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University of Colorado Department of Family Medicine Mentoring Program

The DFM Faculty Mentoring Program is designed to assist faculty in building a successful academic career. By providing guidance and opportunities for faculty members to improve their research, teaching, clinical and leadership skills through a structured program, faculty members will increase their prospects for promotion and experience greater job satisfaction.

The DFM Faculty Mentoring Program will promote lifelong learning and professional development which will enhance our department’s ability to achieve the Triple Aim of improving health through higher quality and affordable care. It embodies the department’s values of encouraging the pursuit of individual paths within our collective purpose and cultivating innovation, experimenting and growth.

To get started please fill out the Mentee or Mentor Interest form and we will contact you. For additional information click on the Mentoring Documents to the left. 

We have also developed an online module in SkillSoft that all Assistant Professors and mentors need to take: 

Log on to your campus portal.

Click on the CU Resources tab.  >  Select Training. >  Select Start SkillSoft.  > Select University of Colorado – CU Denver | CU Anschutz. > Select the Faculty folder. > Select “CU: Longitudinal Promotion Mentoring Program” and click [Launch].

This takes about 20 minutes to complete.​

Contact Info:

Kent Voorhees, MD
Vice Chair for Education
Deanna Schroder, BA, SPHR 
HR Manager