLAP) In T-cell repertoire selection and autoimmune pathogenesis.

Erwin Gelfand, MD - Influence of age on the T-cell response to allergen or viral infection.

Erwin Gelfand, MD - Lucas Cell cycle regulation of T-cell differentiation and function.

Kathryn Haskins, PhD - Effector T cell function of pathogenic CD4 Th1 T cell clones in type 1 diabetes - in vitro T cell clones and TCR transgenic mice.

Dirk Homann, MD/MA - Regulation of antiviral CD8 and CD4 T cell immunity (primary, memory and secondary responses).

Hua Huang, PhD - Interaction between T cells and bone marrow progenitor cells.

John Kappler, PhD - Role of T cell affinity/avidity in T cell fate decisions.

Philippa Marrack, PhD and John Kappler, PhD - Relationship between TCR and MHC.

Ross Kedl, PhD -
The control of CD8+ T cell expansion in memory.

Terry Potter, PhD - Role of CD8 in T cell activation and in the death of thymocytes.

Yosef Refaeli, PhD - Mechanisms that control T-cell homeostasis, and their role in transformation.

Jill Slansky, PhD - CD8+T cell response to self/tumor antigens. T cell response and hypoxia.

Cara Wilson, MD - HIV-specific T cell function and maturation.

Lawrence Wysocki, PhD - The CA30 transgenic mouse as a model CD4 T cell help to B cells mediated by peptides from the B cell receptor.


NK T Cells

Laurent Gapin, PhD -
Molecular Basis of NKT cell development Basis of glycolipid recognition by NKT cells