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What is Family Medicine?

Resources provided by David Gaspar, MD, FAACP

David Gaspar
David Gaspar, MD, FAACP

About Dr. Gaspar...

I grew up in a rural community in Southwestern Ontario, Canada and began my post-secondary education at the University of Western Ontario in the Faculty of Engineering Science. With good fortune I was accepted into their medical school, continued Family Medicine residency at Western and then practiced as a solo family physician for 10 years in that same community of London, Ontario, Canada. I still am humbled by being given the privilege of sharing in my patients lives and also being able to share my love of Family Medicine and patient-centered care with my medical students as a full-time faculty member at the University of Colorado Denver. 


What is Family Medicine?

What is Family Medicine - Flash Presentation
In this presentation, Dr. Gaspar reviews the practice of Family Medicine from "Cradle to Grave" and considerations for medical students as they persue their professional goals.