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Partnerships with Other Practice Based Research Networks

Adult and Child Center for Outcomes Research and Delivery Science (ACCORDS)

The core function and mission is to conduct and evaluate interventions which improve population health and the overall quality of health care in both adult and child populations. ACCORDS is committed to expanding partnerships not just with academic researchers at national universities, but also within community organizations that deliver health care, public and private payers that finance it, and the many organizations dedicated to developing innovative health care technologies, services, and delivery systems. ACCORDS is a multi-disciplinary research program that brings together the resources, methodologies and researchers to conduct research focusing on problems responsible for the greatest morbidity among children and adults in the United States.

AAFP National Research Network (NRN)

The AAFP National Research Network (AAFP NRN) is a nationwide practice-based research network with primary care clinician members representing 48 U.S States and 4 Canadian provinces. It is a voluntary research association of primary care physicians who collaborate on studies to describe and improve upon the phenomenon of primary care practice.

Mission Statement: To support, conduct and disseminate practice-based primary care research that improves health care and benefits the health of patients, their families and communities.

Vision Statement: All Family Physicians engaged in practice-based research to advance knowledge and provide optimal health care to all.

For more information please visit the NRN Website:

Collaborative Care Research Network (CCRN)

The Collaborative Care Research Network (CCRN) is a sub-network of the AAFP National Research Network. CCRN's purpose is to develop and implement a national, practice-based research agenda to evaluate the effectiveness of collaboration between mental health, behavioral health, and substance abuse intervention and primary medical care.

With the emergence of the patient-centered medical home, it is clear that such services are to be a prominent dimension of responding to patient and families' health needs. However, there is an equally crucial need to evaluate the effectiveness of such collaborative care in ways that are both useful to primary care practitioners, and answer the important questions that have and will be raised. The recent Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) systematic review concluded that integrated and collaborative care was generally effective but that currently there was no evidence to support that any particular models were superior, or that one can identify specific elements that account for effectiveness. They conclude with a call for effectiveness research to respond to these issues.

 The CCRN offers a broad based, multidisciplinary opportunity to accomplish the aforementioned tasks. The CCRN has been AHRQ funded to generate and respond to a research agenda. The network continues to be in active enrollment seeking psychologists, social workers, licensed mental health and substance abuse counselors, family physicians, internists, pediatricians, and other primary care physicians to participate as well as their medical practices, community health centers, residency programs and other interested practices. For further information about the CCRN contact Rodger Kessler Ph.D. ABPP ( or Benjamin F. Miller PsyD (

For more information please visit the CCRN website:                                

For enrollment material please contact the CCRN at


Colorado Clinical & Translational Sciences Institute (CCTSI)

The CCTSI is a collaborative enterprise between University of Colorado Denver, University of Colorado at Boulder, six affiliated Hospitals and health care organizations, and multiple community organizations with a goal to accelerate the translation of research discoveries into improved patient care and public health. The CCTSI was created in 2008 with funding from the Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) initiative of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

For more information, please visit the CCTSI website.