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IDPT 8016

Physician as Educator

Welcome to the elective, “Physician as Educator.”  This elective is designed to provide an introduction to teaching skills used in both clinical and classroom settings.  One of the many responsibilities you will have as you advance in your career will be education- the education of peers, colleagues, other health professionals, and finally patients and their families. 

For many students these opportunities may be realized as early as their first day of residency when they may be expected to take on the role of educator.  Additionally, by understanding some of the fundamentals of teaching theory we may become better learners ourselves.  The course has two components: 

    1. The first component is evening workshops that are designed to introduce some of the fundamentals of teaching. 
    2. The second component is a teaching practicum where newly learned skills and theory are applied at the student run Stout Street Clinic and Foundations of Doctoring clinical skills sessions. 

Prerequisites: 4th year student standing

Requirements: This is a longitudinal course and students must register for both fall and spring semesters in order to receive credit.

Grading: Pass/Fail

    Goal: Through this elective, students will learn how to become effective teachers in both the clinical and classroom settings.

    Objectives: At the end of this teaching elective, participants will be able to:

      1. Identify the fundamentals of teaching theory
      2. Provide examples of effective teaching strategies
      3. Apply specific skills (e.g., microskills model) toward enhancing the preceptor-learner teaching experience in the clinical setting
      4. Recognize and use effective group process skills to create effective learning environments in the classroom and group setting.
      5. Model and practice giving and receiving feedback