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Welcome to the University of Colorado’s Department of Family Medicine.

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University of Colorado Family Medicine Residency


Family Medicine Residents


Joseph Adragna - UH Track
University of Colorado School of Medicine
Hello. I am from rural Colorado, attended college at Mesa State College (now Colorado Mesa University) in Grand Junction, CO where I received a BS in biology and then went on to obtain a Master of Health Administration and a Master of Geriatric Health from AT Still University. During college, I worked as an EMT for the local EMS system, volunteered heavily with the American Red Cross and for St. Mary's Hospital. I attended medical school at the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Aurora, CO where I discovered my passion for primary care. My business interests are practice design and integration of mid-level providers into efficient and effective private primary care practices with physician supervisors. My medical interests are primarily in musculoskeletal medicine, inpatient pain management, and primary care cardiology. I intend to return to rural Colorado after my training is complete, where I look forward to coalescing the limited resources to streamline service delivery and reduce community expenditure on health care by addressing redundancies. I chose the University of Colorado Family Medicine residency program, because the size of this department affords each resident ample access to a multitude of faculty each with their own interests, some procedural-inclined faculty, nearly limitless elective opportunities to delve deeper into any area of interest that you might have, and finally, I worked with the residents as a medical student and discovered that they are just the type of residents I want to learn from. They are dedicated, compassionate, and very knowledgeable. One last point, senior management in this department is stable, highly respected in the field, and readily accessible. Coming to this residency will expose you to the leaders of the field and allow you to become involved at the national level if you are so inclined.
Stephanie Gold - DH Track
University of Virginia School of Medicine

I grew up in Olney, MD, and moved up and down the East Coast before deciding it was time to try something new and head West I went to Tufts for undergrad, where I majored in Spanish, and University of Virginia for medical school, where I was part of the Generalist Scholars Program, a student director of the Virginia Academy of Family Physicians, and a volunteer interpreter at the Charlottesville Free Clinic. Volunteering for public health projects and taking community health classes inspired me to pursue primary and preventive care, with a whole-person and family-centered focus. I was looking for a residency program that was committed to being a part of the exciting changes around the future of Family Medicine and found what I was looking to find here – quality improvement, community medicine, and PCMH heavily integrated into the curriculum – plus an extremely supportive group of faculty and residents. Within medicine, I’m particularly interested in public health and policy, models for behavior change and chronic disease management, and care for the underserved. Outside of medicine, I enjoy running, hiking, yoga, playing squash, cooking elaborate vegetarian meals, reading, and dominating at word games. If you have any questions at all please feel free to email me at
Meghan Hughes - DH Track
Tulane University School of Medicine
Hi! I grew up mostly in WV. Seeking a big city adventure, I moved to Washington, DC for college, where I attended George Washington University. I had a great experience at GWU studying public health, running cross country, and studying abroad. I was able to spend a semester in Ghana, where I fit in some studying between traveling and volunteering at a local hospital. After college, I moved to New Orleans, where I served as an AmeriCorps volunteer with Habitat for Humanity. I stayed there for medical school and to get a Master’s Degree in Public Health. I cast a broad net when looking for residencies, but a desire for full spectrum family practice, underserved medicine, and a love of mountains brought me to Colorado.
Daniel Jones - UH Track
Saint Louis University School of Medicine
I grew up in Colorado Springs and spent much of my childhood playing competitive athletics. I continued to devote much of my time to sports through college by playing baseball at Mt Mercy U in Iowa. While there I also obtained my BS in biology, worked on an ambulance service, developed a passion for medicine, met and proposed to my wife. Next we moved to St Louis for medical school where we enjoyed getting to know the city and attending Cardinals games. Now I am excited to be back in Colorado and excited to hit the slopes in the winter. Oh yeah, Go Broncos and Rockies!
Mukti Kulkarni - UH Track
Washington University in Saint Louis School of Medicine

