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Welcome to the University of Colorado’s Department of Family Medicine.

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Kelly Arn
Arnett, Kelly_4X6 Cropped.jpgett, MD, MPH – UH Track
Tufts University School of Medicine
I'm originally from a great little college town, West Lafayette, Indiana.  I went to the University of Kentucky for undergrad, and graduated with a degree in biology and an obsession with UK basketball (Go Cats!).  I headed east for medical school, where I did the MD/MPH combined degree program at Tufts University.  After spending time in the Midwest, the South, and New England, I'm excited to experience life out west in Colorado!  When I was choosing my residency, it was important to me to find an innovative program, focused on training physicians for the future of primary care, with supportive faculty and residents.  I could not be happier to be at the University of Colorado!  My interests in family medicine are very broad, and included: community medicine, obesity prevention, chronic disease management, public health, and palliative care to name a few.  Outside of medicine, I dabble in yoga, hiking, traveling, and cooking.  I love exploring Denver, especially finding the best places to get brunch.  I have no idea how to ski, but I'm looking forward to learning now that I'm in the Rockies!

Asamoto, Lisa_4X6 Cropped.jpgLisa Asamoto, MD - UH Track
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

I grew up in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, and until coming out to Denver for residency, I spent my entire life in Ohio. I went to Ohio State University for undergrad, double majoring in International Studies and Biology. Then, I took a year off to help out with my church and also spent 6 months in a missions program in southern Africa. There, I spent time in one of the local townships, teaching and assisting with a feeding program and also volunteered in an orphanage, tutoring English and helping with child care. After my year off, I returned to Ohio but went further south to the University of Cincinnati for medical school. Throughout medical school, I was most involved with my church, helping out with the children's program and their extracurricular activities. It's also where I met my husband, coincidentally also a classmate and now, co-intern! My interests within family medicine are global healthand procedures. Eventually, my husband and I hope to utilize our training abroad. We chose this program because we wanted to be at a strong program that would teach us how to work in a myriad of settings, from urban to rural. Also, it didn't hurt that it's sunny year round with mountains within driving distance!

Foster Fabiano, Sara_4X6 Cropped.jpgSara Foster Fabiano, MD – DH Track, Chief Resident
Wake Forest School of Medicine of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center

I was born in Vancouver, Canada but spent most of my growing up years in Lubango, Angola. My dad was Angolan and my mum was American Canadian, and they worked as missionaries in Angola. We moved to North Carolina when I was a senior in high school for college opportunities. Growing up in a country dominated by civil war with a defunct medical system was what first interested me in medicine along with several of my family members being involved in the healthcare field. After doing undergrad at Furman University in South Carolina and getting a degree in history along with my premed courses, I attended medical school at Wake Forest in NC.

Part of what attracted me to family medicine was how broadly applicable it was both here and abroad. I love being able to follow patients, take care of all ages, and have a role in the preventative side of medicine. 
Global health is still one of my major passions. Throughout undergrad and med school, I’ve been able to go back to Angola several times (where most of my family still live) as well as do some research in Botswana. My other passions in medicine are somewhat varied but include public health, sports medicine, and academics.

I didn’t really have any ties to Colorado before moving but have loved it! The program has people from all over the US, and faculty who are supportive and have a huge variety of interests to be able to help mentor you in any direction. Everyone in the program is amazing and have helped make me feel very welcome so far from home. The DH track has been especially fun with the number of refugees and people from all across the globe that come through the doors.

Outside of medicine I love hiking and being able to get outdoors so easily. I also enjoy playing acoustic guitar, attempting to sketch in charcoal, and watching marvel comic movies. One of my favorite hikes so far has been in James Peak Wilderness up to Heart’s Lake, so stunning!

Kim, William_4X6 Cropped.jpgWilliam Kim, MD - DH Track
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

I am originally from La Crescenta, California, also famously known as the balcony of Southern California. I have been lucky enough to spend time in many different regions of the US: Philadelphia for undergrad (Go Quakers!), Cincinnati for medical school (Go Bearcats!), and now Denver (Go beautiful mountain scenery with excellent hiking!). I studied biochemistry in undergrad, for some reason got a Master's degree in biochemistry, but then found my way to medical school where I met my wife. We were able to "match" as a "couple" and our hope is to eventually take our family abroad to practice medicine. That was a major point in our decision to come to UCFMR. We wanted to be at the best program, so that we could become the best doctors as we move outside the US. I'm fortunate to be part of the Denver Health Track which allows me to be able to work with patients from many different cultural backgrounds, almost like practicing global health in place.

Marcus, Hayley_4X6 Cropped.jpgHayley Marcus, MD - DH Track
Tufts University School of Medicine

Hi! I am Hayley, one of your friendly Boston transplants (not any oxy-moron). I am so excited to be here in Denver with the University of Colorado Family Medicine Residency! I grew up in Boston, attended Tufts University for undergrad and medical school (Go Jumbos!), and decided that it was time to spread my wings for residency.  2,000 miles from home and couldn't be happier.  I found exactly what I wanted in a residency: innovative curriculum, full spectrum family medicine, kind and supportive environment (L-O-V-E my co-residents), and a challenging but very rewarding patient population.​ 
When I'm not in the hospital or in the clinic, I love taking full advantage of all Denver and Colorado has to offer! Hiking, camping, road biking, mountain biking, skiing, snow shoeing, brewery touring, eating, cooking, spending all my money at farmers markets, petting every single dog that walks by (there are so many!), etc. Please don't make me pick just one.

