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Technology Acceleration Program (TAP)

The Technology Acceleration Program (TAP) provides department researchers and clinicians new avenues for innovation and the dissemination of their work. Through this program, technology and know-how from the Department can make it into the hands of thousands of primary care practices across the country to improve care quality and practice efficiency.

The TAP does this through: 

Commercialization - taking researcher-developed intellectual property and spinning it out into new startups, existing companies and non-profits for rapid dissemination.  The TAP team provides a full suite of services to evaluate market potential, architect the right path for dissemination and take the IP to commercialization.

Supporting Alternative Funding Mechanisms- providing new mechanisms for funding technology and solution development to spur innovation.  By maintaining relationships with external funding entities, business partners, government organizations and private firms, the TAP is able to tap into these sources of capital to connect researchers and provide leadership to support these funding sources. 

Providing An Innovation Engine - bringing industry issues back to the research community and leading the community in solving these issues. The TAP interacts with the primary care community in unique ways - by meeting with clinician groups, attending non-research conferences and engaging payers, employers and the entrepreneurial community and, as such, has insight into new and emerging issues.

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