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Care Team Members

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Social Worker: 

  • ​​​Assess & Connect
  • Food resources
  • Housing resources
  • Transportation resources
  • Educational resources
  • Legal resources and more.​

Primary Care Provider
  • ​Examine and Evaluate
  • Collaborate with patients
  • ​Develop prevention and management plans
  • ​Collaborate with specialists
  • Lead your health care team



  • Educate patients about medications, test results and more
  • Evaluate and provide advice on health care concerns
  • Medications, IV fluids, and wound care
  • Supervise and mentor me​dical assistants
  • Provide triage to patients


Medical Assistant:

  • Obtain vitals, histories
  • Reconcile medications and set up refills 
  • Exam room partner:  scribe, draw blood, give vaccines, get ECGs and peak flows
  • Assist with phone calls, appointments, and paperwork
  • Manage patient flow, maintaining clinical supplies


Health Coach: 

  • Help you identify and set personal health goals.
  • Help you identify achievable steps towards your personal goals
  • Teach, guide and support your work


Clinical Pharmacist

  • Best medication patient/problem

  • Avoid interactions

  • Adjust doses for liver or kidney problems

  • Education and med management

  • Managing prior authorization requirements

  • ​

    Care Manager

    • Assess needs and develop care plan
    • Organize and monitor complex patient care
    • Work with patients across all settings and all doctors bridging gaps
    • Help patients stay healthier, happier and out of the hospital


    Behavioral Health Provider

    • Work with you on desired lifestyle change
    • Help with managing stress, anxiety, depression or grief
    • Counseling with bridge to long term therapist if needed.
    • Improve success in management of chronic diseases
    • Connect you to other mental health providers if needed


    Patient Navigator:

    • Help you with finding your way around the health care system
    • Help with medical paperwork
    • Help understand insurance
    • Be your advocate

    ​ ​