Mullen, Rebecca_4X6 Cropped.jpgRebecca Mullen, MD, MPH - UH Track, Chief Resident
University of Kansas School of Medicine

I hail from Overland Park, Kansas, but I moved to Texas to attend the University of Texas in Austin for undergrad (hook 'em!) before traveling back to KS for medical school. During med school I realized that I was passionate about community medicine, and I ended up taking a year off to get a Master’s Degree in Public Health. During this time, I was fortunate enough to help open a student-run school-based health center, a project aimed at addressing the immense health disparities in our local underserved community. I also organized community health fairs that provided free screenings to those without regular access to care. These experiences helped me realize that Family Medicine was the best fit for my wide range of health care interests. I then looked for a residency that stressed community medicine, public health, policy, and equitable access to patient-centered care… and I found all that and more at the University of Denver! I am surrounded by passionate doctors who not only excel at clinical care, but are also involved in local and national movements to progress family medicine and health care for all. During my free time I’m usually hiking, running, reading, going to concerts, or attending all of the funky fun Denver festivals.

Radi, Roxanne_4X^ Cropped.jpgRoxanne Radi, MD - DH Track, Chief Resident

University of Texas Medical Branch School of Medicine

Hey y'all! I'm Roxi. I'm originally from Houston, Texas and absolutely love living in Denver (If I can survive a winter here anyone can!). I received my undergraduate degrees in Public Health and Latin American Studies from The Johns Hopkins University before heading home for medical school at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. I'm a first generation American so global health and undeserved care have always been huge passions of mine. I've lived in Chile, China, and Kenya...needless to say staying put is relatively difficult for me! I think it is so cool and unique that  on a daily basis I combine principles of global health and the best of western medicine in caring for refugee patients as a Denver Health resident at Lowry. As a resident, I have also found myself drawn toward health policy, nutrition, and reproductive great is family medicine that we get to pick and choose what we're passionate about? Outside of the hospital I love cooking (mostly because I also love eating), snowboarding, and football (go Texans!). I learned to snowboard as an intern and can't wait to get more use out of my board. Anyway if you're the kind of person who wants to learn how to practice full spectrum family medicine, surrounded by outstanding passionate people, I think this would be a great place for you. I have loved the work/life balance that is integrated into our curriculum and supported by our co-residents and faculty and couldn't be happier with my decision.

Sable-Smith, Alexander_4X6 Cropped.jpg Alexander Sable-Smith, MD, MPH - UH Track

University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine

I really don’t remember much before the age of three.  However, I am quite certain that from the toddler years forward I had a pretty idyllic upbringing in the Midwestern college town of Columbia, Missouri.  When I was 14, I came out to Colorado with the Boy Scouts for a backpacking tip.  After that, I never gave up on the notion of returning to the mountains.    Fortunately enough, I was able to come back to the state to attend Colorado College, in Colorado Springs, where I majored in neuroscience, though my mom still thinks I majored in skiing.  During college, I had the great privilege of traveling to Mexico, India, China and South Africa.  It was during these travels that I decided I wanted to have a career that addressed what I would later learn was called the social determinant of health.    After college, I spent a year as the program director for Cool Science, a Colorado Springs science education non-profit organization.  I briefly traded the mountain vistas for the Manhattan skyline and worked in the children’s garden at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.  Subsequently, I traded the big city skyline for no view at all and moved back to my hometown to start my medical and public health training at the University of Missouri.   I spent a lot of time working with Mizzou’s student-run free clinic and helped start a comprehensive diabetes care program there.  During my last year, I researched the use of graphics in the Electronic Health Record to communicate health information to patients.    I chose the University of Colorado because of the friendly and outgoing residents, the dedication of the program faculty and staff, and the opportunity to learn and practice at both a large, academic medical center as well as at Denver Health, the county safety-net hospital.  Some of my interests in medicine include EHR design, LGB and trans health, and geriatrics.  I am so excited to be able to see the mountains again and to start training at the University of Colorado FMR with nine exceptional co-residents.  A cool spot in Denver that I’ve discovered is Park House, a bar with a weekly bluegrass jam where I go to play my banjo.

Shmerling, Alison_4X6 Cropped.jpgAlison Shmerling, MD, MPH - UH Track, Chief Resident

Tufts University School of Medicine

First of all, congrats on picking Family Medicine! It's definitely been one of my top 5 life decisions so far. But a little background... I grew up in a Boston suburb, went to undergrad at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL majoring in Spanish and minoring in Global Health. Then I spent a year doing policy research in Washington, D.C. tracking the impact of health policy on the various health systems around the country. I went to medical school back in Boston at Tufts University, and simultaneously did my Masters in Public Health. In med school I was involved with the homeless population around Boston, starting a group visit program at a homeless-hotel shelter outside of the city. I eventually decided that flat land near water maybe wasn't my life calling, and decided to move myself out west. I have been loving spending time in the mountains, at the various farmers markets and street festivals, and generally loving the friendly, chatty culture of everyone in Denver. My family medicine interests include procedures, mobilizing the family structure to improve health for each individual, and the intersection of inpatient/outpatient care within a health system. I know, super specific. My life interests include climbing mountains, brunch, playing with my puppy, and surrounding myself with people who are passionate about making a difference for both the individual and the system, whatever that system may be!

