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Welcome to the Integrated Department of Immunology at the University of Colorado - School of Medicine and National Jewish Health.

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Immune Cell Signaling



Rafeul Alam, MD/PhD - Regulation of Src and Abl family kinases by Unc119, regulation of endocytic processes by Unc119

Susan Boackle, MD - Analysis of a signaling defect in B cells from a lupus-prone mouse.

John Cambier, PhD - Receptor destabilization in anergy. MHC class II signaling. Inhibitory signaling circuitry in T, B and mast cell function.

Leonard Dragone, MD/PhD - Analysis of proteins ubiquitinated by SLAP and c-cbl and their role in intracellular trafficking and antigen receptor degradation.

Erwin Gelfand, MD - The role of MAP kinases in mast cell signaling, degranulation and cytokine transcriptiional regulation.

Peter Henson, MD/PhD - Signaling for different forms of phagocytosis including uptake of apoptotic cells. Suppression of inflammatory mediator production. TGFb signaling. Signaling for regulation of eicosanoid production.

Hua Huang, PhD - The study of cytokine receptor signaling and regulation of the Il4 gene.

Taras Lyubchenko, PhD - Intracellular signaling mechanisms in B lymphocytes that trigger immune response to self antigens in rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.

Roberta Pelanda, PhD - Serine/threonine phosphorylation in BCR signaling.

Anne-Laure Perraud, PhD -
Regulation of Mg2+ and Ca2+-homeostasis in immune cells. Role of the TRPM cation channels in the immune context.

Yosef Refaeli, PhD - Determine the mechanism by which cognate antigen triggers BCR signals, and constitutive BCR derived signals cooperate with MYC in lymphomagenesis.

Dave Riches, PhD - Mechanisms of signal transduction by TNF receptors. Mechanism of pro-survival signaling by IGF-I receptors.

Raul Torres, PhD - Signaling between B cell antigen receptor, chemokine receptors and integrins. G-protein signaling in B cell development and function.

Linda van Dyk, PhD - B cell signaling in gammaherpesvirus infection.