I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio and moved to St. Louis, Missouri, for college and medical school at Washington University. Through my undergraduate training in Anthropology, I became interested in patient-centered communication, sociocultural influences on health and behavior, and international medicine. In medical school I enjoyed exercising these interests through middle and high school sun protection and sexual health education programs and international trips with the organization Remote Area Medical. When it came time to choose a medical field in which I could continue these pursuits, I found the breadth and perspective of Family Medicine offered the best fit. In the future, I hope to focus my career on preventative health and education in adolescent and international populations. Though there are many wonderful things about the Midwest, I am happy to have the opportunity to branch out, live in beautiful Colorado, and be part of such a strong Family Medicine program.
Daniel Lombardo - DH Track
University of Florida College of Medicine
I hail from the gator-infested swamps of beautiful Tallahassee, Florida. I made a brief escape to the deep(er) south to attend Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee, where I met my wife, Megan. After a detour through South and Central America, we headed back to the Sunshine State to tackle the beast that is med school. For residency I was looking for a place that practiced full spectrum Family Medicine, served the underserved, and was on the forefront of PCMH and the Future of Family Medicine. Not only that, I also wanted a program that felt like a family itself (I know, high standards, right?). I have found all of that and more here in Denver! Our new city has so much to explore, and endless opportunities to get out into the mountains with our two pups. Come see what Family Medicine can be.
Kari Mader, MD - DH Track
University of Florida College of Medicine
I hail from Ocala, Florida a small town just south of Gainesville, FL where I spent the last eight years of my life developing a deep-seeded love for the Florida Gators. I majored in Exercise Physiology for undergrad at UF and filled my free time with Gator games, clubs, intramural sports and as many outside adventures as I could find in the Southeast. I happily stayed for medical school because of the great community there and opportunities to explore my passion for underserved care. I got involved in our student-run free clinic and international trips and realized I was called to Family Medicine. My interests in Family Medicine are broad - maternal child health, underserved care in any setting, sports medicine and public health (to name a few). I was drawn to UC Denver by the wonderful people, DH track, innovative curriculum, and opportunities to grow my interests within Family Medicine. The outdoor playground here with hiking, backpacking, skiing, and running/bike trails everywhere was a big factor as well, providing ample opportunity for me to stay balanced. Please feel free to email me with any questions -
Luke Miller - UH Track
Indiana University School of Medicine
I am originally from a small town outside of Indianapolis and I wear the badge "Hoosier" with pride. I stayed close to home for both undergrad and medical school, attending DePauw University (go Tigers!) and IU School of Medicine, respectively, so when it was time to choose a residency program I knew that I wanted to spread my wings and experience another part of the country. I have always loved the mountains and the vast array of recreational opportunities they provide (you'll find this to be a common theme among our residents) so Denver was high on my list of places to explore. I came out a week early to get a feel for the area and fell in love with it, but it was really my interview here at University Family Medicine Residency that sealed the deal. Here I found a really wonderful mix of enthusiastic people and a warm, supportive culture that really cares about their residents. I have a strong interest in Sports Medicine and Denver's mix of professional teams, major competitive events (I recently got to work the Leadville 100 mile trail race), and general lean toward active lifestyle make it a perfect place to pursue this interest. Hobbies of mine include both road and mountain biking, backpacking and trail running, going to shows, cooking, and playing guitar. I really couldn't ask to be in a better place!
Jill Tirabassi - UH Track
SUNY Upstate Medical University
A bunch of diverse interests led me here to Denver for a residency in Family Medicine. I grew up in Syracuse NY, not far from Niagara Falls where a glimpse of what is left from the Love Canal disaster peaked my interest in environmental determinants of health. I have a great love of the outdoors and sports and was a very active child. I played varsity soccer while I attended Cornell University for undergrad where I studied nutrition and did research in fisheries and really developed my broad vision of health. During medical school, I traveled to Alaska for a course in wilderness medicine and performed research at the CDC and enjoyed the workings of public health. Experiences in community and rural medicine were the icing on the cake. How could I combine all these rambling ideas and visions in my head? Family Medicine! I chose this residency because I loved the residents and faculty I met during interviews, the focus on improving primary care and the strong reputation. Moving out to a beautiful part of the country and the opportunity to rock climb and ski in the mountains is, of course, a wonderful added bonus! Please feel free to contact me with any questions:
Karin VanBaak - UH Track
University of Connecticut School of Medicine
I was born and raised in Rochester, NY, and spent my college years at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI. Since college, I've been attracted to Family Medicine for the broad spectrum of work and relationships. I see our profession as the best way to practice primary care. I spent my first two years of medical school at SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, NY, then transferred to the University of Connecticut to be closer to my husband. For residency, I wanted an innovative place where I could learn high quality full spectrum Family Medicine. I'm thrilled to have found that and more at the University of Colorado! I'm particularly interested in women's health, sports medicine, and practice innovation. When I'm not working I love to spend time outside exploring this beautiful state hiking, rock climbing, on my bike, or with my camera. I'm having a great time getting to know my wonderful colleagues, and to enjoy Colorado's sunshine and mountains. We'd love to have you come get to know us, and I'd love to chat if you have any questions please just ask!