Spencer, Emily_4X6 Cropped.jpgEmily Spencer, MD - UH Track, Chief Resident

University of Florida College of Medicine
Although I was born and raised in South Florida, in 2004 I learned that I belong in Colorado. After high school I moved to Denver to perform with the Colorado Ballet company for 2 incredible years. After that adventure, I moved back to Florida and then decided to pursue medicine. I completed my undergrad degree at Florida Atlantic University and then headed to the University of Florida for medical school. There are many reasons why I love Family Medicine and even more reasons why I love becoming a Family Medicine doctor at the UC Denver FMR. The short list includes living in Denver, my awesome new residency-family, the incredible learning experiences at both University and Denver Health hospitals, and caring for my very own patients in my continuity clinic.


enry CColangelo_Henry_2015 Headshot.jpgolangelo, MD, MPH - DH Track
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine

Hey there!  While I was born in the great land of the Green Mountains and Ben & Jerry's (Vermont!), my family decided early on to relocate to Wilmington on the southeastern coast of North Carolina.  I was lucky enough to grow up both near mountains and ocean and have a deep appreciation for both!  I ended up staying in NC for college and studied environmental sciences at UNC-Chapel Hill (Go Heels!).  I developed an interest in public health and wanted to do something a little different after college so I moved to our nation's capital to be an AmeriCorps/National AIDS Fund volunteer, providing nutrition counseling and food services at a local HIV/AIDS non-profit.  this experience really shaped my desire to go into primary care medicine and 2 years later I ended up going back to UNC for medical school.  My wife and I were looking all over the country when it came time for the residency search, and we instantly fell in love with Denver and this program.  With my interests in public health, primary care innovation and underserved care, the Denver Health track was a perfect fit.  The faculty and residents are incredibly supportive of one another and also know how to have fun!  Outside of medicine, I enjoy running, hiking, snowboarding and exploring some of the amazing food and beer that Denver has to offer.

Curtis_Troy 2015 Headshot.jpgTroy Curtis, MD, MPH - DH Track

University of Illinois College of Medicine at Rockford

I am originally from Freeport, Illinois, home of the Fighting Pretzels.  I was privileged enough to grow up with parents who loved to travel, and spent much of my childhood seeing different parts of the world, from Latin America to Asia.  This greatly formed my world view and my understandings of poverty and wealth distribution.  For my undergraduate studies, I headed about two hours south to the Quad Cities to attend a small liberal arts school named Augustan College, where I fell in love with Biology, Anthropology, and the tenants of social justice.  During my college years, I had the chance to continue traveling abroad, first to Honduras, then to Uganda and Kenya.  I saw and experienced things that are morally unacceptable in a 21st century world, and which ignited my passion for medicine and public health.  After college, I spent a year in a public health program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison before heading to the University of Illinois for medical school.  I am humbled but excited at the opportunity to be at the University of Colorado for residency.  I was looking for a program that would allow me to work with an underserved population while at the same time get a world class education and I have to say that you couldn't find a better group of faculty or peers anywhere.  In my free time, I spend as much time as possible with my lovely girlfriend Michele, love watching and attending sporting events, playing tennis or golf, and hope to get in a whole lot of hiking along the front range.

Fields_Hannah_2015 Headshot.jpgHannah Fields, MD, MSPH - DH Track

Mayo Medical School

I'm a native of Colorado, growing up in Boulder and attending the University of Colorado at Boulder. I studied biochemistry and psychology, and began to explore my interests in behavioral health through research in exercise and depression and an honors thesis on health beliefs and perinatal care in the Peruvian Andes. For medical school I attended the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, where I further explored my interests in global health, working throughout the United States and in Honduras, Costa Rica, Peru, Chile, and Spain. While in medical school, I also earned a Masters of Science in Public Health (MSPH) at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain. There I concentrated on community-based research and program evaluation, and I conducted a pilot program of community referrals from primary care centers to improve social and mental health. I am ecstatic to have returned home to Colorado to continue my training in family medicine, near to my family in Boulder. I am a Denver Health track resident and a certified Spanish interpreter, and after residency I hope to continue to work with underserved, migrant, and refugee populations. As a true Colorado girl and ex-ski-instructor and patroller, when I'm not in the hospital you can find me in the mountains, hiking the Flatirons and skiing the back bowls.

Huang_Harriet_2015 Headshot.jpgHarriet Huang, MD - DH Track

University of Michigan Medical School

Hello!  I grew up in Columbus, Ohio and moved out west to attend college at Stanford University where I studied biology and was involved in HIV/AIDS research.  After undergrad, I joined Teach for America and moved to Oakland, California to teach English and Biology at Oakland International High School.  I was lucky to teach the most amazing and hilarious students from all over the world.  I returned to the Midwest for medical school at the University of Michigan and knew from the start I wanted to be a family med doctor!  At Michigan, I had the opportunity to work with several wonderful communities, including the Latino and Native American communities, and helped coordinate a free clinic for the homeless community.  My interests include adolescent medicine, and immigrant/refugee health.  I chose the University of Colorado Family Medicine Residency Program because of the wonderful people here, and the opportunity to work with refugees as part of the Denver Health track.  I could not be more thrilled about being here (and the mountains are a huge bonus!).

Mathern_Seth_2015 Headshot.jpg

Seth Mathern, MD - UH Track 
Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons

I was born, raised, and educated in the great state of Wyoming, including completing my undergraduate studies at the University of Wyoming.  I attended medical school at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons as a part of the unique Columbia-Bassett program (a longitudinal program).  I completed my clinic year in Cooperstown, New York as well as completing many rotations in New York City.  Part of the program involved training in Lean Six Sigma and a focus on quality improvement and healthcare systems.

