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Integrated Longitudinal Medical Clerkship

The Integrated Longitudinal Medical Clerkship (ILMC) is a unique 16-week longitudinal experience that allows students to fulfill competencies for HAC (Hospitalized Adult Care), AAC (Adult Ambulatory Care) and RCC (Rural and Community Care) blocks in one continuous teaching site.  Students spend 12 weeks at one learning site, outside the Denver metro area, preceded by an initial month of dedicated Hospitalized Adult Care in a Denver based hospital.  During the 12-week longitudinal experience, inpatient and outpatient care are fully integrated.

This Clerkship is normally reserved for students in the Rural Track. Some advantages to the student include the opportunity to follow the same patients over a longer period of time, to experience real-world continuous care, to have more personal contact with his/her preceptor and to avoid the multiple logistic changes involved in moving to a new clerkship each month. Some advantages to the preceptor include getting to know a student’s skills better, having more impact on a student’s education and avoiding frequent student turnover. An advantage for the rural community is the chance to recruit students to the community after they complete training.