Drew AshbyDrew Ashby – UH Track
University of Colorado School of Medicine

Greetings! I am a native of colorful Colorado, and have yet to have a reason to leave this beautiful state. I was fortunate enough to stay here for undergraduate at the University of Colorado in Boulder. After college I coached the alpine ski team in Boulder before coming to medical school in Denver at the University of Colorado. It was there that I developed my interest in family medicine because of how much I enjoyed my relationship with my patients. I really wanted to stay in Colorado for residency and the UH track at the University of Colorado was a great fit for me. I instantly felt like part of the “family” here and knew this was where I wanted to be for my training. I am especially interested in the patient centered care and feel that this residency is really at the forefront of family medicine leadership and development. In my spare time I enjoy all things outdoors including climbing, mountain biking, and skiing. If you have any questions please send me an email at
Allison EdwardsAllison Edwards – DH Track
University of Kansas School of Medicine

I am originally from Lawrence, Kansas and spent my undergrad years in Des Moines at Drake University before heading to Kansas City for medical school at the University of Kansas. My professional interests include public health, public policy, social determinants of health, and preventive medicine, which is why I'm happy to be here in the Denver Health track. Learning about these subjects dovetails nicely with the residency curriculum! In the future I see myself working to change the manner in which we deliver healthcare to put an emphasis on keeping people well rather than solely stepping in and treating the sick. I feel like I couldn't be surrounded by better mentors in this effort. In my free time, I love spending time with my family along with dedicating a little time to hobbies like photography, travel, gardening, cooking, being outdoors, drinking great local beer, and reading the newspaper over a cup of coffee.