When I was choosing residency I was torn between choosing a high-procedural community program or a more academic program with a focus on quality improvement.  While I was torn about this subject, one thing was certain in my mind: I wanted a program in an area that supported, "bikes, beer, and beards."  So obviously, Colorado was up there...To assess this, I asked residents at other programs what they liked to do and most residents would say, "We like to do potlucks here and there and maybe grab some drinks."  the response was so constant among so many programs.  In Colorado, however, I was impressed by the response I got from residents at the University of Colorado: "We ski, hike, go mountain biking, and play kickball.  Oh, and we often go out to one of the hundreds of craft breweries.  And don't forget about Pho and all the amazing food we have.  And if you get bored, there's the plays and theater.  Oh and don't forget about Red Rocks and all the awesome concerts!"  I was sold...

It's true that our program has incredible residents and faculty who are absolutely amazing teachers.  But you know what is hard to compete with: a view of the mountains, endless craft breweries, and the love and support I have found from my co-residents and the faculty.  This is my beer, bike, and beard oasis.

O'Connor_Nellie_2015 Headshot.jpgKerry "Nellie" O'Connor, MD - UH Track

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine
I grew up in Raleigh, NC and didn’t travel too far to go to college at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (go Heels!) where I graduated with a degree in Chemistry and a love for Carolina basketball. I then moved to Washington DC and worked at a medical, dental, and mental health clinic for the homeless where I learned how much behavioral health and social health truly impact a person’s wellbeing.  I returned to medical school at UNC Chapel Hill with a passion for caring for the whole person and found family medicine to be the perfect path for me. My professional interests include social determinants of health, behavioral health, preventive medicine, community medicine, and palliative care.  When I interviewed at University of Colorado, I knew this was the right residency for me. Not only do we have wonderful training in my professional interests, but also the residents, faculty, and staff are incredibly supportive, fun, and welcoming. Plus, there’s a great city and nearby refreshing mountain hikes to explore on my days off. Outside of medicine, I enjoy singing (Acapella nerd), playing the guitar, hiking, going to concerts, or hanging out in one of the many beautiful parks Denver has to offer. And I’m anxiously looking forward to my first ski season in Colorado!

Piggott_Cleveland_2015 Headshot.jpg
Cleveland Piggott, MD, MPH - UH Track
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine
Born in New York to two immigrant parents from Panama, I quickly headed to warmer weather in Georgia. I went to the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!) and majored in biology and psychology. I did a lot of ballroom dancing and hanging out with my future wife and co-intern (Susie). I also spent nearly four years on Alzheimer’s research as issues surrounding geriatrics is one of my passions. I've always been interested in primary care and population health, so I left Georgia to go to the University of North Carolina (Go Heels!) for my medical and public health degrees. I quickly fell in love with family medicine because of the length of patient relationships, the scope, diversity of medical problems, and many more reasons. I spent a lot of time with the family medicine interest group and was fortunate to serve in leadership roles on the local, state, and national levels. I had the chance to re-start a health policy interest group at my school and organize my peers around the state in advocacy efforts concerning Medicaid reform and expansion. When I was looking for a residency program, I wanted a program where I would get exceptional training and be surrounded by incredible colleagues. I also wanted to be in a place that was innovative in providing care to patients, had a strong behavioral health program, and was located in a great city. This was the perfect fit, and I am so happy I matched at this residency program! Despite only being here a few months, I’ve already had the chance to go to several national and state parks, festivals, theatre performances, and lots of breweries. I’m excited for my first ski season, though my little Nissan Sentra may not survive the winter.

Piggott_Susie_2015 Headshot.jpg
Susan Piggott, MD, MPH - UH Track
Emory University School of Medicine

I've spent most of my life in the South up until our recent grand adventure to Colorado.  I grew up in Marietta, GA, a suburb of Atlanta.  I went to the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!) for undergrad, where I met my husband (see bio above) and became an avid SEC football fan.  From there I went to Emory University for medical school, and dated long distance for 3 years before completing an MPH focused on Health Care and Prevention at the University of North Carolina with both Cleveland and Henry.  That year was very thought-provoking, and I got to learn and explore other aspects of health care, including cost-effectiveness, health policy, practice transformation and quality improvement.  I also got really interested in evidence based medicine (nerdy, I know, but very pertinent to primary care!).  It was refreshing to be in a place surrounded by people invested in public health and primary care, something that I have found here at the University of Colorado as well.  I was lucky to get an excellent medical education in Atlanta, but oftentimes felt that primary care was lost in the mix of subspecialties and research.  I wanted residency to be in a place that not only supported and respected family medicine, but that was pushing boundaries and doing new things in primary care like practice transformation.  The University of Colorado fit this perfectly, not to mention all the other perks like beautiful weather, mountains in our backyard and a treasure trove of microbreweries.  Since moving out here, Cleveland and I have enjoyed exploring Denver with our co-interns and taking our loveable brindle mix, Vesper, on adventures at various parks.  I have also gotten to do some swimming, biking, and running, which are some of my favorite activates.  Colorado is turning out to be the perfect program for us!

