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Welcome to the University of Colorado’s Department of Family Medicine.

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Primary Care Psychology

A.F Williams Family Medicine Center


This major rotation of the psychology internship program is designed to provide interns with an opportunity to learn all aspects of working as a psychologist in primary care settings. The primary practice site is an outpatient Family Medicine clinic, A.F. Williams Family Medicine Center, which serves patients of all ages including adults, children, infants, pregnant women and seniors. The clinic patients are from a variety of ethnic, religious and socio-economic backgrounds and we consider this diversity to be one of our greatest strengths as a training site for multiple health care disciplines. The office is run by the University of Colorado Hospital and has been in existence for over 35 years.


Goals of the Primary Care Psychology Track
Required Training Activities
Theoretical Approaches
Population of Clients

Shandra Brown-Levey, PhD (Clinical Psychology, Illinois Institute of Technology, 2010) Instructor of Family Medicine. Areas of expertise/interest: Primary Care and Behavioral Health integration research and practice, mindfulness based approaches to treatment.

Deborah Seymour, PsyD (Clinical Psychology, University of Denver, 1991) Associate Professor of Family Medicine

Joanna Sturhahn Stratton, PhD (Counseling Psychology, University of Denver, 2007) Assistant Clinical Professor of Family Medicine. Areas or expertise include: resident education, mind/body health, health behavior change, pediatric weight management, couples and family therapy.