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Department of
National Jewish Health &
University of Colorado Denver
1400 Jackson St.
Denver, CO 80206
General Information:
Sharon Schear
Graduate Program:
Mellodee Phillips

Immunology Website:
Brooke Petro
Sharon Schear


Immunology Graduate Program





Welcome to the Integrated Department of Immunology
at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and National Jewish Health. The Integrated Department of Immunology is fully devoted to research focused on molecular mechanisms operative in the immune system. Faculty in the Department study questions as diverse as how the immune system is able to discriminate between self and non-self thus avoiding autoimmunity, to inter- and intracellular communication, to immunity to cancer and infectious agents, to the basis of immunosenescence. All of these processes are subject to genetic influences, and recognition of influential genes will inform personalization of medical intervention. Thus our approaches address the impact of both nature and nurture on immune function and dysfunction.