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Welcome to the University of Colorado’s Department of Family Medicine.

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Department of Family Medicine

Predoctoral Psychology Internship Required Seminars

Other required seminars are held every Monday throughout the year. Many seminars are offered in blocks of 10 to 12 weeks. Additional required Monday morning seminars are as follows:

  1. Involuntary Commitment at Denver Probate Court (Dr. Andrew Czopek)
  2. Professional Development Seminar
  3. Native American Health and Psychology (Drs. Candace Fleming, Michelle Sarche, and Susan Hepburn)
  4. Child Maltreatment (Dr. Richard Krugman-Dean)
  5. Outcomes Oriented Psychotherapy (Dr. Rick Kamins)
  6. Psychopharmacology   
  7. Competency and the Law (Dr. Richard Martinez)
  8. Multicultural Seminar (Dr. Fernand Lubuguin)
  9. Program Evaluation (Dr. Yvonne Keller-Guenther)
  10. Topics in Neuroscience (Dr. Jason Tregellas)
  11. Topics in Ethics (Dr. Josette Harris)

Additional Training Experiences