Swanson_Sarah Beth_2015 Headshot.jpg

Sarah Beth Swanson, MD, MPH - UH Track
State University of New York Upstate Medical University

I was born on an Air Force Base in Germany, but I spent most of my formative years in upstate New York (land of tons of snow!)  My love of medicine started young, and I spent hours of my childhood operating on my dolls.  I even created color-coded organs out of cotton stuffing in accordance with the household encyclopedia (strange child I know!)  During college, I spend a summer in Zambia working at a rural hospital and taking classes in public health.  I instantly loved the concept of connecting population and individual health.  This led to my pursuit of a combined MD/MPH degree at Upstate Medical University/Syracuse University.  During medical school, I moved into a house on the north side of Syracuse owned by a nonprofit called Hopeprint that works with resettled refugees and urban poor.  This experience clearly showed me how poverty, violence, and lack of social support detrimentally affect the physical and mental health of my neighbors.  I became increasingly interested in the intersection of community-level factors, mental health, and medical illness.  I ultimately completed my MPH capstone project on the integration of behavioral health within primary care.  In choosing a residency, I was looking for a place that excelled in integrated behavioral health, community health, and primary care innovation.  University of Colorado definitely met all these criteria!  Plus the extra bonus of easy access to beautiful mountains and hiking!  I have enjoyed my time at University of Colorado and love my co-residents.  In my free time, I love to hike, bike, craft, attempt to cook, practice yoga, do anything outside, and spend time with family and friends.

Lauren B
DSCN0148.JPGull, MD - DH Track
University of Oklahoma College of Medicine
Hey everyone! Congrats on your interest in Family Medicine!  I hail from the great state of Oklahoma, which I moved to after spending my first year of life in the beautiful Mosel area of Germany (Air Force family).  At a young age, I developed an interest in global poverty and injustice (strange child, I know!) and those interests did not go away.  I pursued my undergrad degree at the University of Tulsa majoring in Biochemistry and Spanish with several sociology courses thrown in the mix.  I had the immense opportunity to spend a semester abroad in the ever-lovely Quito, Ecuador my sophomore year, honing my Spanish skills and learning about Latin America sociology and politics.  From there I entered medical school at the University of Oklahoma with interests in public/global health and chose to participate in our unique branch site in Tulsa know as the OU School of Community Medicine.  This track allowed me to enhance my medical training with specific didactics on social determinants of health and the opportunity to longitudinally manage my own panel of uninsured patients during my third year.

So when it came time to apply to residency programs, I knew I wanted a program that focused on community/social medicine, that provided excellent training, and that offered the opportunity to work with patients of globally diverse backgrounds.  After doing a sub-I with UCFMR's Lowry clinic through their Denver Health track, I knew I needn't look any further - I had found everything I was looking for and more!  This program is truly incredible and I feel so fortunate to be part of it.  A few things I'm particularly excited about at UCFMR: 1) Our incredible, passionate faculty 2) My amazing, bright, inspiring co-residents! 3) Denver Health's Lowry clinic where I have the opportunity to work with primarily refugee/immigrant patients from around the world and grow in global health/cultural knowledge without leaving the state 4) The chance to train in an FQHC within a premiere safety-net hospital system 5) An intentional focus on policy and advocacy 6) A meaningful emphasis on personal wellness with monthly intern wellness sessions and didactic slots dedicated to wellness activates 7) The amazing mountains of Colorado and all the incredible things they offer!

In summary, UCFMR is not only a highly respected, innovative program, but also somewhere you will become part of a larger family and truly feel at home.  I found my niche at this program and I hope you do too!  

Please feel free to email me with any questions.  My interests in and outside of medicine include: community medicine, public health, global health, prevention, women's health, food insecurity, refugee health, hiking, skiing, camping, film, music, baking, reading and hanging out with my hilarious nieces.

Stephanie Eldred, MD - UH Track
University of Michigan Medical School
I am originally from the beautiful state of Alaska and grew up in the mountains!  My childhood was spent outside hiking, biking, fishing, camping, and much more.  I was also fortunate enough to spend 6 years living in Jakarta, Indonesia and traveling the world!  For college I left Alaska and went to Pennsylvania State University where I got a BS degree in Kinesiology.  My passion for traveling and under-resourced populations grew during college as I went on a variety of medical and public health trips to South America.  It was from these trips and my love of physiology that I slowly made my way to medicine and developed an interest in public health.  After undergraduate I went back to Alaska and worked as a medical assistant.  I also spent some time traveling (you could say I am an enthusiast) and backpacking around Europe and South America.  For medical school I once again forged a new path and made my way to Ann Arbor, Michigan to attend the University of Michigan Medical School.  Throughout my training I furthered my passion for public health and global health.  I fell in love with Family Medicine and the type of care that it provides to its patients.  I was impressed at how connected family medicine physicians can become to their patients and the differences they were able to make in their patient's lives.  It was apparent as I began to look at residency programs that the University of Colorado was the perfect place for me to continue my training.  My interests in family medicine include public health, adolescent health, global health, medical education, and under-resourced communities to name a few.  In my free time I enjoy baking desserts, listening to music in the park, biking, fishing, and doing all things outdoors!  I cannot wait to explore the mountains of Colorado and all that it has to offer!

DSCN0159.JPGLindsey Kolar, MD - UH Track
University of Michigan Medical School
Hello!  Congratulations on your decision to join the wonderful field of family medicine!  I grew up in a small college town in Southern Illinois and was a competitive swimmer all of my life.  I left home to swim at the collegiate level for Eastern Michigan University, and while my original plan was to study ecology, I soon discovered that I wanted to pursue a career in medicine.  I was fortunate enough to gain my medical degree at the University of Michigan (Go Blue!), and it was there that I fell in love with the practice of primary care.  I am particularly interested in adolescent and LGBTQ health, mental health, and sports medicine.  The University of Colorado Family Medicine Residency is a true champion of integrated healthcare.  Here we work alongside many skilled providers, including behavioral health specialists, social workers, pharmacists, care managers, nurses, and medical assistants to provide compassionate and comprehensive care for our patients.  I am also passionate about physician wellness, and what better place for me to be than Denver - where I have easy access to skiing, hiking, rafting, fine-dinning, a plethora of craft breweries, and endless arts and entertainment!  I am beyond excited to spend the next three years training at a program that is at the forefront of primary care innovation, alongside such inspiring and supportive peers and mentors!

