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Medical Student Education

Serving Students, Clinical Faculty, and Rural Colorado Communities

Family Medicine Student Education

Our mission is to educate medical students about the philosophy and practice of Family Medicine through diverse educational opportunities.

In addition to providing student support, resources, and mentoring, an intergral component to meeting our mission is to also ensure that clinical faculty have the most current resources and training available.

Because family medicine occurs both "inside" and "outside" of the physician's office walls, Medical Student Education also works with the Family Medicine Rural Health Track and the Colorado Area Health Education Center (AHEC) to provide medical training conduits to the rural communities throughout Colorado.


Please visit the Quick Links in the interactive table below.  Each "dot" will connect you to the different Family Medicine resources available throughout the four years of undergraduate medical student education...


    Yr 1    Yr 2    Yr 3    Yr 4 

Student Resources


   Rural Track


   FM Mentored Scholarly Activity (MSA)




   FM Student Interest Groups




   RCC Block


   FM Electives




   International Electives


   Physician as Educator


   Stout Street


   Preventive Health


Faculty Resources


   Continuing Education and Teaching Resources