 Jennifer FengJennifer Feng – DH Track
University of Virginia School of Medicine
I've always has a soft spot in my heart for underdogs, perhaps because I've always thought of my family and me as part of that group. A whole bunch of experiences, including working at a free clinic in LA, volunteering with a needle exchange in San Francisco, and doing community assessment and clinical work in rural Guatemala, has helped to shape my goal to use medicine as a way to empower the underdogs of this world. I've lived in a bunch of different places, but consider San Diego to be my hometown, and planned on returning to California after finishing medical school at the University of Virginia. However, I found that the DH track at University of Colorado had the perfect combination of amazing people (seriously, I couldn't ask for better colleagues), innovative practice setting/curriculum, and incredible location (Denver's been pretty sweet so far). It's great to work in an environment that is actively finding new ways to improve the health of an increasingly complicated population, and to be doing it in the context of an underserved setting with academic resources. My medical interests are crazy broad, and include women's health/OB, and adolescent health. But I get really excited about anything that gets me out in the community in which I'm working, whether it be collaborating on projects with other organizations, walking with community members on weekend mornings, or teaching kids at the local Boys and Girls club about eating healthy. My non-medical interests include running (for fun, I don't do marathons), hiking, camping, napping on a blanket in the park...anything where I'm outdoors. If you have any questions, email me at!
Fitz-GeraldGwendolyn Fitz-Gerald – UH Track
University of Vermont College of Medicine
I grew up in a fantastic, small community in rural Vermont and I didn't travel far for undergrad or medical school and am fortunate to have attended University of Vermont for each. My undergrad degree in sociology with a focus on the societal factors influencing public health solidified my decision to go into medicine. I took a year off in between where I participated in research with premature infant feeding development and designing a breath-controlled video game for kids with CF. During medical school I struggled with what I wanted to do because I loved everything! Family Medicine is a fantastic opportunity to get to incorporate everything I love about medicine into my daily practice, especially public health, full spectrum women's care, office procedures, and little bit of neurology here and there. In medical school I got involved with an organization called Imaging the World that looks to bring affordable, self-sustaining ultrasound clinics to low-resource areas around the world and I plan to continue my work with them throughout residency. When it came time to decide where to go, I knew I wanted to experience a different part of the country, and the West was calling my name. Denver was high on my list and after looking at some of the programs out here, University of Colorado was an obvious choice. Not only did I feel at home when I came to interview, but I was overwhelmed by the sense of community in the residency, the reputation and innovativeness of the program, encouragement of life-work balance, and of course the location! While Colorado doesn't have Ben and Jerry's or Cabot cheese, Denver's been a great new city to explore with festivals, farmer's markets, great live music scene, and of course the chance to escape to the mountains for hiking or skiing on the weekends! Feel free to email me about the program or family medicine in general!
Amanda GawinAmanda Gawin – UH Track
University of Chicago The Pritzker School of Medicine
Hello! I am originally from Madison, Wisconsin but lived in Chicago for eight years while attending college and medical school prior to moving to Denver. I majored in Biological Sciences and minored in Global Health at Northwestern University. I then completed my medical degree at the University of Chicago Pritzker School Of Medicine. The reason I love Family Medicine is because I find the broad spectrum of medical care covered by our specialty to be intellectually stimulating, and I find the continuity of care we experience with patients to be personally rewarding. For residency, I was looking for an academically-rigorous program that practiced full-spectrum Family Medicine. I was drawn to this program because of the wonderful people I met on my interview day, the innovative and thoughtful curriculum with Chautauqua months during the first year of residency, the program’s work with PCMH, and the many opportunities to cultivate my areas of special interest within Family Medicine. Within Family Medicine, my interests include women’s health, pediatrics, and community-based participatory research. In my free time, I am enjoying exploring Denver and the beautiful state of Colorado! Please feel free to contact me at with any questions you may have about Family Medicine, the city of Denver, or this residency program. Thank you for checking out our program!
Melissa NobleMelissa Noble – UH Track
University of Colorado School of Medicine
I may not be a Colorado native, but I grew up in Colorado Springs and have always considered this beautiful state my home. Attempting to be near my family, I managed to stay in Colorado for undergraduate at CSU (Go Rams!), and then medical school here in Denver. Family has always been what I value most in life, and I am happy to be close to my parents and younger brother. Family Medicine is the perfect fit for me because I value the relationships with people that form over years of care. Medically I am interested in many things including academic medicine, pediatrics, pain medicine, and patient centered care. I chose this program for its many strengths, but mainly because I was so impressed with the amazing and kind staff that I am now lucky enough to get to work with. Outside of medicine, I enjoy walks and cuddle time with my dog Bella, baking, blowing bubbles, relaxing on my hammock and spending time with family and friends. Many people helped me along my journey to find my perfect residency fit so I would love to pay it forward. You can contact me anytime at
Lucianne OlewinskiLucianne Olewinski – UH Track
State University of New York Downstate Medical Center