DSCN0147.JPGKyle Leggott, MD - UH Track
University of New Mexico School of Medicine
Hello, I am a native New Mexican, born and raised in Albuquerque.  I went to undergraduate at Tufts University where I played four years of collegiate football and majored in BioPsychology.  I was able to return home to attend Medical School at the University of New Mexico.  During medical school I became interested in issues of interprofessionalism, diversity and equity, and community engagement.  My interests within Family Medicine include academia, health policy, behavioral health changes, and the prevention of chronic illnesses that stem from lifestyle and social determinants of health.

The Southwest is home for me and I am incredibly happy to be here at UCFMR and in Denver.  I grew up surrounded by mountains and the Mile High City is perfect for me.  Outside of medicine, I enjoy being outdoors, and hiking and walking with my dog in the mountains.  If I could, I would read a new fantasy or science fiction novel every weekend.  I also enjoy skiing, traveling to our National Parks, and trying new restaurants.

Emily Lines, MD - UH Track
Stanford University School of Medicine
Hello - I'm thrilled to be practicing Family Medicine here in Denver!  I'm originally from Missouri and went to college at the University of Chicago.  From there, I headed west to attend medical school at Stanford where I developed a love for Family Medicine. My academic interests include medical education, reflective practice and mindfulness, and  physician wellness.  Clinically, I'm excited about both urban and rural underserved medicine and see many similarities between the two - I'm interested in working with chronic disease and high utilizers, but I'm also interested in figuring out how we prevent those things.  I believe that our populations with the poorest access to quality health care are the best place to start to improve the health of our communities.  From preventing drug abuse and development of diabetes to promoting sexual wellness, LGBTQ and adolescent health, as well as personal wellness, Family Medicine has the right tools to serve all sorts of communities.  Aside from these interests, in my spare time I love to be outside rock climbing, mountaineering, cycling, trail running, and wobbling around on skis (I have to learn! It's Colorado!)

Logan MiDSCN0154.JPGms, MD - UH Track
y of Colorado School of Medicine

 I was born and raised in Gainesville, FL - Go Gators - but after coming to beautiful Colorado for medical school, I hope to never leave.  My journey through medical school has exposed me to many areas of medical practice, including those (OB, sports medicine, adolescent care) that I have strong interest in weaving into my own practice.  I believe in the merits of educating a patient to be in charge of their health practices, and helping them develop realistic goals to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Prior to medical school, I spent time volunteering in Belize, Haiti, and Peru.  I'd like to believe that my interests in third world medical care, and in educating/motivating patients to develop and commit to healthy life practices, was largely responsible for me being a National Health Service Corps Scholarship Recipient.  I am also an advisory group leader within FMAHealth (, committed and eager to advocate for family medicine core values.

Non-medical hobbies include exploring the outdoors (hello Colorado!), photography, puppy playtime, laughing with friends and family, and teaching group fitness (Zumba, Body Combat, Body Pump, hip hop, etc.)!!


Melissa Neuman, MD - UH Track
Wayne State University School of Medicine
Thank you for checking out the University of Colorado FMR!  A little about myself - I am originally from the great state of Michigan and went to the University of Michigan for undergrad - Go Blue!  After spending some time in Park City, UT and falling in love with the mountains, I made my way back to Michigan to attend Wayne State University for medical school.  My interests include lifestyle coaching as a pillar of primary care, behavioral health, integrative medicine, and wilderness medicine.  When looking for a residency program, I was searching for a place where I felt the balance of intensive training, but also a warm, tight-knit community.  AF Williams Family Medicine clinic is an amazing place to be working during this primary care revolution.  Our innovative practice allows holistic patient care by utilizing behavioral health, pharmacists, social workers, and care managers all in one clinic.  I also wanted to be in a location that allowed me to get outdoors and explore during my time off.  UCFMR fit everything I was looking for.  You will not meet a more down-to-earth, committed to helping you learn, supportive group.  As a bonus, you can spend your days off hiking, skiing, checking out the amazing Denver parks, and going to the best music venue ever - Red Rocks.  I you have any questions for me I would love to talk with you.


Brigitte Utter, MD, MPH, MSW - DH Track
University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine
Greetings! I was born and raised in Evanston, IL (where my wonderful parents still live) and completed my undergraduate degree at Middlebury College in Vermont.  After college, I worked at a summer camp (as a waterskiing instructor, excellent job), restaurant, and hospital (as a nurse assistant) before completing a Masters in Social Work at the University of Chicago.  Social Work training gave me a solid clinical foundation and reinforced my interest in working on social justice issues in health.  I decided to apply to medical school and completed my MD/MPH at the University of Miami in Florida.  When applying for a family medicine residency, I sought a program where I could train at a Federally Qualified Health Center and safety net hospital.  I was also interested in joining an academic environment that would allow me to pursue some of my non-clinical interests in medicine.  I was therefore thrilled to match into the Denver Health track, which meets all these aims and then some!  My professional interests include community health, reducing health disparities, the use of research as a tool for social change, public health, health policy, global women's health, and geriatrics.  I moved to Denver with my husband and young son and we are very excited to explore all that Denver and Colorado have to offer.

