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Team Based Care

APEX Model

APEX stands for Ambulatory Process Excellence. It’s a team based model for primary care delivery in clinics – inspired by the University of Utah’s Care by Design model.

The CU Department of Family Medicine adopted and implemented the APEX​ model in 2015.

It includes more medical assistants in the clinic who gather data, reconcile medications, and help order the appropriate preventive care services.

Our medical assistants also will often stay with you through your visit – taking notes and writing up instructions for you to take home. This provides you and your doctor more face-to-face time to make medical decisions with fewer distractions.

Family medicine at its best.

Your Care Team

 Social Worker:

Assess & Connect

Food Resources

Housing Resources

Transportation Resources

Educational Resources

Legal Resources and more

 Primary Care Provider:

Examine and Evaluate

Collaborate with patients

Develop prevention and management plans

Collaborate with specialists

Lead your health care team


Educate patients about medications, test results and more

Evaluate and provide advice on health care concerns

Medications, IV fluids, and wound care

Supervise and mentor medical assistants

Provide triage to patients

 Medical Assistant:

Obtain vitals, histories

Reconcile medications and set up refills

Exam room partner: scribe, draw blood, give vaccines, get ECGs and peak flows

Assist with phone calls, appointments, and paperwork

Manage patient flow, maintaining clinical supplies

 Health Coach:

Help you identify and set personal health goals.

Help you identify achievable steps towards your personal goals

Teach, guide and support your work

 Clinical Pharmacist:

Best medication patient/problem

Avoid interactions

Adjust doses for liver or kidney problems

Education and med management

Managing prior authorization requirements

 Care Manager:

Assess needs and develop care plan

Organize and monitor complex patient care

Work with patients across all settings and all doctors bridging gaps

Help patients stay healthier, happier and out of the hospital

 Behavioral Health Provider:

Work with you on desired lifestyle change

Help with managing stress, anxiety, depression or grief

Counseling with bridge to long term therapist if needed

Improve success in management of chronic diseases

Connect you to other mental health providers if needed

 Patient Navigator:

Help you with finding your way around the health care system

Help with medical paperwork

Help understand insurance

Be your advocate