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The department's leadership team consists of:
  • Frank V. deGruy, III, MD, Chair*
  • Colleen Conry, MD, Senior Vice Chair for Quality and Clinical Affairs*
  • Brian Bacak, MD, Associate Vice Chair for Clinincal Affairs
  • Peter C. Smith, MD, Associate Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs
  • Kent Voorhees, MD, Vice Chair for Educational Programs*
  • Dan Burke, MD, Associate Vice Chairs for Educational Program Development
  • Donald Nease, Jr., MD, Associate Vice Chair for Research Programs*
  • Jodi Holtrop, PhD, Associate Vice Chair for Research Programs
  • Lucy Loomis, MD, Vice Chair for Denver Health*
  • David Clute, MBA, Director of Finance and Administration

*Indicates members of the Executive Committee

We are proud to have four endowed chairs:
  • Frank V. ​deGruy, III, MD, Woodward-Chisholm Endowed Chair
  • Wilson Pace, MD, Green-Edelman Chair for Practice-Based Research,
  • Larry Green, MD, Epperson-Zorn Endowed Chair for Innovation
  • Mark Deutchman, MD, Patrick and Kathleen Thompson Endowed Chair for Rural Health