DSCN0140.JPGAllyson Westling, MD, MPH - DH Track
Tufts University School of Medic
I am beyond thrilled to begin my medical career in the great state of Colorado!  I grew up outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota (oh yeah, you betcha!) before venturing to Chicago, Illinois, for my undergraduate studies at Northwestern University (Go Cats!).  After college, I become a program coordinator for a refugee resettlement agency in Chicago.  I then jumped over to Boston, Massachusetts, to pursue a combined MD and MPH degree at Tufts University School of Medicine.  During medical school, I interned at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and worked on refugee mental health screening policy.  My MPH research thesis explored household medication behaviors and their relationship to adolescent substance abuse.

My medical and public health interests are vast and include refugee and immigrant health, adolescent medicine, women's health, obstetrics, and health care systems management.  Choosing to train with the University of Colorado Family Medicine Residency Program was a natural next step in my career development.  I believe very strongly in the model of full-spectrum, comprehensive primary care, and look forward to teaming with a fabulous cohort of faculty, support staff, and co-residents as we strive to provide the best care possible to our patients and their families.

When not in clinic or the hospital, you will find me running along the many paths around Denver, hiking or skiing the beautiful Rockies, or tucked away at a local coffee shop with a good book in hand.

Jessica ZhDSCN0131.JPGa, MD, MPH - DH Track
Raymond &
Ruth Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania
My name is Jess and I am from a lot of places!  Born in a small town in China, I moved with my family to the US when I was little, and have since found home in many wonderful and interesting cities, including DC, San Diego, Los Angeles, New York, Baltimore, Minneapolis, and Philadelphia.  Not surprisingly, cities are one of my passions--I love urban spaces and the stories and people that fill them.  My other interests include rocks and ethics, and so, I graduated from Johns Hopkins University with degrees in earth science and philosophy.  After college, I spent some time working in the Baltimore and MPLS communities on food justice and public health programs, before going to the University of Pennsylvania for my MD/MPH.  One of the most important events in my life is learning about family medicine, and I now feel very lucky to be in the Denver Health track of the University of Colorado Family Medicine Residency Program, where I get to live out all of my desperate passions (including rocks, yay mountains!)  I am excited to learn about the urban communities of Denver, and build supportive and equitable partnerships with them as a medical provider.  I'm also interested in advocacy related to food policy and built environment.  I think physicians hold tremendous power in communities and I look forward to channeling that power toward amplifying the voices and honoring the dignity of those with less privilege.  Lastly, I can't wait to spread excitement about primary care and family medicine to future generations of medical providers, and help promote the growth of a community-centered health care workforce!

ariana.jpgAriana Hoet
Psychology Intern

I am interested in Health Psychology focused on individuals across the lifespan, with a goal of gaining more training with younger children.  I also enjoy working with minority populations and hope to continue using my Spanish while providing services.  I particularly enjoy assessment and consultation-liaison work.

Vicky_BH Intern.jpgVicky Liou-Johnson
Psychology Intern

Hello! I'm Victoria Liou-Johnson, Vicky is fine with friends and colleagues.  I just moved here from the San Francisco Bay Area (in Mountain View, home of Google, which is just south of Stanford University for those who know the area).

A funny thing happened on the way to medical school...I ended up in Clinical Psychology/Neuropsychology!  I graduated with a BA in Literature and did post-bacc pre-med courses just prior to enrolling in a master's degree in Clinical Psychology.  During my master's program, I fell in love with Psychology and ended up in a PhD program instead of medical school.  Because of my medical interests, I have a varied medical training background.  I worked as an EMT (very briefly) in college.  After college, I volunteered in the maternity ward/NICU at Stanford's Lucille Packard Children's Hospital performing hearing tests on neonates.  I've also worked in the pharmaceutical industry as a clinical research associate and in regulatory affairs.

For my PhD clinical experiences, I worked in our university's community mental health clinic, then at Kaiser Permanente in the psychiatry department performing neuropsychological assessment, ADHD assessment, group and individual therapy.  Last year, I worked in the neurology department at UC San Francisco; in both the epilepsy/neurosurgery clinic and the Memory and Aging Center, where I got to be part of multi
disciplinary team model and was excited to learn about the program here!

Outside of work, I am a mom of 4 boys (none of whom came with me, so it's a little too quiet here), 2 dogs (one of whom did come with me), 1 cat, and a horse (who is currently in Washington).  We are a super aquatic family, my kids all swim, and my husband swam professionally for a few years (so we're pretty excited that this is an Olympic year).  I am super excited to be part of the team at AF Williams and Anschutz and was very excited to learn that I won't have to abandon my love of medicine!

Debbie Pratt_BH Intern.jpgDebbie Pratt
Psychology Intern

I earned my MS degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Alaska Anchorage in 2005, and I have worked with children, adults, and families in a number of different settings.  I have been licensed as a Professional Counselor in Colorado since 2011, and I am currently pursuing a PhD in Counseling Psychology at Colorado State University.  My clinical focus has been on trauma-informed care and my clinical research examines the relationship between trauma, resiliency, and neuropsychological functioning.  I have also been involved with projects designed to improve infant health outcomes and parental wellbeing through attachment education and mindfulness practices for expecting parents.

Briana Robustelli_BH.pngBriana Robustelli
Advanced Psychology Grad Student

I am just finishing up my fourth year of my doctoral program in Clinic Psychology and Neuroscience at CU Boulder.  Previously, I have worked with survivors of domestic violence, couples with relationship problems, and individuals with primary diagnoses of bipolar, anxiety, and depression.  I am interested in gaining experience with more short-term care, particularly related to health behaviors, increasing social support, mood management, and working with clients with co-occurring mental and physical health problems. My research interests include romantic relationship functioning in connection with mental and physical health.

