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Meet Our Staff!

Dr. Wilson Pace  Wilson Pace, MD - Director of SNOCAP

Dr. Pace is the director of the American Academy of Family Physicians National Research Network, the director of SNOCAP – a consortium of practice-based research networks within the University of Colorado, and the Department of Family Medicine’s Information Services group. Dr. Pace’s research has focused on practice reorganization, practice-based research methodology, electronic data collection techniques and patient safety. He serves as the principal investigator, co-investigator, or in an advisory capacity to a number of health information technology, behavioral change, and disease specific projects.


Donald E. Nease Jr., MD - Associate Director of SNOCAP

Dr. Nease is an Associate Clinical Professor of Family Medicine at the University of Colorado Denver, where he is Associate Director of the SNOCAP PBRN Collaborative in the Colorado Health Outcomes Program. Dr. Nease is also Senior Medical Director with The Advisory Board, Co. Dr. Nease’s work is dedicated to improving the delivery of primary health care from the level of individual doctor-patient interactions to population-based interventions.  His research is conducted largely within community primary care practices, most notably in the areas of Depression, Cancer Prevention and Health Information Systems.   


Dr. Colleen Conry   Colleen Conry, MD - ​​Director of CaReNet

Dr. Conry is the new director of CaReNet. She serves as the Senior Vice-Chair for the Department of Family Medicine, with responsibility for all of the clinical activities of Family Medicine. Dr. Conry also works closely with the University of Colorado Hospital as part of the Clinical Effectiveness and Patient Safety, Clinical Informatics, and Practice Operations Management Committees.


 Doug Fernald   Doug Fernald, MA - Director of BIGHORN and Associate Director of CaReNet

Mr. Fernald has spent 13 years in research with the Department of Family Medicine. His research interests include practice redesign to improve health behavior change, prevention, chronic disease management, safety, and patient-centered care. Mr. Fernald's recent work includes studies looking at implementing the patient-centered medical home in family medicine residency clinics, barriers and facilitators to health information exchange adoption, and implementing guideline management of methicillin-resistant staph aureus in primary care.


Dr. Cathy Jaynes  Cathy Jaynes, PhD, RN - Director of TCMTR

Dr. Jaynes has focused her research on outcomes associated with rural health interventions for the improvement of access and quality of acute care.  Her interest in this area has been developed through her clinical specialty of flight nursing and emergency nursing.  Dr. Jaynes is currently developing an international practice based research network to evaluate international systems of critical care transport in order to reduce disparities of access for the acutely ill and injured in underserved populations and regions. 


Dr. Julie Marshall  Julie Marshall, PhD  - Director of RMPRC and CPHPBRN

Dr. Marshall has worked with community and research partners on studies in the San Luis Valley of southern Colorado since 1983 seeking to better understand the determinants of health disparities in rural, low-income, minority, and medically underserved communities. Other research includes the development and testing of a participatory evidence-based planning process for school environment and policy change to promote healthy eating and physical activity. Relevant to dissemination and implementation, Dr. Marshall has experience working with local community partners on evaluation of community-based programs and as a member of the Interagency Prevention Council.


Dr. Jack Westfall  Jack Westfall, MD, MPH - Director of HPRN

Dr. Westfall is an Associate Professor of Family Medicine, Patrick and Kathleen Thompson Endowed Chair in Rural Health, Associate Dean for Rural Health at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, and also is Co-Director for Community Translation of the Colorado Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute, which is funded by a National Institutes of Health Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA).  Dr. Westfall has devoted his career to improving rural and urban underserved health.


Holly Whitesides  Holly Whitesides-Jenkins, MA - Practice-based Research Network Coordinator

Ms. Whitesides-Jenkins works as the primary care practice-based research network’s (PBRN) coordinator with the Colorado Health Outcomes program, assisting medical practices in quality improvement and evidence-based research to improve health care for their patients and  provide essential support to foster and sustain collaboration among academic and community partners. Her past research experiences include program evaluation of healthy eating and active living program and policy changes throughout the state of Colorado with LiveWell Colorado, health disparaties research, and type II diabetes health education and self-management.


Linda Zittleman  Linda Zittleman, MPH - Associate Director of HPRN

Ms. Zittleman is the Associate Director of the High Plains Research Network (HPRN) for which she oversees all aspects of network research activities and coordinates HPRN’s Community Advisory Council.  Her research career has covered a range of health topics, such as youth delinquency, youth anti-tobacco messaging, and a variety of community-engaged projects including studies on community-based colon cancer prevention, home blood pressure monitoring, asthma, and obesity.