After growing up in north Florida, I moved to New York City to complete a nursing degree at New York University. While working as a nurse at Bellevue Hospital in NYC I decided to further my practice in health care by becoming a physician. In medical school I founded a medical student ethics club and worked with Physicians for a National Health Program. My interests as a Family Physician include equitable access to health care, reproductive health, and sports medicine.   I like bicycle racing and am interested in pursuing a Sports Medicine fellowship after residency.
Jonathan SeyfertJonathan Seyfert – UH Track
Rush Medical College
Hey there! This is the best residency program in the world. Joining the University of Colorado Family Medicine program has made a huge impact on my professional development as I begin to grow as a family physician. The academic environment and sharp faculty push all the residents to achieve a high level of competency in all the areas of study within the field. Additionally, joining this program has given me an instant support system of 9 amazing friends and many more people to spend the next three years with. Before moving to Colorado I spent my time in Illinois, first growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, then attending Augustana College, and finally graduating from Rush Medical College in Chicago. During medical school I enjoyed volunteering throughout the city and working at a community health clinic. My time in the Midwest was great, but moving to Colorado has been a really positive experience. My interests outside medicine include rock climbing, hiking, biking, listening to music, and enjoying the Colorado sun. My professional interests are still developing and I am still exploring what direction I would like to take my career in. Please feel free to email with questions or opinions about the program.
 Daniel WhiteDaniel White – DH Track
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine
I grew up in the foothills of another set of mountains back east in Johnson City, TN, so I am glad to have found a new home surrounded by the familiar sight of mountains. En route to Colorado, I picked up an undergraduate degree in Philosophy from the University of Tennessee, did a short stint as a stone mason in Knoxville, spent a couple years teaching in Vietnam and then another couple years in Virginia where I did my premed courses at UVA and then spent a year working for a refugee resettlement agency. I was able to continue my interest in working with refugee populations by developing a student-run refugee health initiative in Chapel Hill where I went to medical school. I also participated in an integrated longitudinal clerkship in Asheville, NC during my 3rd year where I was able to experience healthcare in a community setting and gained a new appreciation for rural medicine. My interests in family medicine are broad but revolve around new models of healthcare delivery and community, public, and global health. Besides the wonderful location, I was drawn to this program for the strong clinical training across multiple settings (large community hospital, academic medical center, and community health center), the academic strength of the department, and the diverse patient population of my clinic site in Lowry. In the event that I have any free time, I enjoy hiking and exploring the mountains with my wife, Julia, and dog, Bella, and look forward to taking in the great arts and music scene in Denver.
Katherine WiegertKatherine Wiegert – DH Track
Duke University School of Medicine
I grew up in Iowa, corn fed and Midwest bred! Growing up on a farm, I always thought I’d become a veterinarian, but after volunteering for medical clinics in the U.S. and abroad I knew I was bound instead for human medicine! Medical school at Duke University was a five-year blur of medicine, public health, and global health rotations. An internship at the WHO piqued my interest in social determinants of health and our responsibility as physicians in policy and leadership. This interest, as well as my interest in promoting global community health, led me to the University of Colorado Family Medicine Residency. I was absolutely wowed by the residency’s strong academic focus, the supportive faculty, and its focus on innovation in family medicine. On top of that, Denver has one of the most community-centered clinic and hospital systems in the country. It doesn’t hurt that during my free time I get to hang out in amazing Denver and go hiking and skiing in the mountains! If you have any questions at all about choosing a residency program (though I am biased toward a certain one!) please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Arnett, Kelly_4X6 Cropped.jpgKelly Arnett, MD - UH Track
Tufts University School of Medicine 

Asamoto, Lisa_4X6 Cropped.jpgLisa Asamoto, MD - UH Track
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
Foster Fabiano, Sara_4X6 Cropped.jpgSara Foster Fabiano, MD - DH Track
Wake Forest School of Medicine of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center
Kim, William_4X6 Cropped.jpgWilliam Kim, MD - DH Track
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
Marcus, Hayley_4X6 Cropped.jpgHayley Marcus, MD - DH Track
Tufts University School of Medicine
Mullen, Rebecca_4X6 Cropped.jpgRebecca Mullen, MD, MPH - UH Track
University of Kansas School of Medicine
Radi, Roxanne_4X^ Cropped.jpgRoxanne Radi, MD - DH Track
University of Texas Medical
ASable-Smith, Alexander_4X6 Cropped.jpglexander Sable-Smith, MD - UH Track
University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine
Shmerling, Alison_4X6 Cropped.jpgAlison Shmerling, MD, MPH - UH Track
Tufts University School of Medicine
Spencer, Emily_4X6 Cropped.jpgEmily Spencer, MD - UH Track
University of Florida College of Medicine