Yoni_BH.jpgYoni Ashar
Advanced Psychology Grad Student

I am pursuing my PhD in Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of Colorado Boulder.  I am interested in chronic pain, depression, mindfulness, and placebo effects.  My research has focused on using functional MRI, behavioral experiments, and machine learning to explore the psychological and neural bases of compassion.  I am currently investigating the pain-relieving potential of placebo for chronic pain.

Hollis_BH.jpgHollis Karoly
Advanced Psychology Grad Student

I am currently pursuing a dual PhD in Clinical Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of Colorado Boulder.  Clinically, I am interested in integrating psychological services within a primary care setting.  My prior clinical experiences have centered on anxiety and mood disorders.  In terms of treatment orientation, I am primarily focused on using cognitive behavioral and mindfulness interventions for the treatment of depression, anxiety, and substance use disorders.  My research combines neuroimaging, genetic and molecular biology methods to examine the etiology and course of alcohol use disorders.

Chris Bezzant.pngChris Bezzant
Psychology Grad Student & Health Coach

I am currently a third year PhD student at the University of Denver in the Counseling Psychology program.  I grew up in rural, south east Idaho and although I am somewhat of a country boy, I have spent time in other countries and love experiencing new cultures and new cities.  After earning my Bachelor's degree in psychology, I worked for two years as a Psycho-social Rehabilitation Specialist in an outpatient mental health clinic.  I earned my masters degree in Clinical Psychology from California State University, Northridge.  While earning my masters, I was awarded with equity grants for my research and was an honorable mention for Scholar Practitioner Award.  Since that time, I have worked as a college psychology instructor, mental health therapist in residential treatment for adolescents with developmental disorders, and as a therapist in community mental health.  I have worked with patients experiencing a variety of diagnoses from depression, anxiety, autism spectrum disorder, bi-polar disorder, and ADHD.  Most recently, I have completed a practicum seeing patients and an acute inpatient rehabilitation hospital focusing on adjustment to injuries/illness as well as neuropsychological testing/screenings.  I have worked as a counselor for couples, groups, individual, and families.

Brooke Lamphere_BH.jpgBrooke Lamphere
Psychology Grad Student & Health Coach

I am a second year PhD student in counseling Psychology at the University of Denver.  My primary clinical and research interests are focused on the integration of health and counseling psychology, specifically in the areas of chronic illness and injury.  I am also interested in family systems work and interpersonal relationship dynamics.  I completed my Master of Arts in Sport and Performance Psychology in 2013, and have spent the last three years working with adults with eating disorders at the PHP, RES, and IP levels of care.  Outside of work, I enjoy exercising, playing sports, and spending time with family and friends.

Elizabeth Carter, PharmD

I grew up in Hudson, Ohio.  I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Italian at The Ohio State University (GO BUCKS!), and then completed my Doctor of Pharmacy degree at Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED) in Rootstown, OH.  After pharmacy school, I moved to Denver to complete a PGY1 Community Pharmacy Residency with the University of Colorado and King Soopers & City Market Pharmacy Services.  My love for ambulatory care grew throughout my PGY 1 residency experiences, and I am excited to be staying with CU for another year!  My professional areas of interest include academia and ambulatory care pharmacy services.  In my spare time I like to hike, practice yoga, ski, and travel.

Ashley Huntsberry_Pharm.png
Ashley Huntsberry, PharmD

I was born and raised in Texas and graduated from the University of Texas Dallas where I majored in biology.  I then went on to complete my Doctor of Pharmacy degree at the University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.  After finishing pharmacy school, I moved to Omaha, Nebraska to complete my first year of residency training at Nebraska Medicine.  My professional areas of interest include Family Medicine, Geriatrics, and academia.  I am extremely excited to continue my PGY2 training at the University of Colorado where I will learn from clinical experts and leaders in a variety of fields.  My hobbies include hiking, being at the lake, staying active, and spending quality time with friends and family.  I am looking forward to taking advantage of all the outdoor activities Colorado has to offer.

Morgan Payne_Pharm.png
Morgan Payne, PharmD

I grew up in Spring, Texas, just northwest of the Houston Metropolitan area and received my Doctor of Pharmacy degree for the University of Houston College of Pharmacy.  After pharmacy school, I moved to Columbus, Ohio to complete a PGY1 Pharmacy Residency in the Ambulatory Care Setting at The Ohio State University.  I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work alongside leaders and trailblazers of the profession at the University of Colorado during my PGY2 year in the FQHC track.  My professional areas of interest include ambulatory care and academia.  I enjoy running and hiking outdoors, photography and spending time with family and friends.  This winter, I hope to take advantage of my proximity to the mountains and finally learn how to ski!

Natalia Uzal.png
Natalia Uzal, PharmD

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and lived in Florida.  I obtained my Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Shenandoah University in Winchester, Virginia and completed my PGY-1 Residency in Pharmacy Practice at Lancaster General Health/Penn Medicine in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  I am very excited to work beside the UC Health's, Clinica and Salud's FQHC team to provide care to the medically underserved and migrant population, as well as train among innovators and leaders of the pharmacy field at the University of Colorado's School of Pharmacy.  My main professional area of interest is chronic disease management, with a focus on diabetes.  In my spare time, I enjoy baking, taking my dog to the park, and other outdoor activities, such as hiking and kayaking.