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Perry Dickinson, MD





Mail Stop F496, Academic Office 1

12631 East 17th Avenue

Aurora, CO 80045


303-724-9754 Office 


I am a family physician to the core, and my generalist orientation extends to the rest of my professional career. I have worked in virtually every role in academic family medicine other than chair, having served at various times as director of behavioral medicine, associate residency director, predoctoral director, medical director, residency director, vice-chair, and research director, and I have done a wide range of “other duties to be determined.” I grew up on a farm in Arkansas, with strong family values of self-sufficiency, education, and helping others. I completed medical school and residency at the University of Arkansas, a part-time fellowship at Michigan State, and a faculty development fellowship at Duke. At that point, I finally took a real job at the University of South Alabama. I spent 16 good years in Mobile, but decided in 1999 that it was time for a move and career shift to satisfy my drive to do more research. So, I headed to the University of Colorado Denver, which I remain very happy to call home. I believe that family medicine and primary care should be at the core of our health care system, and I am committed to helping move things that direction through my research, my practice improvement efforts, and my activities in our national family medicine professional societies.


There are five primary threads that come together in my research projects: 1) how to best accomplish practice change and improvement; 2) the implementation of the Patient Centered Medical Home and the Chronic Care Model in primary care practices; 3) the use of health information technology tools to complement primary care; 4) health behavior change; and 5) mental health issues in primary care, especially focusing on somatization, depression, and the health impacts of violence and abuse.


I am very active in our family medicine professional organizations, currently serving as Chair of the Council of Academic Family Medicine, President of the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine, Past-president of the North American Primary Care Research Group, and President of the corporate Board of Directors of the Annals of Family Medicine. I work extensively with the Colorado Clinical Guidelines Collaborative, both in guidelines development and dissemination and practice redesign activities, including the Improving Performance in Practice Program and various Patient Centered Medical Home projects. I am also a consultant for the California Healthcare Foundation for their “Team Up for Health” program.


  • Society of Teachers of Family Medicine – President-elect, Member of Board of Directors 
  • North American Primary Care Research Group – Past President; Board of Directors
  • Annals of Family Medicine, Inc - President, Past Vice-President, Board of Directors  
  • Council of Academic Family Medicine – Chair
  • American Academy of Family Physicians 
  • Colorado Academy of Family Medicine
  • WONCA (World Organization of Family Doctors), Regional Council
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