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Junior Faculty Development Fellowship

These experiences are targeted at graduates of the University’s Family Medicine Residency Programs at University Hospital, Denver Health, and Swedish, and are fellowship type experiences within the context of junior faculty positions in specialized areas of concentration.

The program evolved to nurture the passions and energy of young Family Physicians through supported mentoring and faculty development within the context of post-residency education in an area of interest. The experiences are designed to train future leaders, help retain the Department’s best and brightest within our system, aid in the development of cutting edge, innovative educational activities, and to create a cadre of physician leaders that can deploy and disseminate the work of the Department far and wide to assist others with innovation and practice transformation.

Typically, residents in their 2nd or 3rd year of residency training apply for this post residency experience clustered around an area of concentration, that can include policy, research, global health, public health, community medicine, practice transformation, faculty development, and health information technology. Although additional clinical areas of interest in the past have included obstetrics and rural practice, this is primarily aimed at residents seeking additional education and professional development in areas that are non-clinical.  Interested applicants work with the program director to develop a funding mechanism that will include half-time clinical work and a half-time educational experience supported by department faculty and cross-departmental collaboration. 

Opportunities change from year to year and rely to a significant degree on cooperation from outside departments and organizations. Once the funding mechanism and structure for the area of concentration are in place, the potential fellow will arrange specific curricular goals and outcome measures with their faculty mentor. Experiences are typically a year in length (over the usual academic year) but may extend to two years or longer depending on overall program goals and requirements. While completing the experience, the fellows are employed by the Department of Family Medicine as a University faculty member at the rank of Instructor-Fellow. Fellows will be expected to produce enduring educational materials or scholarly works during their experience. 

Opportunities to complete a junior faculty development fellowship are limited by anticipated clinical openings, as clinical work is required. Fellows may be required to perform clinical work across the different clinical areas of the department. Fellows  may or may not have opportunities to precept residents, work on the inpatient service, and/or perform prenatal care and deliveries, depending on clinical availability at the time of the fellowship.  

Interested candidates should complete an application, along with a letter of interest, and forward both to one of the Fellowship Program Director, along with any supporting information that they have obtained from a potential mentor including, but not limited to, letters of recommendation or endorsement and letters outlining the proposed experience and financial support. Supporting information is helpful but not required for the application process. ​   

Contact Info:

Brian Bacak, MD, FAAFP
Director, Junior Faculty Development Fellowship
12631 East 17th Ave.
Aurora, CO 80045
Amber Tucker
Program Coordinator
(303) 724-9593
AO1, MS F496
12631 East 17th Ave.
Aurora, CO 80045