Pharmacy Residents
Cy Fixen.jpgCy Fixen, Pharm. D
I originally hail from the gusty plains of Brookings, SD.  I attained two Bachelor's degreed in Biology and Pharmaceutical Sciences as well as a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from South Dakota State University.  I then ventured to the land of the Tarheels in Chapel Hill, NC for a pharmacy practice PGY1 with the University of North Carolina Health Care System.  I have a broad ranging professional interest but I'm especially drawn to teaching and the ambulatory care environment and consider myself extremely fortunate to be completing my PGY2 at the University of Colorado with some of the most influential and progressive care providers in the field.  When not working, I spend my time traveling, endurance running, hiking, backpacking, downhill and cross country skiing, and listening and partaking in all things musical.  I am beyond excited to take advantage of the outdoor mecca that is Colorado!
Danielle Rhyne.jpg 
Danielle Rhyne, Pharm. D
I was born and raised in Lexington, NC the BBQ capital.  I received my Doctor of Pharmacy in May 2013 at Wingate University and completed my PGY1 at the University of Colorado Hospital.  After residency completion, I would like to attain a shared academic/clinic position.  In my free time, I enjoy hiking, skiing, camping (anything outdoors) and working out.  I also love watching sports, especially Duke Basketball, trying new good, wine, and beer as well as meeting new people.
Jason Zupec.jpg
Jason Zupec, Pharm. D
I am originally from Northeast Ohio and received my Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Cincinnati.  I completed a PGY1 residency at Akron General Medical Center in Akron, Ohio and received my teaching certificate from the Northeastern Medical University College of Pharmacy.  I am eager to continue my training focusing in Family Medicine and ambulatory care.  Following completion of PGY2 training, I am interested in a clinical faculty position.  This year, I am excited to try out my snow skis and hiking boots in the Rockies and looking forward to meeting new people and seeing all that Denver has to offer.

​​Psychology Interns
Desire Taylor.jpgDesire Taylor, MA
Technically, I lack real roots, but mostly consider myself a Texan and most importantly an Austinite.  Due to my parent's military career, I have spent time in many places including Germany, Michigan, and Texas.  I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Texas Austin (Hook'em Horns for life) and stayed on board to work on obtaining my Ph.D. in Psychology.  I am a huge proponent of holistic health and accessible health care and as a result am interested in the integration of behavioral heal within primary care.  I have many interests, which include weight loss, diabetes management, palliative care, and sociocultural determinants of health.  I have had training in the provision of psychological services in a variety of settings including: Community Mental Health, Family Medicine, VHA primary care, and Inpatient Palliative care.  The incredible training offered by the University of Colorado coupled with active Denver lifestyle lured me in.  To be honest, I feel like a couch potato compared to most Denverites, but I am hoping to change that over the next year.  Feel free to reach me at
Allison Wainer.jpgAllison Wainer, MA
I am originally from the Chicago-area, but left the Windy City to attend college at Emory University and graduate school at Michigan State University (Go Green!).  I've spent the last five years working on my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with a special focus on children with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities.  I am especially interested in understanding and evaluating different service delivery models to increase access to care for this population.  I have had training in behavioral, cognitive behavioral, and relational interventions and have worked in a variety of clinical settings including outpatient psychological clinics, schools, homes and community mental health centers.  I am very excited to learn about integrated care in a primary care setting!  As yet another mid-westerner new to Denver, I am looking forward to enjoying the Colorado sunshine, exploring Denver restaurants and ski season!