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Lizzy Sinatra, BS, MPH

Project Coordinator





1235 E. 12th Ave #15

Denver, CO 80218





With strong intentions of becoming a veterinarian, I moved to Fort Collins, CO from Connecticut for vet school and, shortly after, realized clinic-based medicine was not my life’s purpose. Instead, I discovered my passion for shifting our healthcare system to adopt a more preventative, integrated approach in our communities, states, and nation. Thus, I obtained my MPH from the Colorado School of Public Health last August in Community and Behavioral Health. During this, I became very engaged with local organizations in the Northwest Aurora community, as well as in South Metro Denver.

I also obtained the knowledge and expertise to bridge my love for mind, body, spirit health and empowerment of others with evidence-based, practical methods and strategy. I just launched Health Consciousness LLC to encourage others to take responsibility for their health and life and make conscious decisions that will benefit their optimal wellbeing. As a wellness/health coach and mentor, I believe we need to educate individuals on the basic, foundational concepts of nutrition, fitness, mindfulness and meditation, stress prevention, social activity, and tailor it to their culture, environment, and needs. But, it starts with the person wanting to change their life, for good. One-by-one, we can create a more health conscious community.


I am interested and currently involved in health and life coaching and counseling, preventative and integrative care, holistic and mindfulness-based approaches, mind, body, spirit balance in health, mental health, chronic disease prevention and management, issues related to access to care in communities, community health, and always eager to bridge local resources and organizations together to enhance awareness, communication and referral bases, and to achieve true sustainable change in communities and the lives of individuals.


I am Project Coordinator of the Community-Campus Partnership at Anschutz Medical Campus and Founder of Health Consciousness LLC. I recently worked for Health Links, a small-business worksite wellness certification and seed-funding program out of CSPH, as a lead developer and business consultant. I have consulted large community organizations including South Metro Health Alliance and Aurora Health Access. I volunteer with both Aurora Youth Options as a youth mentor and with “Bridges To Care,” a program through Together Colorado designed to help individuals obtain basic care from the MCPN clinic instead of the emergency room. I currently am obtaining board certification as a Wellness Coach Specialist. I am Mental Health First Aid Certified and strongly advocate for this training throughout communities.


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